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Buddha Holding Lotus Flower Meaning , 4 Types Explained

If you are searching for Lotus Flower Meaning in Buddhism then before that let me tell you about the plant that is most beautiful and recognizable in many religions. Here will talk about the meaning of lotus flower in Buddhism?

Lotus flower meaning in Buddhism

Lotus Flower Meaning in Buddhism – Legends says that everywhere the buddha stepped, a lotus flower bloom. In Buddhism, Lotus flower meaning symbolize purity, enlightenment to the spiritual path, devotion, faith and commitment. Lotus is important flower in Buddhism. The flower meaning also represents non-attachment because the roots of lotus plants are intact in mud while the flower itself blooms above the mud water, as it detaches itself from the suffering that is why it is associated with purity of mind and soul.

History of the lotus flower comes from the Lotus Sutra, one of the important and respected texts in Buddhist legends. It is also taught in schools because each stage of growth in lotus bloom signifies path of enlightenment. 

In the text of mahayana Buddhism, it is believed that when the lotus flower buds are fully opened this means the person is enlightened. While the partially opening of buds with the center hidden tells us about possible enlightenment but still there is time. Also if the buds of flowers are fully closed then it tells about the time before enlightenment.

In Buddhist Scripture Known as Anguttara Nikaya, Here Buddha compares himself with the flower lotus because just like how the lotus flower blooms above the muddy water with clean, unstained, that’s how he rises from the physical world without any impurity. Buddhist people also believe that the flower growing above from the mud means it is being free from the attachments and desires of materialic world & lotus represents the purity of body, mind and voice.

4 types of lotus in Buddhism

4 types of lotus in Buddhism

There are many different types of lotus in Buddhism which convey different meanings.

A white lotus represents a state of mind which is purified and left without any negativity.

A Pink lotus represents successive Buddhas, their history and also Buddha himself.

A Red lotus signifies Compassion or Feeling of other suffering or sorrow. And it also Tells about the pureness of soul and heart.

A Gold Lotus symbolizes All Buddha’s enlightenment.

A purple Lotus represents self-awakening, wisdom, beliefs and emotions.

The Buddhist believes that human beings’ actions need to be disciplined to maintain the natural order of this universe. There are 4 different dhamma according to how much a person can understand, it is what buddha compared with these 4 levels:


  • If a Lotus is in mud meaning the Person is difficult to understand the dhamma.
  • If the lotus is below the water surface, It means the person is slowly going to understand the dhamma.
  • If the lotus starts floating on the water surface then it signifies that the person understands the dhamma.
  • Once the lotus blooms above the water level and blooms, it means the person fully understands the dhamma and is reached to enlightenment.

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Buddha Holding Lotus Flower Meaning

Avalokiteśvara is Buddha Amitabha, A bodhisattva meaning earthly being who follows the path of buddha to attain enlightenment. But Doing so he becomes savior & protects against the bad elements of the society. He has 108  avatars and one of the that is Padmapani. The One Buddha who is holding lotus flower in the hand is the one known as padmapani. A monk named Dharmakara who promised the people that once he attains Buddhahood that those who follow him and believe him can be reincarnated in his place which is full of happiness, something that doesn’t have sorrow.  They will enjoy the bliss until they can finally reach the path of enlightenment. Dharmakara who fulfilled his promises became Avalokitesvcara, also known as buddha Amitabha.

In Actual Buddhism nowadays only believe in about the 2 bodhisattvas – meaning the one which is buddha’s previous lives and the one that is buddha’s future lives also known as maitreya. There are many bodhisattvas and one of them is Avalokiteśvara.

To understand the definition of Word “Avalokitesvara ” first ‘ava’ which means down, ‘lokita’ means to observe and loka also means world, esvara which means God himself. So if I combine these, it turns out to be “God who observes or gazes down to the world”.

Lotus flower Buddhism Facts

Here are some of the Buddhist Lotus flower Facts:

  1. It is One Sacred Flower in Buddhism.
  2. White lotus represents the purity of mind and soul.
  3. It is a symbol of Enlightenment based on the lotus bloom.
  4. Buddhist Beliefs that Everywhere The Buddha Stepped, There was a Lotus Flower Bloom.
  5. It is also Associated with the non-attachment and being free from the samsara, the cycle of life, death and rebirth.
  6. Lotus which blooms above the muddy water tells about Freeing from the suffering of human lives.


About Buddha Lotus Flower Meaning

Buddhism is one of the growing religions all over Asia and the world. It is originated in ancient India and founded by the teaching of Gautama Buddha. Buddhist in this religion believe that to achieve enlightenment or to get free from all the suffering from human lives, one can walk on the path of spiritual life which includes meditation, calm and good behavior .

Buddha lived in the Northern part of India between 6th and 4th centuries BCE. Most Ancient Buddhist texts and scripture were all written in 2 languages that are Sanskrit and Pali. The Word Dharma in Sanskrit is similar to the word Dhamma in Pali.

About Lotus Flower

The Scientific name is Nelumbo, It is one of the popular flowers present in South Asia. They are aquatic Plants generally grow in water and the blooms grow above water while the leaves float on the water surface. Growing them requires a good container that doesn’t have drainage holes. Lower end it has soil which supports the roots while the whole stem reaches the water level and grows more leaves with time. One of the amazing things that happens with the lotus flower is that it blooms during the day and closes its petals at night because of no sunlight. These plants require a lot of water and fertilizer to grow healthy. Do not get confused with the water lilies that bloom at night because of a certain mechanism. Lotus on the other hand blooms only when the sun is at the top and it gets the sunshine. Lotus are easy to grow and useful plants not only for the garden but they are used in many of the commercial product manufacturing. 

Know full guide on lotus plant care.

Wrap Up 

As you know how beautiful the lotus flower is which is beyond our thinking. It has so much significance in major religions that defines how important it is to understand the meaning behind it. I hope you get the answer on “Buddha Lotus Flower Meaning” and if you like to read more such articles check below.

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