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What Should The Inside of an Eggplant Look Like? (See If its Gone Bad)

If you are searching for “What Should The Inside of an Eggplant Look Like?” or whether they gone bad from fresh to worst soggy looking from inside and outside? These are many questions we will cover in this article.

What Should The Inside of an Eggplant Look Like? The inside of An eggplant look like white, brown or creamy with lots of seeds that are yellow or brownish inside of eggplant. If its good not soggy from outside, creamy from inside it is healthy. Eggplants are generally fruits but most people get confused & think they are vegetables.

Outside eggplant looks egg-shaped with a dark purplish color with a green cap. Eggplant is a fruit because it has grown from flower and produces seeds while plants that are considered as vegetables have roots, stems, or leaves as an edible source example would be spinach(leaves), ginger(root), bottle gourd, potato(root).

When buying from grocery we sometimes get spoil eggplant that are soft and may not looks edible in that case Ripe eggplant looks like they turned brown, but still it is edible only by roasting it or boiling it. Do not eat by making a salad out of it. Eggplant may look soft from outside and inside it is brownish spots around seeds and if most parts are white or creamy in color then it is edible. and you won’t get sick if you properly cook it. 

Sometimes when eggplants matures, some of its inside turns brown as they fruit for a while if not used then it will automatically discolor and dry out completely. It may also give a foul odor and can’t be touched as it would be somewhat watery or completely dried and have fungal infection which will spoil the fruits. 

There are myths going on that say that these purple fruits are poisonous as the color is too much of venom but believe that they are edible and a good source of vitamins. Some have thought it as another variety which is harmful, they concluded it as toxic and others may link it with witchcraft that can give bad luck to them. Making everyone aware that this plant is not poisonous and can be eaten by making a dish or roasting it.

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About Eggplant :

Scientific Name Solanum Melongena
Family Solanaceae
Native Asia
Height 1-4 Feet
Spreads over 3 feet
USDA Hardiness Zone 9,10,11,12
Light Requirements Full Sun
Soil Well Drained and Moist
Shape Oval, Egg-Like
Flowering Season Summer
Flower color Purple, White
Toxicity Yes, Poisonous to Cat, dogs and Humans

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What Does the Inside of An Eggplant Look Like



How can you tell if an eggplant has gone bad?

There are 9 ways to tell if inside of eggplant gone bad and if I may know you have purchased the eggplant from the grocery and now kept it inside the refrigerator right. Now after 2-3 days you check them and see it has signs and eggplant look like:


  1. Eggplant losing color.
  2. This fruit becomes soft and you can press it to make it soggy.
  3. Your plant may be shriveled having a bad odor.
  4. Once you make a slice, it’s not cutting properly and it’s too soggy.
  5. If after cutting it is perfectly cut but you notice the browning inside it is spoiled partially.
  6. You might find some spots outside and discoloration inside of the fruit.
  7. It may lose color from outside.
  8. There are some white spots, layers of spoiling can be seen in the outer portion of the plant.
  9. A foul smell is a first sign but mostly it can be squishy and pale. Even the slightest touch can make your hands dirty or watery.

How do I know if my eggplant has gone bad

When eggplant turns brown and gets rotten from inside, even if discolored it can be eaten when you roast it or make an Indian dish by boiling it in hot water with the mix of species and a paste of ginger garlic , with that 2 tomato blend. You can watch any dish on YouTube , as eggplant can be easily made with potato as i have tried it and it is tasty , yummy but to be honest i eat fruits/vegetables because I know they have power to heal our human body from inside and can fight cancer causing cells.

When eggplant is cut into slices and stays for hours, it can get fungus then that food cannot be a healthy source and may give you some stomach problems. That’s why it is recommended to boil or roast eggplant so it can be edible.

I know many people make eggplant even if it is rotten from one side as they cut it and include the other healthy part on their dishes.

But before you even brought fruit/vegetables from market if it is not packed you get a chance to pick the healthy ones then you know soft and squishy should be avoided and if you get it then do roast it properly it removes the bad things from the eggplant.

How to Care For An Eggplant?

Eggplant wants a good amount of water to grow successfully. These plants thrive in full sun that’s why they need more water everyday. I have grown eggplant in my garden as well as on my balcony. They need regular water and direct sunlight to grow healthy. I may also like to add one point that with good soil that has all the nutrients that an eggplant requires to flower and fruit, otherwise you may need to get fertilizer specially for your vegetable plant. 

