Sakura Flower Meaning

If you are searching for the “Sakura flower meaning” then before that let me tell you Sakura flowers are also known as Cherry Blossom flowers. These are available in soft pink color and are beautiful, elegant and attractive to look at. Cherry blossoms are known for reducing hyperpigmentation, regenerating skin and combating signs of aging[1].

Sakura Flower Meaning

The Sakura flower meaning is about optimism, rebirth, regeneration and renewal. Also Sakura flower represents beauty, growth, purity and youthfulness. Flowers are deep in the roots of Japanese culture and also popular in South Korea and China due to religious believes. They do have significance in Buddhism and whenever the cherry blossom flowers it is associated with renewal of time.

Many people use this flower to decorate their houses and terrace gardens. However, do you know that Sakura flowers have a different meaning in Japan? So what is it? Keep on reading, and this article will tell you about a different side of Sakura flowers in Japan. So without any further discussion, let us jump into the content. 

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A sakura flower symbolize beauty, hope, time, rebirth, renewal of life, purity, longevity, happiness, joy, love and deep emotions. They are perfect flowers to enjoy in seasons and they kept growing for many years without any problems. Sakura flowers beauty is amazing and Japanese people always see this spring and it just remind them about time and how it is too short for everyone.


Plant Name Sakura Cherry blossom, Prunus Genus
Common Name Cherry Blossom Tree, Sakura, Kanzan cherry, Japanese Cherry
Plant Type Deciduous tree
USDA Hardiness Zone 5 to 8
Native Japan
Light requirement Full Sun
Flowering Spring
Height 18 to 30 feet tall
Width 18-30 feet wide
Soil 6.8 oto 7.2 ph, well draining
When To Plant January to March and November to December
Fertilizer Liquid based
Pruning July or in Growing season


here is a vlog that how people enjoys Sakura cherry blossoms.

Sakura flower Symbolism

In Japan, the cherry blossom symbolizes a time of renewal, rebirth and cheerfulness. The whole idea is related to the human lifecycle and different stages of life. The popping of those tiny pink flowers marks the end of the winter season and the beginning of spring. Hence the whole phenomenon tells us that there is always a warm sunny morning after every cold, hard and uneasy night. Therefore, one must always think positive and stay motivated about the future of life. 

Sakura flowers are known for their delicate and radiant beauty. However, the exciting thing is that these beautiful flowers are not famous for their beauty in japan. Instead, what they symbolize is an entirely different thing.

In addition, the total duration of a single cherry blossom to live is only two weeks after it blooms. This tells us that human life is concise, and we all have to die someday. Therefore we must always do things that are beneficial for other people and the well-being of society.  

All in all, the Sakura flowers in Japan symbolize the lifecycle of an individual. It tells people the true meaning of life and its ending. 

Sakura mean in love symbolize pink color of the cherry blossom. Sakura color is a symbol of attachment, love, fondness, affection and beloved. Japanese people believe that sakura is associated with a short life. It also reminds me about the feminine beauty, purity, strength and courage. The flowers generally fade away after blooming for a short period.

There is a festival called hanami where people come to see the sakura blooms and just enjoy the moments there in the park. If you want to see the sakura flowers then come to kyoto with your loved ones to see the magic in the cherry trees. It is also lined with pure romance due to many reason one is the couples typically enjoys this time sitting on the greenery and feeling the emotions and enjoying the climate, cherry and nearby dishes. 

Sakura flower to japan is symbol of short lived flowers, rebirth and time of renewal. Sakura flower is the national flower of Japan. These are little pink flowers that are grown on cherry blossom trees. The same is why they are also known as cherry blossom flowers. It also explains that everything in this world is temporary and must end. However, everything is renewable, and a new life is born after every loss.

Sakura flowers bloom in spring and produce a spectacle offering a bloom that lasts for 15 days. 

