Calla Lily Leaves Turning Yellow

If you are searching for calla lily leaves turning yellow but before that let me tell you these plants are elegant and graceful looking plants native to South of African region, generally people grow them outdoor in big garden, landscapes but they can be grown indoors in thin medium sized pots too. They even enhance the beauty of the interior as they come in various colors. Calla lily leaves are dark green in color but if you see yellow leaves then there must be a problem with the calla lily plant. I would say don’t worry it can be fixed by detecting the exact cause and will discuss why My calla lily is yellow and drooping.

Calla Lily Leaves Turning Yellow is due to deficiency of iron and other nutrients like zinc, nitrogen, magnesium in a high pH soil(or Lime based). Yellowing Leaves generally called as chlorosis means loss of normal green color. Calla lilies do enter into dormancy so which leads to wilting then turning yellow. Another reason with calla lilies yellowing is because of root rot which could be due to overwatering or fungal infection. 

I will explain each of the problems in detail so here are the 4 most common reasons why are my calla lilies turning yellow:

Calla Lily Leaves Turning Yellow
Calla Lily Leaves Turning Yellow


Loss of Coloration(Yellowing Due to Chlorosis)

Chlorosis or Loss in Green color is a very common problem occurring in various plants and calla lily is not an exception to it. When Roots can’t absorb enough nutrients from the soil, basically if grown in a lawn or garden where soil can have different pH, it may lack some important nutrients like iron, zinc, magnesium and nitrogen. This shortage is a sign of yellowing in leaves which can only be prevented using a repotting with fertile potting mix or using fertilizer in existing soil and this way you can solve this problem.

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Most Calla lily plants are termed as acid loving plants meaning their ph level will fall to 0-7 which is acidic. So to fix the iron deficiency problem use Soil Acidifier by Dr. Iron is granules based so will work for the plants but before using anything you should consider doing soil test, you can do this testing by your own using 3 in 1 Soil pH tester or by going to local extension service for this testing.

For those who just want to solve things using a home remedy way Here is what you can do: Using 1-2 tablespoon vinegar with a gallon of H20(water) mix it and give it to the soil will greatly help the soil mix to get pH to a normal level.

But although it works for some, If it doesn’t, you can also use sphagnum peat and put it on top layer of soil and 1/2 to 1 inch soil top should be covered. It is also an easy technique to make soil acidic.

I recommend doing soil tests then doing these things.


The reason calla lily leaves turning yellow is also due to overwatering results in root rot. It could be because of poor drainage or soil that you have is not good for calla lilies. Sometimes garden soil could affect this and it doesn’t have good drainage. People use it if they have perlite to mix it to make it well draining soil.

When Caring for calla lilies you need to make a proper schedule when to water this plant, timing could change in winters. And if you pour too much water it could show signs of yellowing then droopy. Check for the soil if it’s too damp, and consistency in the wet soil will affect the roots. Calla roots can’t tolerate too much water, it makes it difficult for air to circulate and even it can’t supply the nutrients to other parts of the plant which lead to this problem of yellowing leaves.

Yes It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make the soil moist, calla likes it but don’t allow water to stand for hours and rotting can be a big issue if not solved. To fix rotting because of overwatering first stop watering and check drainage holes because these may sometimes get blocked by the thick soil, just clean that part. You can also place this plant in 15min in sunlight so it dries excessive water.

If you think the yellowing is happening in your whole plant meaning all leaves changing colors then check the roots if rotted then repot the whole calla lily to a new pot with fresh potting mix so it can fix the problem.

Transplant Stress

When calla lily is brought home they were growing green and all fresh but in your house they started losing colors. Calla lily leaves turn yellow when they transplant into a new location, and it takes time to adapt to the surrounding environment. This is called transplant stress. With New Location, plants try to build rooting and with that it will produce fresh leaves again so i recommend you remove all the yellow leaves because it won’t turn back to green.

Poor Drainage

When growing calla lily, if the pot is not getting water out and water is staying like forever then it is a problem for the plant as yellowing of leaves can be a symptom you may find after the root damage. Using a well draining soil is most important in calla lily , else how vibrant colors in flowers or leaves will be missing.


It’s a normal phenomenon of calla lilies to turn their leaves yellow and droopy as they shred the old leaves and go dormant. Once the new season starts they will again grow green leaves with beautiful blooms in summer.

Here is the soil I recommend  : Mother Earth Terracraft Potting Soil

It has everything that calla lilies need.

My calla lily is yellow and drooping

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How to Fix Calla Lily Leaves Turning Yellow

After learning about the problem now you know what causes potted calla lily to turn yellow and how it can be solved. 

  • Basically If Overwatered then Reduce watering or repot it. 
  • For Soil pH You have to test the calla lily soil and See if the soil is not alkaline which is causing the problem on calla lily leaves turning yellow. Solve it by using an acidifier used in soil to convert soil to be more comfortable for plants like calla.
  • For Transplant stress, Wait for some days it will fit  the environment then the yellow leaves will turn green again.
  • Most probably check for drainage issues.
  • Lastly if the time is winter then wait for the next season to see your calla lily to grow new green leaves again. It’s the natural process of this plant to vacant the place for new leaves.

Wrap Up

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