China Doll Plant Propagation – How To Take Cuttings(Know Everything)

Radermachera sinica or commonly known as china doll plant is a very graceful and popular grower as a houseplant. Did you know that this one needs regular pruning to make them happy thriving otherwise these plants will become leggy , or overgrown shrub. But the good news is during pruning you are able to take out cutting that can be used in china doll plant propagation. Read more about how you can do it simply following the guidelines.

china doll plant propagation
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China doll Plant Propagation

Taking China doll cutting is not easy task but you can do it if you have done in other such shrub plants. Also growing them in the right environment and providing them good soil can also play a role in successfully propagating them. When Starting propagating china doll plants , use healthy green stems and avoid any diseases , dried , no sap cuttings. While Pruning you can cut one stem and even if you take stem from end point or from middle it will grow. It is advised that don’t use long cutting as they will float downward , Best to use 5-6 inch length cutting.

Use any commercial Potting soil mix , You can also use peat moss for mulching and a small pot for cutting. Perlite can also help in draining you want to use. Now Put your china doll plant cutting into the soil and use a plastic bag to cover the whole pot , don’t cover the base as it needs air circulation. We are doing this so it keeps the moisture that is good for root development. This Humidity will encourage rooting.

You can also use a 2 liter bottle and cut the base part then it will become a round cylinder , now use it to cover the china doll plant, put them in partial shade where it receives indirect sunlight for 15-20 days. Once you notice some growth either roots will appear or leave will grow or the plant will be standing properly then that was the time to change its location and repot it also into a larger container for its future growth.

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Initial China Doll Plant Care

China doll like bright light and a humid environment when growing as young plants. You can grow them indoors and make sure they only receive indirect light, at night they will be happy as there is so much moisture that is helpful for these plants to grow roots. Once you see the roots starting to grow change the pot to a bigger container with well draining soil. Everything is similar as you don’t care in its parent china doll plant. make sure the soil is moist and not soggy and wait for it to dry as it may develop fungus and other such diseases like rotting so always check soil before watering.  Although it is good if you give water in time as it helps them grow new branches and leaves. Amount of watering can decrease once the china doll plant goes dormant . That time it stops growing for some time until spring.

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Patience is the key , and growing this plant will be experience that would be worthwhile.

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