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Olive Trees in the Bible – Symbolism, Love, Spiritual Meaning, Hebrew, Bible verse, Christianity

In this article, I will explain details about how olives trees in the bible, how it is associated and different questions related to it.

Olive trees in the bible

Olive Trees in the bible is symbol of beauty, peace, longevity, fruitfulness, abundance and strength. Olive tree is considered the most valuable in ancient times & now it is planted all over the world because of its benefits. Olive fruit are pressed to make oils which are useful in light by fueling the lamps. It is holy tree of Jesus as well. It also shows prosperity and the association between God and his people who worship. 

These trees require good fertile soil with a good amount of nutrients to bear fruit after a few years. They are always grown in sunlight and you should be placing it near the south facing window if growing indoors. In the outdoors, they need fertilizer for the garden soil and you need to pour water whenever it feels dry. 

Also you can expect it to produce fruits in the growing season. When they get a minimum of 6 hours of light it will produce more fruits but that also needs plant food. Pruning is another way to make your olive tree diseased free, you can do that at the end of winters or in spring start. They can tolerate moderate humidity and need regular water if the area grown is too hot.

Olive trees in the bible
Chad Rosenthal, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Spiritual meaning of olive tree

Spiritual meaning of olive tree is a symbol of peacefulness, placidity, benevolence and harmony. It also represents good movements of life, abundance, peace of mind and beauty. They are one of the sacred trees that are loved by people and the olives are greatly associated with ancient times particularly in the Fifth century and they are also included in many scriptures as well.

Olive oil is used due to the reason it has been associated with celestials. 

olive tree meaning in hebrew

The olive tree meaning in the Hebrew word zayith is “an olive” and this tree has a connection with the production of oil. Another Hebrew word for olive tree is “es shemen” which means “tree that has oil”. The tree has different meanings related to its structure and uses that are bright, beautiful, shiny, amusing quality, oils, ointment etc. Olives have also become a part of Israel culture that shows values of Jewish lifestyle. In the bible it is associated with plenitude, beauty, values and life. They are also a symbol of long-lived, peace, calmness and positive side.

olive tree symbolism love

The olive tree symbolism love because of its beauty, also it is popular and loved by people. It also represents togetherness, longevity, friendship, victory and light. The olive tree has association with ancient Greece which considers it as a symbol of calm, peace, tranquility, friendship, love and fertility.  Olives belong to the Mediterranean and can adjust to different climates conditions, they can comfortably live in hot days and can tolerate the freezing cold temperatures in winter.

olive tree bible verse

olive tree bible verse including Psalm 92:12, 52:8 ,4:3, 11:4, 11:17, 128:3 and from Zechariah 4:12 , Deuteronomy 6:11 and so on. One of the bible verse describes as :

“I am like a green olive in the house of god and i trust the lovingkindness of the god forever” 

It tells about the greener olive tree which associated itself with the god and the beauty of it is amazing, loving that would stay forever.

olive tree and Christianity

olive tree and Christianity meaning comes from its relation with the ancient times. It is a symbol of abundance, peace, reckoning, longevity, and beauty in the bible. These olive trees mature after reaching 3 year of age. They grow over 30 feet tall and spread same length. Growing olive trees in the garden requires the tree to get adequate fertilizers for their overall yearly growth. Regular watering, sunlight and balanced humidity makes the tree to produce olives.

what does the two olive trees represent in the bible

Two olive trees represent the holy spirit that gives an uninterrupted supply of ceremonial anointing. Basically the olives trees produce oils that are popular because they fuel the lamps. Here two olives are something that stand before the house of god.

olives in the bible

olives in the bible symbolize longevity, beauty and peace, and the reference of genesis 8:11 says that the olive trees kept on producing fruits for its entire life and doesn’t become tall, it maintains its size & lived over 1 thousands year. Over the years, the olive trees have been associated with healing, victory, friendship and reconciliation. They are located first in countries that are near to Mediterranean.

Jesus and the olive tree

Jesus is a source of life and the olive tree is Jesus’ holy tree. Olive tree itself is a symbol of peace. It grows for many years and is used to produce oils. Garden of Gethsemane where the mount of olives present, it has association with Jesus. The trees have the ability to thrive properly and grow fruits which are pressed to produce oil that is important to the culture and for the people.

Wrap Up

I hope you get the answer on “Olive trees in the bible”, and if you have any other questions you can email us directly to get the unanswered questions.

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