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Elephant Ear Plant Broken Stem

If are searching for elephant ear plant broken stem before that let me tell you while growing this plant we face many problems including yellowing, brown leaves and broken stems. So how will it be solved this particular problem here is the solution.

To Fix Elephant Ear Plant Broken stem – Two things to resolve broken stem, either cut it and remove the stem from the base and the elephant ear plant will grow new in a few months. Secondly to resolve this you can also tie a stick or pencil on the stem using a thread or string that will need to provide it support until the repair work is done by the main plant. This will work if the stem is broken. I see tapping is the easiest option but you need to provide ground support to the stick & the tied stem will do fine tapped with the stick. If you don’t have a stick you can also use a pencil to do that.

In case the stem is broken straight stick will do its work. But if it’s completely broken then remove it from the base by trimming it. It will grow back. 

alocasia colocasia Elephant Ear Plant Broken Stem
Cleombrotus, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

If you have grown it outdoors , It can be easily damaged by heavy winds but some people plant them near wooden fences that protect the elephant ear plant from getting any wind damage. Poor handling is one such issue that mostly happens and if you have a pet it may jump over it and break one or two stems. It’s just about caring for it and carefully managing everything.

Elephant ear plant Shoot broken

It generally happens in elephant ear plant when there is a fungal infection on the plant and too much watering causes it to root rot. Generally these plants grow in moist soil but not in wet so care for it properly. There are also many problems in elephant ear plant like yellowing of leaves or turning brown or having deficiency in nutrients so on resulting in dropping of leaves and decline in overall strength of plants.

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Info Elephant Ear plant

Colocasia or elephant plant is evergreen houseplant that has gigantic leaves on them generally grown outdoors. It is tropical plant and they are easy to grow and care. With Warmer places it grows whole year long and even in winters they don’t have much impact and regrow back next spring without much additional minerals. If you really want to grow them indoors then it needs a large container and space to place that container. Its Heart shaped leaves are very natural and oversized that makes it very unique in terms of appearance. Most people grow them because of their bold texture and it used to showcase and make a garden full of green leaves.

Pruning Colocasia?

Cutting stalks can encourage fresh bigger growth and also it increases the size of existing leaves then are already growing. When you remove damaged leaves or those which are browning or turning yellow then it will only produce better growth and boost its flowering as well. Pruning Colocasia or elephant ear plant also triggers growth of smaller leaves that are still young it makes the nutrients go to those leaves as well resulting in overall plant growth.

Wrap up

I hope you get the answer on “Elephant Ear Plant Broken Stem” and if you want to read more such article check below.

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