The cherry blossom comes from the Prunus tree, which has several types. However, the Sakura flower has a fascinating history. These flowers originally belonged to the family of rose flowers. Hence they are sometimes known as the “Cousins of Rose” Its species are found in several countries such as Pakistan, India, Nepal, Afghanistan, and Iran, and the list continues. Hence if you are a resident of any European country, you must have witnessed the beauty of these flowers with your eyes. 

  • Japan is well-known for producing the widest variety of Sakura flowers and celebrations during the cherry blossom’s blooming season.
  • Different Sakura flowers bloom at different times and places in Japan. However, one can find most of the variety in Tokyo at the end of March. Japan holds a different meaning for sakura flowers. 
  • To most Japanese, these flowers bring new promises, just like spring brings new and fresh change to life.
  • The same is why Sakura can be called an age-old obsession of people living all across Japan and in countries nearby.

Sakura flowers enjoy a respectable position in Japanese culture. Due to their short blooming season, Sakura flowers are related to a significant theme of Buddhism ( a religion widely practiced by Japanese) called the Transience of life. 

A Buddhist word drives the theme: Mujo, which means mutability or Transience. This explains all phenomena of life, yet it is mainly connected with human endeavors to achieve the ultimate happiness and satisfaction in their lives. 

Apart from this theory, Sakura is also a symbol of spring arrival. Hence people celebrate this time by hosting cherry blossom parties (Also known as Sakura parties). They invite their friends, relatives, family members and colleagues to parties where they enjoy delicious food and drink wine. 

  • This festival is known as hey Hanami festival, which means: Watching Blossoms.
  • During this season, people visit different parks and fields where they can have a beautiful view of cherry blossoms.
  • The same is why viewing spots stay crowded even at night. Couples are seen walking in the streets to enjoy the unique atmosphere creed by cherry blossoms. 
  • The new academic year in Japan starts in April, the same month when Sakura flowers and Hanami arrive.

Hanami is also known as one of the most social events in Japan to know your coworkers, classmates and neighbors in a better way. Schools and universities arrange for particular Hanami trips. Students are taken to Sakura fields, where they sit together and view the beauty of nature altogether. 

Know more about the cherry blossom symbolism and different meaning associated with it.

The importance of Sakura

Sakura holds great importance in Japan. For instance: 

1 . It tells the true meaning of life: As discussed earlier, Sakura symbolizes an old Buddhist theory: The Transience of life. The flower tells us that there is an ultimate end to everything in this temporary world, and life is concise. Hence people are motivated to do good things in their life.

2 . Brings joy and beauty: during the season, new flowers bloom that create a flower blanket all over japan. Be it streets, parks or fields, Sakura is everywhere to fascinate the residents. Also, there are memorable Sakura streets, Sakura fields and Sakura parks so that people can have a peaceful time.

3 . Brings a new ray of hope: Sakura marks the beginning of new things. Thus it gives hope to people that there is ease after every difficulty.

Sakura tattoo is a symbol of kindness, enjoyable moments, love, emotions and beauty. Sakura tattoo represents a short life that is not lived long enough to experience. Basically Sakura blooms live for a short time & fades aways. This feels like time doesn’t stop for a second and it just lasts for a few days. Similarly, human life is short and no one knows what happens next, so to enjoy those moments is often considered the meaning of sakura.

Sakura flowers meaning in hindi

Sakura flower meaning in hindi is cherry blossom trees that are popular in japan. These trees are special because the blooms don’t live for days and only come once a year. This explains about life that is short for everyone including me and you. Sakura is such a beautiful and charismatic tree that everyone wants to visit the place where it grows. 

What is Sakura stone good for?

Stone of Sakura agate is used to nurture dreams and fulfill them. Sakura Agate is a Stone of cherry blossom flowers that symbolize overcoming, reblooming re-trying, keep growing and dreaming. The stone used to connect your emotions into reality and used its energy to make your heart and Brain together.

