Lucky Bamboo Meaning 1-16 (How Many Stalks You Should Buy)

Lucky bamboo is not a true bamboo plant but it is easily grown and has very few requirements when it comes to caring. These plants are placed in different locations to attract positive energy. Below article I have explained the good places inside the house. You can place them according to your needs. So let’s move to the question regarding symbolism and meaning of lucky bamboo.

Lucky Bamboo Meaning

Lucky Bamboo meaning is associated with wealth, good luck and well being. Bamboo is symbol of prosperity, good fortune, success and welfare. Lucky bamboo is given as a gift so that others can have better fortune in terms of capital, health, and abundance. When a lucky bamboo plant is gifted, you need to make sure the right number of stalks are tied and each counting stalks have different meanings, like five stalks represent your mental and physical health while 3 stalks provide good luck, long life and plenty of wealth.

It is very important for you to know that the right number of stalks are gifted otherwise one can harm the life of others. Like the 4 stalks in lucky bamboo means something bad (yes I am talking about the word that starts with “D”). I always ignore the bad words in my article but when I don’t have an option I have to write it. 

The main bamboo plants symbolizes Energy, Strength and firmness in Chinese saying. Lucky bamboo are very good looking plants comes from dracaena family. these plants used to grow as houseplants and quite popular among every one. Even I see these plants in the office desk, Working table, center table, entrance of the house and much more as lucky bamboo provides positive chi(energy) which makes the surrounding more beautiful.

Each number of stalks represents something which helps the life of everyone who grows them indoors, overall they are blessed by growing it & we can also say its type of blessing based on the number of stalks of lucky bamboo.

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Lucky Bamboo meaning according to Number of Stalks:

Number of Stalks Meaning 
1 Stalk A single stalk represents commitment, truth, honesty, credibility.
2 Stalks Two stalks As a pair represents Love, Friendship Between 2, brotherhood between 2.
3 Stalks Lucky bamboo Three Stalks meaning it can Provides Happiness.  
5 Stalks Five Stalks Means Prosperity, Health, Wealth, Happiness and Emotions. Some say it works with physical, mental , emotional, spiritual and intuitive overall health.
6 Stalks Lucky bamboo Six stalks meaning represents Economic well-being, Prosperity, Someone who can become wealthy, successful or profitable.
7 Stalks Lucky bamboo Seven stalks means Blessed with good health.
8 Stalks Eight Stalks means to grow in terms of wealth, happiness or something else. 
9 Stalks Lucky bamboo Nine Stalks meaning represents Great luck, Its God’s Number. 9 is a lucky number that can change a person’s life with better fortune than ever before.
10 Stalks Ten stalks means complete whatever you desire you have it.
21 Stalks Lucky bamboo Twenty one stalks meaning represents great wealth with health means you can attain these 2 which will make you more powerful & blessed.
88 Stalks It means happiness and joy of life.
99 Stalks It means relationships that get doubled with time and stay longer.
289 Stalks You will find easily which is very hard to find. I am talking about “Luck” and Once you get this easily the upcoming future is good for you.
888 Stalks Did you remember 8 Stalks , it provides great wealth. but in the case of triple eight the wealth is 3 times higher than what you will get in life.

Lucky Bamboo Meaning

Whoever receives the lucky bamboo gets the blessing, happiness, abundance, good luck and wealth, while they also receive a charming looking houseplant. And Guess what? They don’t need to do a lot of caring as these plants are low maintenance plants.

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I have these plants in Jars, containers, pots and Whenever I see new stalks I just divide it as propagation is very easy. I generally grow lucky bamboo in soil but I have 2 more glass just of stalks growing only in water & indirect light for my computer table & one for the center table/ you can also place it near the entrance or in the dining table. Only thing you should remember is to put the right number of stalks in the glass.

1 stalk lucky bamboo meaning

If you have only 1 stalk of a lucky bamboo plant then it represents the meaning of the solo personality, commitment to life and work. It also symbolize with truth as you know truth is always one but false has many different faces.

