Do Natural Swimming Ponds Work?

For many, the idea of natural swimming ponds seems revolutionary, scary, or maybe even too good to be true. If you have heard of these beautiful water features, you may have some concerns, namely do they work and how do they work? Natural swimming ponds work with nature to provide a safe swimming area without the use of chemicals. When designed properly, they work well, offering a comparable experience to a traditional swimming pool, in a more eco-friendly and healthy way. Read on to discover more about natural swimming ponds, so you can decide if this could be the perfect addition to your backyard oasis.

What Is a Natural Swimming Pond?

A natural swimming pond is a self-contained water feature that uses plants and other natural elements to keep the water clean and safe for swimming. The pond is divided into two sections, one for swimming and one for filtration. The swimming area is designed to look like a traditional pool, with a shallow end and a deep end. The filtration area consists of plants, rocks, gravel, and other natural elements that help to filter and clean the water.

How Does It Work?

It may seem unbelievable, but natural swimming ponds, do not use chorine to maintain safe swimming conditions. Rather natural elements filter the water keeping it clean and safe. Typically, the walls of natural swimming pools are lined with special membranes that help keep out dirt and other organic matter. They also utilize biological filters that help to keep bacteria balanced. Additionally, as was mentioned above, these water features include a section with the primary purpose of growing flora and plants that act has natural filters for the pool area. Plant life works, hand and hand with a pump/skimmer to keep the water moving continuously, effectively eliminating the opportunity for organic material to grow into problematic algae. Providing the pond is installed by a professional and includes the right elements, you can rest assured that your natural pond will remain clear, safe, and beautiful year after year!

What Are the Benefits of Natural Swimming Ponds?

Benefits of Natural Swimming Ponds
Benefits of Natural Swimming Ponds

There are many great reasons to consider adding a natural swimming pond to your backyard. Consider them below:


Natural swimming ponds are much more eco-friendly than traditional pools, since they don’t require the use of harsh chemicals, such as chlorine to keep the water clean and safe for swimming. Additionally, since natural ponds use far less energy to maintain than their traditional counterparts, you can rest easy knowing your pond isn’t an energy hog which is good for both your wallet and the environment! Not to mention, if you need to drain some or all of the water from your pool, out into the environment, it won’t harm the groundwater, plant life, or animal life since it is chemical free. Ultimately, with a natural swimming pond, you can enjoy spending time in the water without feeling guilty about the environmental impact your recreation will have.

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Similarly, due to the lack of chorine and other chemical in natural swimming ponds, they are healthier and safer than traditional pools. You can enjoy swimming all summer long without worrying about potential health risks like stinging eyes, asthma, and/or skin irritations that are commonly associated with chemical exposure. Natural ponds are an especially great option for those who cannot swim in traditional pools due to sensitivity to chlorine; thus, allowing for everyone of all ages to enjoy the many health benefits of swimming without risking their well-being.

Do Natural Swimming Ponds Work?

Low Maintenance

Natural swimming ponds are also much easier to maintain than traditional pools. The lack of chemicals and the presence of natural elements, such as plants, help to keep the water clean and safe for swimming with minimal effort on your part.


Natural swimming ponds are one of the easiest ways to spruce up your outdoor areas, since they are incredibly beautiful. The combination of plants, rocks, and water creates a stunning oasis that you can enjoy all year round and the best part is these features are more than just a pretty face, but functional as well.


Natural swimming ponds are great because they can be incorporated into nearly any size or shape of space. Your pool can include a waterfall, slide, fountain, deck, or surrounding walkway to accommodate your unique vision. They are highly customizable, in nearly every way allowing you to create exactly the water feature you have been dreaming of.

Is It Necessary to Winterize a Natural Swimming Pond?

The most honest answer is both yes and no. While you won’t need to winterize a natural swimming pond in the same sense that you would a more traditional pool, in order to keep your pond at peak performance, some seasonal maintenance is recommended. Typically, plant life should be cut back prior to winter arriving and covered with a mesh net in order to prevent leaves or debris from falling into the regeneration zone/pool during the winter season. Additionally, if there are any above ground components, like pipes or other equipment near the surface, it is important to blow out or drain out these items to prevent issues of freezing as the temperatures fall.

The Importance of a Professional Installation

When it comes to natural swimming ponds, the best option is to have a professional install your pond. This ensures that the pond is installed correctly and safely and that all of the components are working together properly. The professionals can also provide advice on how to maintain your pond over time in order to keep it functioning optimally. Since, natural ponds rely solely on natural elements to maintain their water quality, the right design in paramount in proper functioning. Thus, in order to avoid mistakes and ensure your pond is everything you are dreaming of, it is important to outsource this job to a professional pond installer.

After learning more about natural swimming ponds, could this be the right water feature for your backyard? If you are interested in adding a healthier, eco-friendlier alternative to traditional pools for your home, contact a professional today. He or she can help answer any additional questions you have and give you and accurate estimate, so you can choose a natural swimming pond with confidence!

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