Calla Lily Varieties A Guide to Different Colors and Shapes


Hi everyone! I’m so excited to share with you today, the details of all the different calla lily varieties. Whether you’re a gardener looking to add a splash of color to your garden or a florist wanting to add a unique flower to your bouquets, this guide will help you learn more about the varieties of calla lilies that you can choose from. Let’s get started!

What are Calla Lilies?

Calla Lilies are unique flowers with a captivating and timeless beauty. They are often symbolic of joy, rebirth and commitment, providing context to countless memorable moments throughout history. With an array of vibrant colors and gentle shape, even a single stem can make an incredible statement in floral arrangements. In this guide, I will provide information on some of the popular varieties of Calla Lilies so you can find the perfect fit for any celebration.

Calla Lilies belong to the beautiful family known as Araceae (or Aroid), along with other species such as Monsteras, Philodendrons, Caladiums and Anthuriums. They grow from thick rhizomes that produce funnel-shaped blooms called spathes surrounding a central spike or spadix. Spathes can be various shades of white, yellow, orange, red-purple and green – depending on the variety – while the spadices develop over time into colorful clusters of berries or fruit after pollination by bees or other insects. The stems typically stand up straight between 10 to 30 inches tall but differ depending on the variety grown; some varieties may be shorter or taller than standard heights for the species overall.

Different Types of Calla Lilies

Calla lilies, with their clean lines and bold colors, have been a go-to choice for wedding bouquets, boutonnieres, and bridesmaids’ corsages for decades. Available in a wide array of soft pastel shades, vibrant jewel tones and even variegated varieties, it’s not hard to see why everyone loves the classic calla lily.

When selecting calla lilies for your floral arrangements, understanding what varieties are available can help you choose the right ones for the occasion. A few common hybrid varieties include:

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  • Mini Callas: Smaller than standard-sized callas, minis have a cup-shaped bloom that is often used to create colorful accents in larger arrangements. These flowers are available in many of the same shades as their full-sized relatives.
  • Green Goddess: This variety has bright green petals that gradually become more yellow near the center. The unusual color helps create an eye-catching contrast with other flowers.
  • Yellow Sunburst: Also known as ‘Yellow Goddess’, this variety features bright yellow petals around a slightly darker “eye”. The golden hue makes it popular as either an accent in larger displays or as the main component of simpler designs.
  • White Sensation: White Sensation Calla Lilies are characterized by white or off-white petals with yellow or nearly black eyes. They tend to be slightly more fragrant than some other types and create a dramatic effect when paired with dark greens like variegated ivy or laurel leaves.


As a gardener, I find myself drawn to color and texture, and that’s why Calla Lilies have always been a favorite of mine. With dozens of different colors and shapes, finding the perfect one for my garden is always a fun journey. In this guide, I’ll discuss the different colors and shapes of Calla Lilies that are available, so keep reading to learn more about these beautiful flowers.

White Calla Lilies

Calla Lily Varieties A Guide to Different Colors and Shapes

White calla lilies are timelessly elegant and no wonder they’re a perennial favorite. These classic beauties come in many shapes and sizes, from tight-cupped pompons to fully-blown blooms. All of the varieties feature spectacular texture and sheen that bring luxurious depth to the showy flowers. Whether you’re using them in a bouquet or as an stylish table centerpiece, white calla lilies never fail to impress!

Here are a few varieties of white calla lilies we particularly love:

  • Americana: Americana is one of the most popular varieties. This hybrid is exceptionally robust, with strong stems that can grow up to 35 inches tall and striking large 6-inch blooms. It also offers amazing keeping quality, so it won’t wilt quickly after being cut!
  • Comet: If you’re looking for something more glamorous, Comet has what you need! This unique variety is characterized by ruffly petals that curve outward around creamy white stamens, creating a beautiful star shape. The stems reach an impressive height of 3 – 4 feet while blooms can be up to 5 inches in diameter – perfect for making high impact arrangements!
  • Virginica: Another popular hybrid, Virginica features bright white petals surrounding dark yellow stamens! It has strong upright stems that can reach 3 feet or taller while blooms usually measure 2 – 3 inches in diameter – great for creating romantic bouquets or centerpieces.

Pink Calla Lilies

Pink calla lilies look fresh and fun, perfect for special occasions as well as everyday living. Despite their delicate appearance, these flowers are incredibly tough and can last up to two weeks in a vase with proper care. There are several varieties of pink calla lilies available that offer homeowners a range of choices.

One of the most popular pink calla lilies is called the Brownii Pink. This variety has large, ruffled petals with a dark pink hue on the edges fading to soft apricot on the interior. The Brownii Pink is also notable for its fragrant blooms and eye-catching shape.

If you’re looking for something a little more subtle, the Etched Salmon Calla Lily is probably your best bet. This flower features an intense salmon color that’s set off by cream-colored veins and pinpoints at its center. The graceful cup-shaped blooms have an almost translucent texture that looks lovely when paired with light fabrics such as lace or tulle.

