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Gold Mop Cypress Pruning – Cutting Small to Medium Sized Trees

If you are searching for Gold Mop Cypress Pruning so before that let me tell you Do you have Gold mop cypress that is overgrown and you need to make it small? Here Will discuss about it.

Gold Mop Cypress Pruning is done to control overgrown cypress that become so big and takes much space then it needs to be snip down about 1/3rd to 2/3rd based on to how much branches and foliage present. I myself used pruner to prune it and sometimes dormant buds won’t make new growth on branches with zero leaves but that doesn’t mean you trim everything. You can prune it in end of summer & shaping it will just improve its look & remember don’t damaged healthy growth.

Cutting Golden mop thin and secondary branches will reduce the size but don’t cut the strong lateral branches that are providing other second , third branches their nutrients. You can start pruning cypress one by one rather cutting all at once , so that you may check how much more you need to cut to reduce its size. Also Check for any diseased branches, uneven colored leaves trim them back. Clean the pruning shears after any infected stem cutting , Using rubbing alcohol will work to remove any bacterial infections. 

What You Need:

  • Mulch to make sure the sun doesn’t absorb all the water.
  • Rubbing alcohol or bleach or disinfectant for cleaning pruning shears.
  • A Pair of Pruning shears for trimming.
  • Slow release – Fertilizer to revive faster growth – this plant food doesn’t work immediately , it will slowly dissolve in soil with time and that’s why it is safest method for plant, it doesn’t damage plant by providing everything at once.

Trimming Gold Mop Tips

To Shape them you need to prune gold mop cypress and give them training cuts for any new branch formation , this way it can adapt to a desired size. You can also trim some of the branches that’s thin and growing in the opposite direction.  Also help your plant to fill up empty spaces and make other shoots to grow in that spaces. Trim in such a way lateral buds fills the space once they starting growing more and more.

Golden Mop Cypress Information

Gold Mop Cypress is evergreen shrub with a bright yellow foliage that can make any landscape look amazing. Its botanical name is Chamaecyparis pisifera ‘Golden Mop And from the regions it has some other names like Japanese false cypress or gold thread cypress because of its needle thread like leaves. It is a beautiful shrub plant that can be grown full year & the preferred zones are 5 to 7 in USDA hardiness. It is either used as a shield of privacy or hedge for many gardens. It thrives 4-5 feet tall and is able to spread about 7 feet long , it is not big and not small that’s why sometimes it is considered a medium sized shrub tree. To make healthy and long growing shrub whole year, Gold mop cypress pruning is required to remove those uneven branches and diseased growth. Also Sometimes we see an overgrown gold mop cypress that needs heavy pruning , to correct its shape, we trim it into a manageable size is what needed on that day.

The best time to trim gold mop cypress is in spring or end of summer. Cutting branches and leaves in right direction is also plays an important role in bringing back a healthy shrub.

Gold Mop Cypress Pruning
Photo by David J. Stang, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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Chamaecyparis pisifera Caring Tips

After Gold Mop Cypress Pruning , They need plenty of water that can help for its trimming shock. During the rainy season they won’t need water as they already get, make sure your family members don’t spill water on them else it will create rotting results in fungal infection. In hot climate water is their only big need , water will evaporate faster than why we need mulching of 3-5 layers of bark or straws to preserve water on soil. USDA hardy zone 4-7 meaning it is able to survive in frost zones. Clean the base shoot area and remove any fallen foliage that will make your shrub happy as no pests will come if cleanliness is maintained. Burlap screens can be used to protect the shrub from the damage caused by heavy winds.

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Golden Mop Pruning tool Cleaning

When We store our pruning tools , they get dust and dirt easily and with that it’s easy for the infections to get attached there. So they need to be sterilized first before you use them on real plants. Dirty trimming shears used on stems and shoots can infect the plant and can cause the disease to give a host plant to survive. Gold Mops if they have disease or pest infestation you may need extra things like pesticide or do additional work to get rid of them.

Wrap Up

I Hope you get the solution by reading all the problems I provided on “Gold Mop Cypress Pruning “, If you want to see other posts please check below.

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