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Plants that Look Like Aloe Vera – 7 Similar Succulent(Pictures)

Aloe vera is a succulent plant that grows years and multiplies itself easily if given proper care. They suit a desert environment where there is no signs of rain, otherwise as a houseplant it is grown in balconies, indoors pots and if someone wants to farm aloe vera plants they can by growing aloe in farming land.

Some farmers grow this as you know aloe plant has benefits like healing burns, clean the face skin or can be useful in digestion.

Spiky green leaves that look harmful actually have more scientific benefits.

There are some plants or succulents that look similar to aloe vera and if you want recommendation that look best as replacement for aloe plants. Lets now know what plants that look like aloe vera but aren’t?

Some of the known plants that look like aloe vera include yucca, maguey, haworthia and agave plants. Most aloe plant varieties are also similar in appearance like Aloe ferox, Aloe aristata, Aloe aculeata, Aloe chabaudii and much more.

These succulents have spiky leaves in circular arrangement and they are easy to grow; most of them follow traits of a decertic plant.

All these plants that look like aloe vera have identical growing and caring requirements so you can also use these as an indoor houseplant. They grow without much need of maintenance.

Plants that look like aloe vera

Many people get confused when they see these plants that have very much identical look and they first think it could be aloe vera but it’s actually a different plant that appears to be similar in terms of stem, leaves, spiky edges, circular arrangement just like aloe have, overall texture.

There are over 19 different types of aloe vera varieties that also look the same but each one has different names like Aloe grandidentata which is green and looks quite similar but it has white spots on the leaves and multiple pointed edges.

Lets know find out about similar aloe vera look alike:

Plants that Look Like Aloe Vera

Agave plant

Agave plant

Agave plant has thick leaves with pointed tips. They look like aloe plants just like how leaves grow in a circular arrangement and every leaf emerges from there making a flower that blooms. 

Leaves of agave plant come in different colors but the shape and appearance are similar to aloe vera plant. These foliage are thick so it stores a lot of water. It is able to protect the plant from getting dry, soil would not easily evaporate water because the leaves mostly cover the plant if grown in pots.

Lets know how to identify this agave plant as it looked quite same as aloe vera:


  • The leaves of an agave plant have pointed tips and the color could be dark blue, green to yellowish.
  • The appearance of this succulent is similar to petals of lotus flower making a circular arrangement.
  • The newer leaves can be emerging from the center and not from the sides, and every old leaf would turn below to empty the space for the new leaves.


These succulent can adjust to various climate conditions and it has minimal care needs. You can pour water once a week or it depends on days when it is too hot. You need to give them water early while if the plant is placed in a shade area it needs no water for a few days or you can give it after 10-14 days. 

You can grow an agave plant just like aloe vera because the caring requirements are quite similar and it can be grown indoors and outdoors.

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Maguey Plant

Maguey Succulent
Kolforn (Wikimedia), CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Maguey is a type of succulent that looks like cactus as there are so many thorns on edges of the leaves, it belongs to agave family that’s why it is so similar to aloe vera. The foliage color is gray-green or dark green with pointed tips. These succulents grow over 19 feet and its leaves resemble just like aloe vera leaves.

It is used in fencing for farming land where you see various cattle grazing. The succulent is easy to grow and if you water too much it can result in root rot which makes the leaves turn yellow or brown. If you are interested in growing maguey succulent then let me tell you it needs a bright spot as they don’t grow in direct sun so provide them with an indirect light area where they can thrive better.

Maguey is native to southwest America and Mexico and it is also known as century plant. Most of the species of this plant existed in Mexico about 75%. This succulent also stores water in its leaves for longer if days are hot it still survives using the leaves. It also supports medium to high temperatures so you don’t need to worry much about growing them in summers.

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 plant that looks like aloe with white spots

Haworthia is a succulent plant that grows easily and requires less care. It is similar to aloe vera in terms of the arrangement of how leaves grow from the stem in rosette structure. There are multiple linear white spots on the leaves, it looks like a band and those spots are in the whole leaf. 

