Ponytail Palm Top Broke Off – How Can You Fix It

If you have a ponytail palm top broke off and you don’t know what to do then let me tell you that problems occur very often when moving houses or shifting the tree to another location. These palm trees are not true palm but actually a succulent plant, and that is why the issue of top broken off can be solved. Now let’s solve the problem.

ponytail palm top broke off
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Ponytail Palm Top Broke Off

Ponytail palm top broke off due to shifting houses while placing it inside the moving truck, changing tree location or suddenly fell while moving it around. To fix the problem, the broken top of the ponytail palm will not root as this is difficult for the plant to grow from the broken piece. You should let the existing trunk bring out more branches. No, the tree will not grow from the top portion but may grow branches from the sides of the trunk. It will take time to grow so it needs patience and caring for the palm tree. Also you never know the base of the trunk might pop out baby ponytail palm, that is another possibility that happens when the palm tree is mature.

Some people even cut the top further to 2-3 inches in length from top to bottom so the fresh cut is able to give signal to the plant that it needs to grow branches. You know now the part that comes in is about caring because these palm trees want direct sun or filtered light to grow and necessary water so they can be moist. 

They like warm climates and don’t prefer dryness in soil so make sure to water them in a timely manner. You should also water the plant until it drains water. It is another indication that the pot has no draining issue otherwise overwatering and soggy soil is another issue which leads to rotting. Whenever you want to water the ponytail palm, check the soil for wetness. If they are wet for 2 inches then it doesn’t need water, otherwise giving water to them makes them happy.

In Winters take them indoors if you have a ponytail palm that is not large in size. Provide warmth inside using a heater or something. In Summers if you have a large palm tree it needs trimming so that the dead leaves can be taken out. You know when the foliage that is brown, dried fully and not growing can be pruned it helps the other leaves and trunk to get nutrients that are being wasted on the dead leaves. 

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In the growing season, you may also need to give ponytail palm a fertiliser that enhances its growth. Use any liquid based plant food and read instructions on those. Generally you need to follow the steps :

  1. Take 1 tablespoon of liquid based Plant food/fertiliser.
  2. Mix it in 1 gallon of water sufficient for our 1 tablespoon.
  3. Spray on to your palm tree or directly give it in the soil.
  4. Make sure to read instructions in fertiliser or it can be given every 2-3 weeks only in summer or growth season.  

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Ponytail palm top turned black Problem

If your ponytail palm top is cut off and now the top portion has become black, all the leaves drooping turned golden cream colour it could be because of overwatering. These palms grow in bright light and have the ability to tolerate dry conditions. If the pot has a blocked drainage hole or if the soil is hardened and doesn’t drain water properly it would create problems for our ponytail palm. If it doesn’t drain water then the root may rot in a few days. 

It doesn’t happen suddenly because firstly the plant gives some symptoms like yellowing leaves, Sogginess and no proper growth. If this happens to your plant then it might not live and die back. 

Now what you can do is to scratch or do a small slice cut on the trunk from 2 inch above from the bottom. If you find greenish or wetness it may be saved otherwise you may see dry woody stems. 

If you somehow find green on the trunk, Good Your plant can be saved. You just need to change the pot and repot it with a new potting mix which is well drained and safely do that. Also cut off the top black trunk for 1 inch and normally do the caring. It takes 1-2 months for the ponytail palm to give growth. Some people have experience of waiting for months for a miracle to happen, like the palm tree growing back again after waiting for that 4-5 months.

Ponytail Palm Branches broken

If your ponytail palm tree has 2-3 branches and a small or large branch cut off from the main branch or secondary branch it will have no big impact on your main trunk. The plant will grow as it is and continue to grow normally. If your question is whether the broken cut off part can be grown in another pot will it grow? The answer would be – try it you may find. Basically It might produce roots and grow OR it may not be able to root and die. The possibility is two and there are times when the branch is broken from a part where it doesn’t produce roots so it won’t grow in that case as well.

About Ponytail palm

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Firstly they are not palm trees and have a structure similar to a palm type of leaves. They are slow growing, beautiful looking trees that have leaves that droop like ponytail.

  • The trunk is thick and has the ability to store water and supply it to leaves.
  • These trunks were also able to grow branches in case the ponytail palm top broke off.
  • The base part is bulb like and it is the one that brings out babies of ponytail palm.
  • When the tree matures it produces many small versions of ponytail palms that can be cut off and planted in a new pot. This way propagation of ponytail palm trees can occur.
  • These plants are best for people with work or those having less time for gardening because it has minimal requirements to grow.
  • You don’t need to change its location that often due to slow growth. Plants can be repotted if the pot is root bound or has no space for more rooting.
  • Here is the guide on Ponytail Palm Care.

My Thoughts

So I discussed why the ponytail palm top broke off. It could be any reason but I have listed every possible reason and given the solution so our viewer can get help. Those who are growing the palm tree know that it needs more patience when growing these types of trees and you never know when the baby ponytail grows on the base(bulb-like trunk) you may then have experience of growing them by your own and get knowledge about the top, branches, leaves and all the parts of ponytail palm.

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