3 lucky bamboo meaning

If you have 3 stalks in lucky bamboo then its meaning is about happiness, smile, calm mind. It also represents joyful nature and all the positive feelings. 

4 Stalks Lucky Bamboo

This number of stalks I am explaining differently because the Number 4 in Chinese language sounds like the bad word starts with a bad “D” and this number spreads negative energy, which might be harmful. And this number 4 is often not included in any building as it causes harm in businesses in China. Many believe that number 4 can cause bad to their success, whether it is business or life. 

5 stalks of bamboo meaning

5 stalks of lucky bamboo meaning is related to the health of a human in its 5 states like physically he is fit or mentally he should be calm, and emotionally he understands everyone. The other 2 from 5 stalks are for spiritual and overall health factors.

6 stalks lucky bamboo meaning

6 stalks of lucky bamboo meaning is about financial conditions where one can become wealthy, or in business he may become successful which makes him lots of profit and eventually make his life stable and prosperous.

7 bamboo stalks meaning

7 stalks of lucky bamboo meaning is about the lucky one has with life. He may become lucky with his financial condition or he may be good at his mental and physical body health. 7 is actually a lucky number that creates luck around you.

8 stalks lucky bamboo meaning

8 stalks in lucky bamboo meaning is about growing, evolving with time the same way you are also increasing your wealth with time as you grow. When you understand life better you get lots of knowledge that gives you reason for happiness and wellbeing.

Lucky bamboo 9 stalks meaning

As you know 7 stalks is for luck but 9 stalks of lucky bamboo meaning is about great luck as it’s a god’s number. You may find great wealth, health or better living while growing in life. 9 stalks are luckiest and can change someone’s future and it is a good gift, the same as 7 stalks of a bamboo plant.

Lucky bamboo 16 stalks meaning

Lucky bamboo 16 stalks doesn’t have any meaning. But by diving their can be 2 meaning of bamboo stalks like if divide 6 and 10 stalks in 2 different glass with low water. 6 stalks will provide prosperity of well being while 10 have everything you desire and make you needs complete. The Above described Stalks in Lucky bamboo have meaning and their is no meaning of 16 stalks.

Lucky bamboo 19 stalks meaning

Lucky bamboo 19 stalks meaning has no meaning it gets meaning when you divide the stalks in 10 and 9 seperates because 9 represents great lucky while 10 shows about completeness. So Don’t combine these 2 numbers but rearrange them and divide them into 2 lucky stalks numbers for the best results.

Lucky bamboo numbers

Lucky bamboo numbers include 1,2,3,5,6,7,8,9,10,21,88,99,289,888 stalks. You can form any of these numbers of stalks in lucky bamboo and all these have good meaning so don’t worry and read the table above i have mentioned. I described all these stalk numbers and removed all the negative and bad numbers.

Bamboo plant meaning

Bamboo plant meaning is about the robustness, strength, growth, potency and energy because of its stalks that are much harder. The bamboo plant is easy to grow and if you combine a lot of stalks together it will form a new beginning with each added stalk. Like 9 stalks tell about great wealth while 2 stalks show about brotherhood and love. 8 stalks describe growth in wealth while 3 stalks bring happiness. 

You can buy any number of stalks and get lucky from each of them, don’t forget to bookmark this page for the table of all the numbers of stalks meaning.

Lucky bamboo number of stalks meaning

Lucky bamboo is arranged in a number of stalks so that it brings luck, love, happiness, wealth, prosperity, livelihood and health. Each bamboo stalks from 1-20 or more has different meaning and that is why i have put on the table to tell you guys about all these. check the above table.

Bamboo spiritual meaning

Bamboo spiritual meaning is about effectiveness, solidness, strength, health, wealth and much more. It also symbolizes flexibility as you know bamboo grows in many different environments and it tolerates and adapts to most while when they stand in an upright position then they tell us about strength. Bamboo is associated with the balance and stability in life and in some ways it also tells about improving and rectifying the health of people. 

