Indoor Plant Decoration in Living Room 2023

Plants can effortlessly enhance the ambiance of a neutral space or complement the boho style with macrame-hanging baskets. If you’re interested in incorporating more indoor plants into your home decor, here are 7 stylish ways to showcase them in your living room. We will help you choose the style of indoor plants for your home.

How to decorate the living room with houseplants?

1. Decorative planters

When it comes to indoor plants, the choice of containers is just as important as the plants themselves. Consider your decor style, color palette, and what would complement your living room. For a boho chic home, opt for woven baskets or macramé planters. If your style is more maximalist, make a statement with a vibrant or unique pot. Terrazzo planters bring a touch of elegance to minimalist homes, while concrete pots suit industrial-style living rooms. When using outdoor plant pots, remember to include a tray or something that can catch moisture to avoid wet patches on your flooring or surfaces whenever you water them.

2. Create a tablescape

Group smaller plants, such as succulents, spider plants, or smaller ferns and snake plants, on your coffee table and place them in colorful or statement pots to create a decorative feature. It’s a great perennial alternative to flowers, is cost-effective in the long term, and requires minimal maintenance – just occasional watering.

3. Choose the right plants

When you think about how you style a living room with plants, you can only think of the decorative qualities of plants. What about care and its adaptation to your conditions? Try Plant identification to find the perfect one. With the help of the plant identifier app, you will be able to find a plant that looks good and perfectly adapted to your conditions. In the app for plants, you can find a plant that loves shade or sun, abundant or rare watering, etc. The main thing is to decide what you need, and the app for iPhone will do the rest. The plant app also contains tips for caring for the plant, so it is useful at all stages of growing: from selection to regular care.

4. Large Indoor Plants

If you have a south-facing, sun-filled living room, consider adding a large olive tree next to a window. It will not only provide height but also create a Mediterranean vibe. In spaces with less light, parlor palms or fiddle leaf fig trees are suitable options. These plants are great for bringing the outdoors into your living room and adding vertical interest.

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5. Air-Purifying Species

People desire clean and eco-friendly homes due to environmental concerns like climate change and sustainability being top priorities. All plants that use photosynthesis absorb carbon dioxide, with certain species doing so to a greater extent. For instance, English ivy, peace lilies, and golden pothos purify the atmosphere by absorbing air pollutants such as formaldehyde and xylene. Snake plants, succulents, and prayer plants are also adept at absorbing carbon dioxide.

6. Hang them up

Trailing plants and macramé baskets complement each other, just like strawberries and cream. Hanging your plants is a great way to create varying height levels without drilling holes in your walls. You can use coat hooks, door handles, towel rails, or even a showerhead as an alternative spot for your plants. It’s a convenient option for renters.

7. Fast Growing

Fast-growing plants and trees can add a refreshing touch to a home. They are ideal for providing immediate gratification and filling up vacant corners with tall houseplants. For a more elegant touch, small and medium indoor plants that thrive can be gracefully draped to soften sharp furniture corners or add a natural splash of color to desks, pedestals, and bookcases. Some fast-growing species include philodendron, walking iris, purple passion plant, asparagus fern, and arrowhead plant.

8. Variegation

Variegation, the process through which a plant’s leaves are marked with distinctive colors, is one trend to keep an eye out for in the upcoming year. Houseplants with white, silver, or pink will stand out. Varieties with green leaves with creamy-yellow centers and crisp white borders, such as White Aspen Dracaena, Silver Dragon Alocasia, and Cool Beauty Dieffenbachia, are also very attractive. Variegated plants add visual interest and personality to a space. Their unique leaves catch the eye and add a touch of whimsy or drama to a room. Variegated white bird of paradise, watermelon peperomia, variegated English ivy, and scarlet Congo philodendron are common choices.

Indoor plant decoration in living room


We hope these 8 ways to style indoor plants in your living room have given you the confidence to go green and become a plant parent. Now that you’ve got your planting sorted, why not check out our guide to designing a living room fit for entertaining?

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