Calla Lily Bouquets: Uses in Weddings & Events

As a florist, I am constantly seeking innovative ways to incorporate flowers into wedding and event decorations. One flower that holds a special place in my heart is the calla lily. In this article, I will share my tips and ideas on how to utilize calla lily bouquets to enhance the beauty and memorability of your special occasions. Prepare yourself to discover the versatility of calla lilies and how they can be used to create stunning decorations.

What are Calla Lilies?

Calla lilies are a type of flowering plant that belongs to the same species as Hippeastrum, also known as amaryllis. They come in a diverse range of colors and shapes, and although they are not true lilies like tulips and tiger lilies, their appearance is just as captivating. Commonly found calla lily colors include white, pink, and crimson.

When it comes to weddings and events, calla lilies are often the flower of choice for a touch of classic elegance. Their simple lines and rounded petals blend harmoniously to create breathtaking arrangements. Whether you opt for a single stem bouquet or create a lavish display with dozens of stems, you can be confident that your special occasion will be adorned with spectacular floral decor, courtesy of these remarkable blooms.

Meaning of Calla Lilies

Having witnessed many couples incorporate calla lilies into their wedding and event decor, I have observed how these flowers stand out against their vibrant backdrop, exuding elegance and charm. Their shape, reminiscent of a trumpet, evokes associations with elegance, purity, and beauty. For centuries, calla lilies have symbolized faithfulness, beauty, and purity, conveying sentiments of respect, admiration, and tenderness. To provide insight into the meaning behind this popular flower and offer creative ideas on incorporating calla lilies into weddings and events, let’s delve into the deeper significance associated with them:

The Meaning Behind Calla Lilies

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Throughout the centuries, calla lilies have been associated with various profound sentiments. Depending on the context of your wedding or event, you may find their symbolism limiting or delightfully aligned with your desired sentiment. Here are some of the different meanings often attributed to calla lilies:

  • Elegance
  • Beauty
  • Fertility
  • Purity
  • Faithfulness
  • Fascination


Calla Lily Bouquets Creative Ways to Use Them in Weddings and Events

For weddings, I adore classic bouquets of calla lilies. The elongated stems, simple shape, and range of colors from white to dark purple make them the perfect accessory for any wedding. However, calla lilies can be utilized in more ways than just bouquets. In the following sections, I will discuss some of the most creative ways to incorporate calla lilies into weddings and events.


Calla lilies are particularly well-suited for wedding bouquets due to their simplicity, elegance, and timeless beauty. From classic bouquets to modern cascading styles, calla lilies can be adapted to match the theme and aesthetic of your wedding.

You can use a few individual stems of calla lilies for a rustic or vintage-style bouquet, incorporating a single stem to add texture and definition to an existing bouquet filled with other flowers. Alternatively, for more traditional or formal occasions, you can create a larger bouquet featuring several large stems.

Regardless of how you choose to employ calla lilies on your wedding day, they will always retain their timeless beauty. Even the addition of a single stem can stand out among the rest, as exemplified by the ever-popular bridal “throw” bouquet. Allow the calla lily to rightfully take center stage on your special day!

When selecting the bouquet style that best aligns with your wedding vision, whether traditional or modern, remember to consider structure as well. One of my favorite ways to incorporate calla lilies is by using them as accent pieces in larger cascading designs, blending them with filler flowers to create depth and texture. Complete the look with touches of silver or gold glossy ribbon or luxurious white silk ribbon for a romantic touch. Whatever you decide, embrace the inclusion of these exquisite blooms on your special day and trust that you have made the best choice!


If you aspire to infuse your wedding reception centerpieces with classic elegance, look no further than calla lilies. Their sleek shape and sturdy petals make them a statement piece on any table, offering a range of design possibilities to suit your chosen theme or color palette.

From eight-stem cylinder centerpieces that exude minimalist charm to small table bouquets displayed in ornate porcelain holders, the options are endless. By thoughtfully considering your available materials, you can create stunning arrangements that impress your guests and introduce color and texture to each table at the wedding reception. You can incorporate tapered candles between the stems, mix hues from deep purples and blues to light yellows and whites in larger flower arrangements, or explore countless other ideas to add layers of detail to your designs.

To ensure that your calla lily bouquets are perfect for your special day, collaborate with experienced florists who possess the expertise to accentuate the beauty of these blooms. From arched centerpieces nestled in crystal vases to tall floral stands overflowing with petals, there is a suitable option for every event. For optimal results, consider incorporating greenery around the stems, a tried-and-true technique when arranging flowers by hand.


As a wedding planner, I greatly appreciate the versatility of calla lilies. When employed as decorative elements in weddings and events, their classic elegance can beautifully complement any style. For instance, envision combining the warm tones of copper elements with white calla lilies in your table centerpieces or floral displays—such a pairing exudes timeless chicness.

