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Japanese blood grass : A decorative grass plant which is perfect for the House and office landscapes as it adds a layer of colorful foliage between a walking path. Japanese blood grass(Imperata cylindrica) is one such evergreen long existing plant with spiky leaves. Its Stunning leaves are green at base and red on the top layer which shows in summer and autumn season.

These are unique colorful grasses which adds beauty to any landscape.

You can add these grass to your garden’s border which will add value to your garden with a green-red texture, its design would be unique after that.

The Flower Early blooms in the plant which is white in color.

Also make sure when you buy it , it should be the red variety , avoid other species because these are the one which is unique and eye-catching, these are loved by people and they really appreciate it after buying.

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Now Let’s talk about where this plant comes from and other details of this amazing grass plant.

Background Information

These plants(Imperata cylindrica) are known by various names according to where they were discovered first, the 2 most common names are kunai grass and cogongrass. These grasses were discovered in subtropical and tropical regions of Southeast Asia (particularly Korea, Japan, China) and East Africa according to the National Invasive Species Information Center. 

The Scientific or binomial name of this plant is Imperata cylindrica and it comes from the Poaceae Family. They were also found in Australia , Melanesia, Micronesia and parts of Europe.

It was later established in the Southeastern United states , the caribbean region and latin America.

This grass is called by more other names which are sword grass, lalang grass, kura-kura grass, blady grass , kunai grass etc that are according to regions it was found.

This Grass can grow about 3-10 feet tall (0.7 to 3m) and spreads about 2cm. Now lets talk about how you can grow this grass in your garden and also find various factor you need to know while planting this.

Japanese Blood Grass

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How to Grow Japanese blood grass (Imperata cylindrica)

To Grow this Grass Prepare well drained soil and Moist it first because these grass likes to be in Moist Soil most of their time & Love to grow in a partial shade area. These plants grow very well so you need to plant this grass at least 3-40 centimeter apart from the sidewalk or walking area.

It also grows beautifully near ponds as they get water regularly from soil near ponds.

Also take care not to over do watering, as it can grow with less maintenance , keep its soil moist. Below I explain all the factor separately.

Here are the things to note on how to grow Japanese blood grass :


These grass(Imperata cylindrica) loves to be in Moist soil and they grow fabulously when you regularly supply water to them but remember they don’t like to be in Drought situation So water whenever necessary.

Also take care of one thing don’t over watering as that will lead to leaves getting brownish color and then fade.


This grass can tolerate many conditions including low and high humid temperature.


It can adjust to various different temperature conditions and can easily tolerate them. In hot days it can even grow more to reach your other plants soil area because they grow rapidly in warmer temperatures and its rhizomes spread crazily.


These grass(Imperata cylindrica) like moist soil and it don’t matter what type of soil you have they can easily tolerate any soil mixtures and type.

If you want you can use good fertile soil which drains well and leave them to adjust to the soil.


For the light condition you can give them proper 5-6 hours of sunlight but don’t give more as they grow faster. In Sunlight they grow very well and give bright foliage.

They can even tolerate shade areas but give them at least some light to grow.


When we talk about grass plants they generally don’t require fertilizer and easily thrive in poor soil.

Any soil can be used to grow Japanese blood grass, and If you want to use fertilizer either it will boost the grass plant growth or it will just spoils the grass.

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Potting Repotting

You can grow them in pots , big containers, grounds and sideways; they are not picky about their location where to grow them.

When repotting you need to lightly grasp the root ball and remove the extra soil it has over its roots.

Then plant it in a new pot or a new location , the best season for repotting this grass plant is spring or in fall, both the seasons are great for its growth and rhizomes spread well in these seasons.

(Imperata cylindrica) Japanese blood grass Care

Here are the tips on how to care for Japanese blood grass :

It needs sunlight exposure

for at least 3-4 hours , which will help its red color become more vibrant.

They look amazing near roadsides and garden corners

but for these to look amazing they need to be moist and for that you should give them water ounces or twice a week on hot days.

They retain moisture very well

so watering is not necessary but you can water it whenever you see its soil dried.

