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Polka Dot Plant Outdoors – Tips to Grow Hypoestes phyllostachya

As you know Hypoestes phyllostachya or Polka dot plant is an evergreen houseplant which is native to South Africa. They are hardy to zone 10 and 11 & it has colorful leaves that look so unique. It is also a dramatic variety that’s why it is also known as freckle face plant.

How to grow polka dot plant outdoors? It is mostly thrives indoors but when they are grown outdoors It needs indirect bright light so choosing a location where it receives enough light and having a shade area is the good place for them. Outside our Polka dot plant can be suspected to get attacked by pests like mealybugs and aphids which can be solved by pesticide. Read On.

Hypoestes phyllostachya Information

For many years this plant is listed in another category and Now it is a member of Hypoestes which is a group of over 95+ plant. Polka dot plant initially found in madagascar, South Asia region and it is a perennial plant means it can be grown and existed for many years. They are also denoted as shrub plants which generally have woody stems once they become old.

They are generally 2-3 feet tall in height When grown outdoors but if it becomes leggy then they will be cut down to make them bushy. Also polka dot plants grown in smaller pots usually don’t make it to this height; they are smaller. Many people brought this plant for its foliage and it comes in different colors. The actual color of leaves is pink and the spots on those are generally dark green. It comes in different varieties having unique spots on each type of this plant, some of the colors are scarlet, white , lavender and purple foliage.

Splash and confetti Types of Polka dot plant are present having mottled splash with green base comes in different colors like white , red, pink. Confetti Types having scattered spots looks very unique.

Polka Dot Plant Outdoors – Tips to Grow Hypoestes phyllostachya
Karl Thomas Moore, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Growing Polka Dot plant Outdoors

These are grown in low light conditions so when they get enough light they are more greener, but if they are not getting sufficient bright light. Polka dot plant become leggy and have longer stems which are weak to handle the burden of branches and leaves. Why they become leggy is because they stretches themselves in search of light. Indoor you can place them near windows with filtered or indirect light. Ideal temperature for polka dot plants is 60-70 degree F.

Outdoors polka dot plants need a good place with shade, Choosing an area with no direct sunlight is best for them. Using well draining soil for the potting and larger pots can be useful as these plants can grow up to 3 feet tall , you can grow them under a tree or your patio. Outside polka dots will grow much bigger compared to indoors. Roots of this plant grow faster.

These plants like moist soil but don’t make them soggy. For Outdoor plants they need small feeding of plant food and indoor it can be given in every 29 days when they are in their growing phase.

When they get older , it will start to become leggy  which can be pruned to control its legginess. Cutting the tips and thin stem part about 0.5 to 1 inch where it seems leggy can make it overcome this problem and also pruning increases the healthy growth.

Polka dot Plant Care

If any mealy bug or aphids near your polka dot plant then use a pesticide to get rid of them. Problems like root rotting can be overcome by limiting the water and only giving water when they are completely dry.

When Cutting back some inches of this plant can solve the leggy problem, did you know that stem cutting can also be used in propagation of polka dot plants? It’s easy to propagate and even seeds can be produced by these plants when they mature. It has small flower that is not needed you can pinch off those that can help the stem growth.

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