Calla lilies can also add drama and texture to your decor arrangements. Whether used as an aisle runner or to embellish ceremony chairs, these sophisticated blooms serve as a perfect accent for modern bohemian-style design schemes. Due to their neutral nature, calla lilies harmonize well with almost any type of flower, ranging from roses to daisies, resulting in an eclectic aesthetic.

Lastly, do not overlook the potential of using calla lilies in outdoor settings. They have the ability to infuse even the dullest corners with light, making them ideal for dreamy outdoor ceremonies. Create luminous pathways that lead your guests to grand entrances, leaving indelible impressions on the moments that will soon transform into cherished memories.


Calla lilies are among the most delicate and beautiful flowers in existence. They are available in a wide range of colors, from bright yellow and pink to classic whites and creamy hues. I find them to be the perfect floral accent for any event, and they look especially stunning in wedding and event bouquets.

If you plan to incorporate calla lilies into your upcoming wedding or event, there are various creative ways to harness their beauty and enhance the atmosphere. Let’s explore a few of these ideas:

Table Arrangements

Table arrangements offer versatility and cost-effectiveness when utilizing calla lilies for decorative purposes. A captivating centerpiece can be created with a vibrant array of colorful calla lilies. Each arrangement can be customized in terms of size and length, depending on the event’s style and individual design preferences. A popular choice is a traditional hand-tied bouquet featuring graceful white and green stems.

For guest tables, a short round bouquet consisting of five to ten stems positioned around a floating candle can create an enchanting centerpiece. Consider adding touches of ribbon and soft eucalyptus foliage for added charm. For a more grandiose display, incorporate multiple vases of varying heights with coordinated groupings or opt for tall stands overflowing with stems to fill a larger area.

Alternatively, set up vases of different heights on each table, topped with single blooms or clusters of stems, allowing for intriguing juxtapositions that highlight various sizes and shapes of calla lilies alongside other foliage or flowers, such as tulips, within each composition. For events with a modern aesthetic, place long-stemmed calla lily arrangements in glass jars or gold containers to add an extra touch of elegance without exceeding the budget. Ultimately, these arrangements will create lasting visual memories, regardless of the occasion.

Floral Walls

Floral walls have gained popularity as a way to introduce a vibrant and breathtaking visual element to any event. By using calla lilies in shades of white, cream, blush, or purple, you can craft a stunning backdrop.

To create a floral wall, start with a wooden frame and attach chicken wire to affix each flower individually. Arrange the flowers in clusters to eliminate any visible gaps. Intersperse fresh leaves or garlands of greenery between the clusters to achieve a softer and more natural effect. Once completed, your magnificent floral wall will make an unforgettable statement at any event!

Floral Garlands

Incorporating calla lilies into garlands and arches is an effortless way to infuse your event with natural beauty. Whether you wrap thin strips of silk around the calla lilies or weave them naturally into an arch, these captivating floral garlands provide delicate and whimsical decor. Their subdued colors make them particularly suitable for events where you desire a more understated ambiance, avoiding excessive competition between bright colors.

Floral garlands serve as perfect backdrops for photographs and can be used to adorn the aisle or entrance. If you seek to add a subtle yet elegant touch to your event, opt for calla lily bouquets in garland form!


From classic to showstopping, calla lily bouquets add a unique touch to any event. There are countless creative ways to incorporate them into weddings or special occasions, infusing sophistication and beauty into the atmosphere.

In conclusion, calla lilies are perfect for weddings and events due to their white color, delicate beauty, and longevity. They can bring a touch of elegance to any setting without the need for extravagant decor. Moreover, calla lilies can be personalized by adding different colors of ribbons or using them as non-traditional elements in your wedding decor.

Their size and resilient blooms also make them an ideal choice, as they outlast many other types of flowers. With proper care, calla lilies can remain fresh for up to five days after being cut, making them excellent for both indoor and outdoor events.

Lastly, the unique balloon shape of calla lily petals allows for the creation of stunning centerpieces and simple yet captivating bouquets. Their elegance and eye-catching appeal make them a truly remarkable choice for weddings and events.

If you are looking to purchase fresh, high-quality calla lilies for your wedding or event, several options are available. Grocery stores often offer a captivating selection of flowers, including calla lilies in traditional and unique colors. Local nurseries and florists specializing in wedding flower arrangements are also excellent choices. While artificial calla lilies are convenient for destination weddings or events with limited access to fresh flowers, craft stores usually carry a wide range of artificial options.

Embrace the allure of calla lilies and let them transform your weddings and events into unforgettable experiences!

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