In Winters these grass requires very less water

because in colder environments , moisture level is high that means it can freeze so no extra water once a week is sufficient.

Some people grow these grasses(Imperata cylindrica) in clay soil

then see the result of plants getting fungus or bacteria and most of the time its root begins to rot because of the wet soil.

Sometimes these grass face problems

when its leaves are eaten by slugs and snails or it gets infected by rust disease So use slug bait to prevent them from coming and don’t over water as it may attract nearby bugs.

(Imperata cylindrica) Japanese blood grass Propagation

This plant can be propagated using 2 methods one using its seeds and second is by dividing its rhizomes but in some species the only effective method of propagating is by division. Variety like Red baron is prohibited or has restrictions on its propagation as this one is not originally from North America.

On how to propagate Japanese blood grass :

1. You need to divide its rhizome with the leaves itself.

2. The best time to propagate is it is either fall or spring season

3. Don’t worry about dividing it as this grass is too strong and will regain its strength and grow more faster.

4. Enjoy.

(Imperata cylindrica) Japanese blood grass Propagation

On How to prune Japanese blood grass is by cutting them in the spring season as that is the time when new leaves will come. No need to prune it in winters as they show half green and half red color foliage which looks attractive.

Prune the top part or dead leaves to a certain length and don’t worry it will grow again more fabulously.

Japanese blood grass for sale

Japanese blood grass for sale is going on various website and i have given some website links so you can purchase them directly from there. Here is the link for .

Red baron grass for sale

Red baron grass is for sale Sale and this grass(Imperata cylindrica) easily been grown by me many times and i will be providing where you can buy it and it is available in online stores so you don’t need to buy it offline, it will be delivered to your house. Here is the link.

Japanese Blood Grass

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Japanese blood grass for sale near me

Japanese blood grass for sale near me is most of the time this plant is not available in offline market and the only way to get this is using a online stores or websites to purchase this amazing grass plant.

Blood grass seeds

Blood grass seeds is the plant can be grown using seeds the easiest method and you need to make your its seeds gets proper moisture so watering is necessary and take good care until it grows to a length.

Red baron grass & imperata cylindrica ‘rubra’

Red baron grass & imperata cylindrica ‘rubra’ are the common names of Japanese blood grass , as this plant have grown & cultivated in many parts of the world and each region calls it with its own regional name.

Can you split Japanese blood grass

Can you split Japanese blood grass? Yes, you can divide it and it is the effective method of propagation of this grass plant, if you asking about split its leaves using hand it may be difficult as these are some tough grasses they have very strong leaf.

It can spit but difficult with one hand and you need both hands and some energy to do that.

Sale , care , grow , tips, Japanese blood grass
Sale , care , grow , tips, Japanese blood grass


Does Japanese blood grass spread? Yes this Japanese blood grass spreads but very slowly and it can tolerate most of the soil so its rhizomes spread largely to certain areas if not prune. They grow about 1.5 to 2 feet high with spike leaves.

How do you take care of Japanese blood grass? Care requires many things first is the good soil and no over watering , if by mistake given over water don’t give water to it for some days until it dried its soil. Full sun can make its vibrant colors more bright. Also protect them from snails as they eat leaves so use snail bait to prevent that and also prune this in the spring season before new growth starts as this is the best time to grow this Japanese  blood grass.

How do you propagate Japanese blood grass? Propagation of Japanese blood grass is simple: you need to cut its over spread rhizome and plant it into a new pot, and don’t worry about its roots. They can regrow and you take care of your new grass plant. Consistent in giving it water and partial sunlight which is important in starting days of its growth within Moist soil.

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Is Japanese blood grass poisonous to dogs? According to The Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service there is no reports and evidence which proves this plant to be toxic or poisonous to livestock including animals like dogs and cats. So Japanese blood grass are safe and non toxic plants.


This grass plant is easy to care and even maintain and if you want to take something which looks good in the corner of your garden or house then Japanese blood grass(Imperata cylindrica) is the best choice as this one gives amazing green red color to the landscape , and it looks even more beautiful in winters.

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