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Hello, My name is Amelia clark, I am doing gardening for many years and have experience of growing more than 100’s of indoor and outdoor plants. This is my website which will provide information on various types of plant varieties and discusses gardening words and languages in an easy way. I will focus on gardening, planting topics that have not yet been discussed so far and we’ll also add government, educational, and various organization pages for each post to ensure that our visitors access knowledge from accurate and reliable websites. On this website plants, flowers and trees and everything related to Living life of plant will be covered.

Its tough to write everything that’s why I have many writers that write on various topics as i instruct them and tell them what to write.  I also collect information from health, pet care and toxicity information from sites like USDA, NIH, NPS, ITISBERRY ,ASPCA etc. These are some of the top government and educations websites which i and we can trust as they are on govt and educational institutions.

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