For gardeners who appreciate unique shades, there is also the Chrysaloides Cameronii Calla Lily which has vibrantly striped petals in shades of pale pink and white or deep magenta and yellow. Its bright bi-color effect adds amazing eye-catching charm to any room or special occasion party!

Lastly, if you’re looking for something more classic and muted in flavor, Mr Lincoln Calla Lilies are just what you need! Featuring soft blush pink blossoms against dark green leaves, this flower reminds many people of summer roses with added texture from its glossy exterior texture. For all these reasons, this variety is perfect for bridal bouquets or memorial arrangements!

Red Calla Lilies

Red Calla Lilies are eye-catching, vibrant blossoms that exude elegance. With its long stem, the striking color is perfect for creating captivating centerpieces and bouquets. Depending on the exact variety, their beautiful blooms range from a light pink to a deep burgundy shade.

When selecting the right color tone of Red Calla Lilies, you should consider the occasion. A lighter red is perfect for creating romantic wedding vibes, while a deeper red is ideal for more formal events such as anniversaries and graduations.

In terms of care needs, red Calla Lilies require:

  • Warmth
  • Well-draining soil

for proper growth, so be sure to pick the right spot for your plantings. Also note that with proper maintenance these flowers can live up to 10 years!

Yellow Calla Lilies

Yellow calla lilies are easily recognized by their long petals and trumpet-shaped blossoms. Growing up to 30 inches in height, they bring a sense of warmth and sunshine wherever they are planted. Yellow callas draw pollinators towards them, making them popular choices for both home and garden decorating. The shades range from buttery-pale yellow to sunshine gold, with subtle variations further elevating each bloom’s beauty.

These cheery flowers have a timeless quality that evokes a feeling of nostalgia and simpler times. For example, golden yellow callas have been grown in Dutch gardens since the 16th century where they were known as “Lark’s Claw” because of their distinctive shape resembling a bird’s talon.

There are several different varieties to choose from in the yellow color family; some of the most popular options include:

  • Andy’s Yellow Calla Lily
  • Jetfire Yellow Calla Lily
  • Lemon Star Art Shades Calla Lily
  • Pokolbin Gold Calla Lily
  • Thompsonii Santa Clarita Calla Lily
  • Fiesta White Lemon Blush Calla Lily

Orange Calla Lilies

Orange calla lilies can add a bright and cheerful touch to any garden. There are several varieties of these flowers, each with its own unique look and characteristics. Some of the more common are:

  • Garnet – This variety has a warm orange tone with slightly ruffled petals.
  • Apricot Smile – This type has soft, apricot-colored blooms and pale green petals. It is a compact bloom with slightly paler shade at the center.
  • Helena Orange – A striking variety, Helena Orange has large blooms with bold orange tones highlighted by deep purple veins against the light green foliage.
  • Kinloch Lee –This flower has a very unique look as its petals are almost horizontally cupped giving it a flame-shaped appearance. The stunning color is composed of warm orange tones that are highlighted by bright yellow streaks on its petals.

No matter which variety you decide to grow, you will be able to enjoy an abundant display of bright and cheery blossoms in your garden from spring through fall when planted in an area with full sun exposure and an appropriate soil mix.


As a calla lily enthusiast, I’ve always been fascinated by the different shapes these flowers come in. From the classic trumpet-shaped fluted blooms to the more uncommon bowl-shaped flowers, there are so many varieties to explore. In this article, I’ll be diving into the shapes of calla lilies and how they vary from one variety to the next. Let’s get into the details.

Trumpet-Shaped Calla Lilies

Trumpet-shaped calla lilies have an elongated blossom with an open trumpet shape at the top that gently slopes inward. They look best when cut at a slight angle, with the same outward-facing side exposed from all directions.

The most common varieties include Athena, Eclipse and Milk and Wine. Each of these trumpet-shaped calla lilies not only has its own unique character but also comes in many different colors.

  • Athena varieties are especially popular due to the elegant lines of their petals and a subtle fragrant scent.
  • Eclipse has a beautiful textured blossom with streaks of yellow,
  • Milk and Wine is small and delicate with an off-white color speckled by light purple tones.

Whatever your event or occasion, these different varieties of trumpet-shaped calla lilies are sure to bring a sense of luxury to any floral arrangement!

Star-Shaped Calla Lilies

Star-shaped calla lilies, also known as Miniature Callas, formally classified as Zantedeschia aethiopica subsp. rehmanii, are one of the most popular calla lily varieties. Their small size—typically no larger than 3-4 inches in diameter—and star-shaped petals make them perfect for edging a flower bed or using as an accent plant in window boxes and other small containers. Their blooms come in many colors, from shades of white and yellow to orange, pink, and near purple. The heart of the bloom is typically an even brighter color than the petals, adding extra depth and contrast to your flowerbed or container garden.

Star-shaped calla lilies require minimal maintenance and care to remain healthy and flourishing during the growing season. Plant them in soil that drains well and drench with water when you notice the first sign of wilting. Fertilize them with an all purpose fertilizer every four weeks during their blooming season (typically early spring through late summer) but space feedings out if they are planted outside in cool weather climates.

