Autumn Blaze Maple Growth Chart

Are you searching for Autumn Blaze Maple Growth Chart? but before that let me tell you about this amazing maple tree. It has a hybrid of 2 other trees that are silver and red maple and that is why it has the ability to tolerate more harsh conditions and grow to different climates. It has one of the best fall colors and it grows very fast and hardy to zone 3-8. Its parents are both native to North America and generally they like to thrive in full sun. Lets Now Answer the question.

Autumn Blaze Maple Growth Chart

Before going to the growth chart of autumn blaze maple you should know maple tree grow about 3-5 feet every year when grown in good condition and according to cultivators its other variety grows much slower than this tree. It can autumn blaze reach four times more in height than the other maple trees. The mature size is about 40-60 feet tall and it widen up to 20-30 feet. Mostly it needs a well drained soil and yearly feeding(fertilizer) so it gets all nutrients and Even requirement of pruning so it is free from any diseases. Sometimes you need to cut the woody branches that are not giving new foliage this also result in new healthy growth of branch.

As you know, growth rate depends on how much care you provide, like giving fertilizer in the growing season, accurately resolving any problem related to disease. Climate conditions also play a role , like warm climate areas have better growth rates than colder regions.

According to The Tree Center, the Autumn Blaze Maple can develop up to a few feet per year, fast transitioning from a young tree to a mature one. It is known for its hardiness and reliability, making it an extremely good addition to any lawn. The price for this tree levels from $89.50 to $159.50.

Plant Me Green mentions that the Autumn Blaze Maple is a quick-developing deciduous tree able to accomplishing heights of about 35 ft and spreading up to 30 ft. It is hardy even in harsh conditions, with a chilly tolerance right down to -25 ranges (Zones three-eight).

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Gardenerdy states that the Autumn Blaze Maple reaches a peak of about forty-50 ft at adulthood and has a range of about 30-40 ft. It highlights the tree’s stunning growth rate and maturity.

According to Roots to Fruits Nursery, the Autumn Blaze Maple is referred to as “America’s Favorite Blazing Maple” due to its fast boom, which could exceed 3 feet per year as soon as installed.

Arbor Valley Nursery suggests that the Autumn Blaze Maple is ideal for large-scale plantings because of its speedy boom price, which permits for natural cowl and exquisite shade in a short time body. This tree stands out for its ability to offer short, attractive effects.

Below is the New Autumn Blaze Maple Growth Chart:

Autumn Blaze Maple Growth Chart
Autumn Blaze Maple Growth Chart

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How long does it take for an autumn blaze maple to grow?

So when it comes to autumn blaze maple growth rate it takes about 10 years to grow 30 feet in height. Generally speaking autumn blaze grow 3 feet every year and with time you also provide them with plant food so it gives more nutrients that will speed up the growth. Also this autumn blaze maple grows faster and is able to adjust to more climatic conditions than the other maple trees.

Autumn Blaze is not that picky on its sunlight demand as it can be grown in partial to full sun area but if you want this maple tree to produce bright vibrant color then a place with good sunlight is must.

A Good thing that I like about my autumn blaze is that it can be grown in any soil but still if you provide them fertile soil with good drainage then  it is all that this autumn blaze needs.

When growing a maple tree, especially when it was a baby tree, it needs water to make its roots and with time it will build more robust roots that can handle the whole tree. Once it is mature enough you don’t need daily water as it will absorb water from the land itself but giving it water will just make her happy otherwise as you know trees wait for rainfall to get water.

Autumn blaze goes dormant during the late winters till the early spring and then they require some pruning to make them happy looking and healthy. Trimming those branches that look pale, brown or dark can make your maple tree free from diseased.

Also its important to avoid less watering because it makes your maple tree leaves turn brown and fall. This is one of the symptoms that if prevented can make your maple tree feeling happy.

How fast do Autumn Blaze red maple trees grow?

Red maple grows 3 feet per year and it is hardy to zone 3 to 9. It was one of the trees that is used to make autumn blaze maple and it can reach upto 40-60 feet in height and wide about 20-30 feet. It is popular because of its blooms and red seeds but yes its foliage is also one of the best in color that is very eye catchy and gowns brilliantly.

How long do Autumn Blaze maple trees live?

Autumn blaze can live up to 60 years and its growth also decreases with time. Autumn blaze maple can live longer when provided proper light and water, sometimes environment plays a bigger role in growing them if it doesn’t get any deficiency of nutrient and watering is on time then it can probably live longer. 

How long does it take for an autumn blaze maple to grow?
How long does it take for an autumn blaze maple to grow?

How big do Autumn Blaze maples get?

Autumn blaze maple can grow as big as 40-60 feet tall in height and spread about 20-30 feet as it is a hybrid of red maple that is a fast grower and silver maple that can tolerate more climate conditions. Also be aware that it requires good well drained soil with acidic ph. This maple tree looks just amazing and we can enjoy the colorful red foliage in autumn.

How far apart should Autumn Blaze maple trees be planted?

If you grow multiple maple trees then take 20 feet apart from the center where the trunk is going to grow. If you are growing an individual autumn blaze maple tree then give them space to thrive upto 40 feet. As you plant them apart you can give them more chance to grow bigger and better. Using Well drained Soil and feeding fertilizer once every year when they reach a height. Providing them high nitrogen organic fertilizer like 12-4-8 can work for them otherwise they can even grow without fertilizer but for bright foliage you can give them some nutrients for healthy growth.

Here are the best organic fertilizer for autumn blaze maple trees :

Master Nursery Fertilizer 12-4-8

Big Green Fertilizer 12-4-8

Is Autumn Blaze Maple a good tree?

Yes it is a good tree in terms of foliage and growth. Autumn blaze maple can stay strong in most of the climate conditions but only thing that is not good is its structural branching that sometimes makes cracks results in some of the branches getting broken that leads to damage in property that’s why it is advised to grow them about 20-40 feet apart. Storms can also get lead to branch broke but all and all it is a good tree.

Maple Tree Height

Most maple trees have a height of 40-70 feet tall but once they mature it length increases to 120-150 feet. There are smaller sized maple trees with 30 feet height and there are other trees with the height of 160 feet tall. There are some medium size maple trees that are good for the sideways, lawns. These deciduous trees are common in North America and it does look amazing in fall when their leaves have different colors which makes it more attractive.

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Autumn Blaze Maple Growth Chart


So I hope you get your answer on the “Autumn Blaze Maple Growth Chart” and I have provided a full image based chart for better understanding. If care was done perfectly then it can grow bigger and healthy.

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