Bamboo meaning in life

Bamboo meaning in life is about firmness, power and strength as the bamboo stalks stand upright in most climatic changes in the environment. These bamboo plants can survive in various conditions that is why it is also a symbol of flexibility, adjustable and adaptable.

Does lucky bamboo really bring luck?

Yes, lucky bamboo brings good luck and positive energy which creates a happy environment around the office and houses. In Feng shui, Lucky bamboo has hollow structures that enable the good Chi to flow perfectly that could help bring prosperity and good luck in life. If you have 6 stalks of lucky bamboo plant then it surely is one that brings good luck and for good fortune you need to have 3 more talks , in total nine stalks have meaning to provide a better future.

People generally take these homes according to how many stalks they want for their house. It is also used to give someone that is not lucky in terms of wealth or health, or mood, it might change their fortune if we believe. But All and all a human’s life depends on how they manage it. If you don’t work and become lazy, wealth is far away from you. On the other hand if you do hard work it pays back to pure wealth that you can be proud of because you have earned that. A plant may give you initial motivation but life is all about what you do today will make your future.

Lucky bamboo may change your bad mood or may give you positivity that you need. But in life all things depend on your own doing, if you do great work you get paid heavily, the lucky ones never be with anyone who doesn’t do any hardwork in life, it is bitter truth but yes it’s true.

Does lucky bamboo really bring luck

Is lucky bamboo really lucky?

Lucky bamboo is really lucky for offices and homes as it is believed to bring good fortune, capital, blessings, happiness and good luck. While these bamboo are not true bamboo but it is said to fetch prosperity and can start the supply of positive energy in your life.

Can lucky bamboo bring bad luck?

No, Lucky bamboo doesn’t bring bad luck, or if this plant withers it won’t give you any bad symptoms. These plants are a source of positive chi(energy), as the name suggests it creates happiness, wealth, fortune and peace at home. When people think these plant give bad lucky I highly degree with this as no plant is bad for anyone until it hurts your and what I meant by this is – thing about cactus plant, they have thorns in its leaves if someone touches it they get hurt this way people may call it bad lucky, poisonous and might give more ugly names. This way it can be justified but you can’t say without knowing this plant by self it does have any bad luck energy.

Plants like bamboo are slow growers and it needs indirect light to grow. If it has grown 2 stalks then you may find good luck soon, and if it gets more stalks then it would surely enhance the good energy in your house and offices.

Where should I place lucky bamboo in my house?

Lucky Bamboo can be placed at the entrance so it attaches goodwill, happiness and growth. If you want good fortune and capital then placing lucky bamboo in the east or south corner would be perfect locations. Also these plants grow in indirect sun so avoid placing it in heavy sunlight areas. Some people place bamboo plants at the center of the dining table which gives positive and livelihood benefits. 

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These bamboo plants are gifted and purchased for good luck and did you know  lucky bamboo is able to purify bad indoor air that is harmful for us. One other reason that many people used to keep them in their desks or study tables for focus and greenery, it changes the mood of a person, and enhances creativity.

Lucky bamboo stalks are popular to put them in glass with minimum water for this plant to grow. they depend on water only in that glass and if you keep the water fresh then it won’t get any fungal disease. There are multiple no. of stalks presented at the nursery or plant center where they arrange these and based on the sayings they are tied in bulk ranges from 2,3,5,8,9,10,11,21. These numbers of stalks can bring love, happiness, fortune, wealth, blessing and much more.

And If you’re lucky plant is turning yellow then give them water in time or don’t overdo watering. These plants can grow in very little water but for propagation purposes these plants have given water and sunlight(morning only). This light helps the plant to become greener and removing those yellow leaves would enhance the growth of our lucky bamboo plant.

Final Words

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