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They are extremely nutritious vegetables and the seeds can be used to propagate more eggplants. It has vitamin C and A which are very useful sources of nutrients that help the body to fight the modification of cells. You know polyphenols, a natural plant chemical that is present in eggplant , is good for diabetics patients as it helps to control the sugar level in the body.

According to WebMD, the most amount of polyphenols is present in elderberries(over 870mg) and chokeberry(1123mg) . After that the list counts the blueberry with 560mg and black berry with 260mg.

How to Grow an eggplant?

When growing an eggplant as a beginner gardener you should grow them in a large container and for seeds it can be first sowed in tiny pots until it begins to develop some leaves or germinate from seeds. Transplanting them in the garden after 10-13 days is recommended as they start to grow bigger and normal pots can’t handle it. 

If you want to grow only 1 eggplant then a single 4-6 inches pot would be enough but for home fruit gardeners it is necessary to transplant each of the eggplants in 10-12 days and the temperature should be warmer like over 65 degree F is good and over 75 degree F is best to grow eggplants.

Best to sow the eggplant seeds in the month of march, April and the fruit is harvested in 80-90days if you use a good fertilizer and they get warmer climate to thrive. Proper Conditions for growing a fruit matter a lot. Give them water regularly as the sun may dry up the soil quickly everyday. Best time to water the plant is before 9am and after 6pm in the evening. The timing is when the sun is partially shown as we want eggplant roots to get sufficient water until the sunrise.


Eggplant is a fruit so it needs sunlight to produce more fruits. When it comes to watering you need to regularly water eggplant when there are warm seasons like summer heat which mostly evaporate water from plants easily.

Water eggplant when you see the soil getting too dry or the leaves curling or wilting, this is a sign of low water. It can be solved with immediate watering. The best time to water eggplant is in the morning before 7 to 9am or after 7pm or 8pm in the evening as when sun is not around & its shade, your roots can take water and fulfill its water requirement. 

This will make sure plants get all the water that it is required. Eggplants are often watered everyday and don’t worry about whether you forgot about watering your garden plants. You can just Give them water at night as well. This rule is applied to the natural seasonal vegetable plants as they have to grow everyday so they need some water everyday.

In winters you need to reduce the watering session and try to wait for the plant to have dry soil. As you know moist soil has always been linked to fungal infection which leads to lead drops or yellowing.

Light requirement

Eggplant likes full sun so it can grow much faster and it helps to avoid any over watering situation. You should give eggplant at least 5-6 hours sun minimum but even if they get sun throughout the day it will purely grow and have better results in developing leaves and fruits. 

When given light for more than 6 hours it automatically requires more water the next day as sun may evaporate some of it and some water is used by roots for eggplant growth. Same like eggplant other vegetables like potatoes, bottle gourd, tomatoes do need a similar amount of light that is given to eggplant. These vegetables provides antioxidants like vitamin C which is useful for protecting our human body cells from tuning to cancer cells or getting any bigger damage or in simple terms it saves normal cells for getting modified.

Best fertilizer for Eggplant

As you know, many time soils often lack some major nutrients which are important for the growth of our fruits. Same way our eggplant needs fertilizer as it will fulfill the nutrients requirement and let the plant grow to the full strength. You can use any fertilizer with a similar ratio like 10-10-10 can work while 6-12-12 and these all can be applied to 1000 sq. ft. area.

Fertilizer for eggplant can be given in the growing season but if you’re starting a new eggplant vegetation your soil first needs 2-3 pounds for every 1000 sq. ft. for the area in your garden. It is recommended to use it before sowing the seed and after you get the first fruit growth then you know that the roots are established and it can take  more nutrients so give them at times as well.

For fertilizer that purchased in markets have instructions on how much you need to pour and some mix it with water. If you don’t find a guide then just use 2 to 2.5 tablespoons of fertilizer for a gallon of water(3 liter).

After fertilizing let the roots absorb the fertilizer, you can wait and see for the next day to check if the soil is dry. If it is dry then give water and make sure it has moist soil.

Final words

I hope you get the answer on “What Should The Inside of an Eggplant Look Like” and if you want to read more check below.

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