Haworthia succulent

Haworthia have round, cone-like leaves with pointed tips having pale green color, some variety are darker. The haworthia is grown indoor with zero effort because it is smaller in size but you can still grow it bigger. I have seen many people growing haworthia in their computer desk, or placed in front of the welcoming door. It looks miniature succulent and is easy to grow and care for.

For light, it requires bright indirect sun and less watering as the size of this plant is too small compared to other succulents.

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Yucca is a perennial plant, with lots of leaves with pointed tips. They also make a rosette of leaves just like aloe vera plant but yucca leaves are long, sharp and tough. People can also get confused with yucca as this plant also seems like aloe vera.

They are slow grower plants but can be extremely easy to grow.  You can grow them indoors, outdoors, in pots or containers as well. 

yucca plant

They require a few hours of sunlight to grow as the leaves are bright that is why they need light to maintain the green color. I would suggest if you have a south facing window for yucca as it needs only 4-6 hours sunlight to properly grow. They need water once the soil is dry, also not to overwater them because it can be harmful and might cause root rot for our yucca plant.

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Gasteria Succulent

It is succulent also known by the name “ox tongue”. It also looks like aloe vera in terms of structure, arrangement and ditto leaves growth. The only difference you may find is the dotted pattern on the whole leaves of the gasteria plant. It resembles the rosette arrangement just like aloe vera. 

Gasteria Succulent
The original uploader was Vlas at Russian Wikipedia., CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Gasteria leaves are thick, green in color and can grow more than 11 inches. It also rarely blooms with yellow to pinkish colored flowers and if they are mature you might see one of them produce flowers in the autumn months.

Its Flowers are curved, tubular in shape resembling aloe vera and haworthia blooms so it makes gasteria more similar to the aloe plant. These plants need a bright light area to grow so place it in a spot with indirect light to partial sunlight. They can adjust to more hot temperatures and also they need less water compared to aloe plants. 

Gasteria is easy to care for, the requirement is partial light and once a week watering or checking the soil if it’s dry then pouring water.

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Young Pineapple Plant

young pineapple plant

If you ever see a pineapple you may notice the cap is full of leaves similar to aloe vera plants. Yes, these pineapples when they are young and just before producing the fruit it resembles the rosette arrangement just like aloe vera leaves. It is a tropical plant native to South America. Leaves of pineapple are thick, long oval shaped with uniform green color.

These are perennial plants that can grow year after year. It can grow over 4-5 feet(60 inches)tall and can spread around 4 feet(48 inches) wide. Individually if we take out the leaf section of the pineapple fruit it appears the same as aloe vera plant.

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Dryland Bromeliads

Dryland Bromeliads

Bromeliads leaves have same rosettes like structure and it is a succulent plant that look like aloe vera. These plants have leaves growing at the bottom while the aloe have leaves emerging from the center. The plant is taller and the part which resembles aloe vera grows on ground but basically the whole structure is in circular arrangement but I don’t think its leaves are that sharp, it just looks the same.

If we talk about other succulents they have leaves growing from on the top, center but never from the bottom or back. Drylands Bromeliads also have flowers in pink to white colors in the spring season but if you want to see them you have to wait for them to mature, and it will definitely take time.

Growing Dryland bromeliads is easy and it is grown outdoors in gardens or an open area.

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Facts About Aloe Vera

  1. It has a lifespan of 11-12 years long if not propagated.
  2. You can find gel inside of aloe vera leaves that has health benefits and skin healing properties.
  3. Some Aloe Species have multiple blooming structures while most succulents only have one flowering structure.
  4. Aloe bainesii is 30 feet tall and is one of the biggest tree succulent than the most succulent that looks like aloe vera.
  5. Aloe vera is a great source when it comes to antioxidants properties that protects cells from getting damaged.

Final Words

I hope you get the answer on “Plants that Look Like Aloe Vera” and if you like to read more such article check below.

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