If someone has a goal to achieve something then the stone helps them to be focused and until they achieve something big they can be motivated with this.  Basically in life if you keep on trying and failing but never giving up then one day you can achieve those dreams that you once dreamed off.

Sakura flowers are edible and not poisonous and they can be used in flavoring and making different sweets and dishes in Japan. The leaves and blossoms can also be used for decoration and floral arrangement purposes. Similarly there are some dishes which need the leaves and flowers to be preserved first with salt to create a dish that can only be eaten with this method. It’s also useful in making tea or hot drinks, the pinkish flowers have so many uses that they are still getting sold in the marketplace. Dried cherry blossom leaves are available online and many people use it for consumption purposes.

Anime which has Cherry blossoms in it are Hakuouki Season 2, Beyond the Boundary, Clannad, The Wings of Rean, Hyouka, The Pet Girl of Sakurasou, Gintama, hakuoki, yozakura quartet, da capo, Cardcaptor Sakura, Centimeters per Second, Koufuku Graffiti, Tada Never Falls in Love, Shirokuma Café, Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card-hen, Fairy tail. Sakura is so popular that in most of the Japanese animation there is always cherry blossom in one of the episode in every anime series.

As discussed above, Hanami is a famous festival in Japan that means watching the cherry blossoms. However, people celebrate it in different ways as well. Following are some of the activities that the Japanese do during Hanami 

1 . Host family parities: During the first week of Hanami, the Japanese conducted several family gatherings. They dance, eat, drink and enjoy late-night conversations with each other.

2 . Taking children to the park: During Hanami, parents take their children to the park, where they run between the flowers and enjoy delicious traditional dishes.

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Socialize: People from around the country visit Sakura fields to view the flowers. There, they get to socialize with each other and make new friends. 

Sakura flowers can be white and some other colors includes pink, yellow, white, purple and all of these blossoms have different meanings. Sometimes the symbolic meaning of it is similar but in other cultures it can be different as the color decides what the flower looks like and how it co-relate with nature and its surroundings.

White Sakura flower is a symbol of pureness, spiritual path, and a new and fresh beginning. White Flowers are amazing and second most popular due to its god related meanings. These charming flowers hold white blooms that grab most of the tourist attention in cherry blossom gardens. 

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Sakura flowers come in different colors and each has some symbolic meaning but it doesn’t make the main flower definition change. It’s just that these colors have various other meanings that you should know so that you can get a clear image in your mind of which flower to grow and collect. 

Pink is the actual flower of Sakura. These are Good looking, Eye-catching  flowers that grow on the tree with pink blossoms & its symbolism comes from its bright colored pink flowers. It is a symbol of romance, love, bond, togetherness. The trees blossom makes the people of japan happy and it is connected to emotions and feelings. The flowers bloom for a short time but it makes us understand that life is short and you shouldn’t worry about problems, rather enjoy it just like this time of the year when sakura blooms. It gives a sense of cheer, hope and understanding.

Yellow cherry blossoms is bright and it can make your garden, lawn, backyard more mesmerizing and attractive. It can give positivity which is sometimes missing in many gardens because there are not many people who care for the plants. Yellow sakura flowers are the symbol of enjoyment, happiness and living a positive life. These flowers can enhance your family bonds, neighbor happy bond and friendship with every other person who visits your house.

Purple cherry blossoms are commonly called as purple jacaranda mimosifolia trees and they are purple color with which symbolizes beauty, authority, richness and power. It is also associated with spiritual path, discipline, strength and good energy.  Purplish blossoms are a unique and rare variety that can be attractive to many who belong to royal families.


On the bottom line, Sakura’s are tiny pink flowers that hold great importance in Japanese culture. They are a symbol of hope and renewal. Above, you can find all information related to Sakura and its importance in Japan. I hope you find the answer on “Sakura Flower Meaning” and if you like to read more such article check below. Another Cherry tree you may want to know about is Weeping cherry tree that is popular in US.

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