With proper care and maintenance these charming flowers will provide an elegant finishing touch to your gardens year after year.

Bowl-Shaped Calla Lilies

Bowl-shaped Calla Lilies, also known as Campanula-type lilies, have unique cup-like blooms. They are showy and full of bold color and can create a mid-level fullness in an overall floral display. The flowers are supported by strength stems that grow in small or large clumps, with multiple blossoms on each stem. These flowers come in shades of yellow, ivory, orange, cream, pink and white. There are even bicolored varieties available for added elegance to your garden!

The petals of the bowl-shaped Calla Lily feature rich sepals with shapes formed between concave petals and cup-like forms that blend into pointed tips. The throat centers feature contrasting speckles and hues like white or pink against yellow or orange backgrounds. It’s truly a sight to see!

Peony-, trumpet-, reflexed- and full-petal shaped flower varieties also exist in deciduous branches for those looking for a variety of shapes and styles when planting their own Calla Lilies in the garden or arranging them into bouquets.

Depending on their variety, species and origin, these exotic beauties can measure from 4″ – 12″ long when fully opened up; making them an ideal choice for an eye catching display. Whether you choose peachy yellows or snow whites – these heavenly blooms are sure to enchant you with their extraordinary beauty!

Spider-Shaped Calla Lilies

Spider-shaped calla lilies are one of the more interesting varieties of lilies, as they have several petals, usually 5-6, that fan out and curl in an unusual arrangement. The petal edges often appear to be notched like a jagged saw blade. These special flowers are strong symbols of renewal and offer an elegant yet fun focal point for many floral arrangements.

There is a large variety of spider-shaped calla lilies available in the market today. Many of these varieties come in vibrant shades such as red, yellow and orange, with whites ranging from cream to ivory or champagne. Depending on your particular taste or style preference, you can also find deep blues and dramatic black calla lilies to add texture and contrast to your arrangements.

When designing bouquets and centerpieces with spider-shaped calla lilies, consider letting the natural lines in their petals guide your creativity. Whether it’s a casual centerpiece for a family gathering or an elegant display for a wedding reception, these flowers will add a beautiful touch of sparkle and brilliance even when grouped together with simple foliage instead of other flower types.


From the plain white calla lilies to the exotic yellow spotted calla lilies, there is a wide range of calla lilies to choose from. With its beautiful and delicate blooms, the calla lily sends its message of beauty, love and long lasting relationships.

In this article, we have discussed the different varieties of calla lilies, their characteristics, and the different message they send. Hopefully, this guide will help you to choose the perfect calla lily for your needs!

Benefits of Growing Calla Lilies

When it comes to vibrant and eye-catching flowers, the Calla Lily is one of the most popular options available. Not only can it add an elegant touch to your garden, but growing Calla Lilies can also be a rewarding experience. Here are a few of the many benefits that come with growing these delightful blooms in your backyard:

  • Beauty & Variety: Depending on the type of Calla Lily you choose, you’ll be able to enjoy a variety of interesting shapes, sizes and vibrant colors. From deep purples and corals to pastel pinks and blues, there’s something that will suit everyone’s preferences. As an added bonus, some varieties are even known for their unusual textured petals!
  • Ease of Care: Generally speaking, taking care of Calla Lilies isn’t difficult at all—especially given how rewarding it can be! Being potted plants means they require minimal pruning; just make sure to water them regularly and keep them in a warm (but not hot) location out of direct sunlight. In general they prefer damp but not soggy soil since too much moisture can cause root problems over time. Plus, you may even want to experiment with fertilizers or other plant food every couple months or so for bigger growth!
  • Long Lasting Blooms: Another perk that comes with growing these stunning flowers is that they bloom for longer periods than other flowers—from 3-4 weeks at least in some cases! This extended display provides you with an amazingly long show between late springtime until fall which is perfect for those wishing to celebrate their garden throughout the entire summer season.

With these benefits in mind (plus there are plenty more), it’s no wonder why so many gardens feature this beautiful plant! Whether your outdoor space is big or small—the elegant gracefulness provided by this incredible flower will bring joy day after day.

Tips for Growing Calla Lilies

As a gardener with an eye for beauty, I’ve come to love the range of bright and vibrant colors available with both hybrid and pure species calla lilies. However, the delicate blooms require some effort in order to ensure they thrive in all types of environments. Here are a few tips on how to plant and care for your calla lilies:

  • Plant in well-draining soil for best results. The more porous the soil, such as loam or sand, the better your chances of avoiding root rot.
  • Choose a spot that receives plenty of sunlight – at least 6 hours per day – and use mulch to help retain moisture if necessary.
  • Water regularly but not too often; these plants prefer a steady stream of moisture but can rot from overwatering.
  • Fertilize at least once per month during active growth with a water-soluble blend that includes nitrogen, phosphorus, and potash.
  • Be aware that while they’re hardy and strong, calla lilies are vulnerable to frost damage so provide extra protection if temperatures dip below freezing.
  • Each spring trim away any brown or damaged foliage in order to encourage the new growth of healthy blooms.

With these tips you should be able to enjoy these amazingly vibrant flowers all year round!

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