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Polka Dot Plant Toxic to Cats – Is Hypoestes Safe for Pets?

If you are searching for Polka Dot Plant Poisonous to Cats so before that let me tell you Polka dot plant(Hypoestes phyllostachya) is one such unique plant called by many names including baby tears, freckle face because of its drama like they play dead when you don’t give them water once you pour some water on it they will be back on their legs. So lets talk about Is the polka dot plant poisonous to cats?

Is Polka Dot Plant toxic to Cats? According to NC extension Gardener and ASPCA, Polka dot plant are non toxic to cats, dogs, horse but if your pet has consumed a part of the plant then she may show symptoms like vomiting or diarrhea, this is what stomach does to tell that you have eaten something that is not digestible. Feelings of discomfort can happen, make sure to call any pet care center or go to a hospital near your place. It is considered as not poisonous but mild symptoms can be expected.

Although this plant is safe for cats and you can take relief now and enjoy with buy a cat or if someone gifted to you now its all clear.

Is polka dot plant toxic to cats?

Hypoestes phyllostachya or polka dot is not a toxic plant for cats and yes it is safe if your cat by mistake have a small portion of the leaves but it is harmful if your cat has eaten large portion of that leaves and the stomach will show some symptoms like diarrhea and cat may see vomiting.

If it gets worse then kindly go to the nearest pet care center for help. although it’s non toxic but the stomach mechanism of the cat will reject the unwanted food via vomiting.

Polka dot plant safe for dogs

Yes polka dot plant safe for dogs as per 2 biggest information and educational websites. As per ASPCA your dog may see vomiting or stomach issue but it is non toxic to your dog so its a relief for you too. Btw taking care for polka dot is important as it is not a easy task to grow these beauties. Dogs many times don’t eat this type of plant if they doesn’t and don’t worry polka dot won’t make your dog die,  it will just give some sign of issue if that happen call the pet center but training your dog with such things not to eat any plant is also important. The best thing is if your dog have enough food he won’t be eating any plants. Their are many dogs who actually eats grasses or plant but some do this to just fill the stomach as they don’t find food to survive like stray dogs in developing countries.

Are polka dot begonias toxic to dogs?

When you say begonias it is toxic to every pet including dog or cat or any. Sure signs would be vomiting and a burning sensation. When it comes to polka dot plant(hypoestes) it is non toxic. Begonias root are toxic and even the sap have poisonous juice also so be aware of this fact.

Prevention and Safety for Cats

Placing your Plant(hypoestes) in a location which is not known to your cat or she doesn’t go to that place very often. Relocating them outdoors is a good idea if your pets mostly live indoors. Third thing you can do is train your cat not to eat this plant or just feed your cat on time so she has a full stomach and doesn’t eat anything. Mostly if you make them hungry that is the only time she will be going for other things else it’s kind of not possible.

One more thing take care of your polka dot plant as sometimes cats do harm the plant rather than plant do harm the cats. My own cat destroyed one of my polka dot’s so make sure to keep an eye on your cats.

Polka dot begonia cats

Polka dot begonia is not poisonous to cats as per the ASPCA and NC extension but it is recommended that you should not place plants near cats or dogs as they may play or by mistake destroy or have a bite of leaf which causes stomach problems on them. Polka dot begonia is non toxic and can be placed in the room with pets as long as you train them not to it cause every plant gives some side effects to animal like vomiting and diarrhea. It may be harsh or tiny little problems. If any issue regarding eating of begonia exists just call for a pet center.

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Polka dot Information

This Hypoestes phyllostachya is an evergreen shrub and is a family member of Acanthaceae came from the south african region particularly madagascar and some of these plants are also native to SouthEast Asia. It was popular because of its different spots in foliage and it comes in many colors as breeders have made it into pink, red, white and green. They are about 2-3 feet tall and this height can be expected outdoors, Indoors they are cut down to avoid any legginess in polka dot plant. The car is easy and the ideal temperature is 65-70 F inside.

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Is the Polka Dot Plant Poisonous to Cats
Agnieszka Kwiecień, Nova, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Polka dot Plant Care

Caring requires pruning to protect hypoestes from any leggy growth. Giving polka dot plants sufficient light that makes the plant(hypoestes) more green and brighter else the plant will have light green leaves because of low light. Don’t overwater it otherwise it may get rotting on the rot. Pruning in Polka dot plant can be useful to prevent any disease growth and also leggy stems and did you know these stems that are trimmed can be used in propagation of polka dot plant.

Wrap Up

I Hope you get the solution by reading all the problems I provided on “Is the Polka Dot Plant Poisonous to Cats “, If you want to see other posts please check below.

Lotusmagus.com is providing info from educational websites and we still believe you take good care of your plant as well as pets. Placing this plant in a location where your pet doesn’t go often can help.




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