Aloe Vera Seedlings – How to Grow aloe vera from Leaf

If you are curious about aloe vera seedlings then before that let me tell you these succulents are easy to grow, and many people grow them because of its charming look while some grow aloe vera because of its environmental, skin, health related benefits. Lets now find out How do you grow aloe from seedlings?

Aloe vera seedlings are grown in moist soil with any direct sunlight. Seeds pods can be purchased online but if you have a mature aloe vera plant which is flowering then you can easily grow seedlings from the seed pods. Whenever you grow a plant through seeds it is called seedlings. It is beneficial when making a hybrid of aloe plant or selling it overseas and spreading it all over the world for cultivation & business purpose.

Seeds are the first basic form of any plant. It is an initial point where a plant either grows or dies due to various reasons. Aloe vera plant doesn’t flower very often and it takes time like 6-8 years of any aloe to produce blossom. The plant is generally safe but the overuse of anything could lead to different problems.

If you don’t know, aloe vera sap gel has a big commercial value that makes it so important for gardeners as well as business owners who sell natural face wash, natural creams based on pure plants. It is used in skin care products, health relief juice. 

aloe vera has over 490+ species and most of them can spread in large ground. It is a perennial plant that means that it may grow over the years for about 9-10 years easily with minimal care. Aloe don’t require much light, normal watering and make sure you have provided your plant good soil.

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How do you grow aloe from seedlings?

Growing aloe from seeds is easy and then it grows seedlings in a few days. But to get aloe plant seeds you need to wait for years when the plant matures. Then It produce 2-3 flowers initially for weeks and wither. There it starts to make new seeds, pinch off from the plant’s dried off flower. These seed pods have seeds in them, and can grow from the plants. Seedling is the process of growing your plant from the seeds and no other method like leaf propagation would be needed.

People do propagate aloe vera seedlings once the plant produces new babies of aloe. These babies look like they have smaller sized leaves. It is an easy method to do propagation. You only need baby aloe leaves which need to be cut off from the white part. This part will start developing roots and can form new aloe vera plants.

For seedlings, once your mature aloe vera flowers in growing months for weeks then wither, this is the time the seed pods drop on the soil or ground. You may find seeds inside of it that can be sowed into the soil. Keep that soil moist for initial days until it starts growing and making leaves.

The method of seedling would require patience as the plant is growing from the seed, just like how babies grow slowly then once the plant is established, it will grow faster. Growing aloe plants faster requires fertilizer and a good location. 

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If you don’t want to wait longer then just buy a leaf cutting and it will grow just fine with minimal care. Below is the link to buy the cuttings for the new aloe plant.

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How do you take care of an aloe seed?

Aloe vera seedlings

Aloe seeds caring requires daily misting in early weeks because they need humidity to germinate & placing them in shade areas. It takes 2-3 weeks for aloe seeds to produce sprouts. Keep the moisture in potting soil high as they need it for germination. Once your plant starts to get seedlings it’s time to place it in partial shade. Your baby plant doesn’t need harsh sunlight in initial growth until it establishes good roots and becomes tall 1.5-2 inches. 

Once they grow property placing them in few morning sunlight would boost their overall growth. Also They need more water to moisturize the soil and remember not to make it soggy as it creates a problem for aloe to get fungal infection.

Once they are taller, changing the pot and making its soil more fertile is necessary. Using a potting mix recipe for succulent as you know our aloe plant is a succulent and they need special soil to work with.

Here is the aloe vera soil mix recipe:

#Recipe 1

  • 1 part of Coarse sand
  • 1 part of perlite
  • 1 part of organic compost
  • 1 part of ground soil


#Recipe 2


#Recipe 3


These can be mixed and our aloe vera can be planted in it to get most of the nutrition.

 If you don’t want to make a potting soil then there are many potting mix available & used by me for aloe vera better growth.

Below are some of the best pre made potting mix:


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How long does aloe vera take to grow from seed?

Aloe vera takes 2-5 weeks of time to grow from seeds to seedlings. You need to regularly mist your aloe plant soil to make sure they get enough humidity to sprout. Once they show some growth, it’s time to move to a partial shade area but still watering and misting the soil would still go every other day. Watering is not recommended if your 2 inch topsoil is wet, it needs to be partially dry first. Do not overwater your aloe plant otherwise it will create mess for your plant as it can be rotted in early days of growth. 

Seedlings appear; it means your plant roots are establishing and can be bigger in a few months. Place this aloe vera in a location where it can receive its morning sunlight for 8 to 11am and then shades. That place would be best for this otherwise indoors , a area near south facing window would be must.

Sometimes if your aloe seeds don’t develop properly it won’t grow, that is why it is recommended to grow more than 2 seeds so your time would be saved to grow aloe plants.

Is Aloe Vera good for seedlings?

Yes, Aloe vera is a good plant for seedlings as they need misiting to germinate seeds. If you want it to grow faster, sprout faster than rooting hormone can work. but I do not recommend that, let it grow normally. You can use fertilizer, good potting mix to boost its growth when the plant is 2 month old.

Remember fertilizer or any external plant growth ingredient must be used in the growing season only. In case of aloe vera you can fertilize it in spring to summer then it goes in dormant stage which they don’t prefer any sort of thing because that phase halts the growth temporarily till frost ends.

A rooting hormone is very much used in leaf cuttings as I have done it in snakes, aloe and many other indoor plants. It can increase the root development of any plant. Rooting is important because it signals the plant to grow leaves and other parts as now roots can absorb all the nutrients which basically means every nutrients can be supplied by roots.

Aloe Vera Care

I have described light, water, fertilizer, temperature and humidity caring needs for aloe vera plants.

Light Requirement: Aloe vera needs indirect light or partial shade to grow. You can use any tree, balcony with limited light source, south facing window or any area which receives partial to indirect light would work for your aloe plant.

Watering: You need to give water once a week or sometimes twice in hot days. When  place in partial shade it gets good amount of sunlight so your aloe vera needs water 2 times in one week. You can check if it needs water or not by putting your index finger inside 2 inch in topsoil. It would definitely tell if your plant needs water or not. If the soil feels dry then water it immediately.

Fertilizer: Any fertilizer or use succulent and cacti mix, use it in growing season for aloe vera.

Temperature: Aloe vera can grow in ideal room temperature and it can tolerate 55 to 84 degree F temperature normally. It can also survive in 40-50 degree F temperature.

Humidity: yes, Aloe is a water required succulent so definitely they want to be grown in a moderate humid area. If grown in humidity they will surely be healthy and thriving.

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Pesticide: Aloe vera has sap juice which many insects take on, that is why your aloe can get mealybugs, spider mites and scale. With that diseases like fungal infection could lead to root rot. For Pests you can use Neem oil or any pesticide and below I have given a link for the best one.

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Repotting: Your aloe can be repotted if there is no space left on the pot. You can take out the aloe plant by losing the soil (just tap 3-5 times), use a trowel and get the plant out from the soil. Separate the big aloe cuttings and the baby aloe cuttings. It can be easily seen that one of them is a baby with a small leaf size. You can report the small leaves cutting aloe vera in a new pot for a new plant. And place back the bigger leafy aloe cuttings. Water it and hurry until you have successfully repotted the aloe plant.

Wrap Up

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