Snake Plant Spider Mites

If you search for the solution for the snake plant spider mites problem before that let me tell you that it is Known as Sansevieria, and the most powerful selling point of this plant is easy growing and purifying air indoors. It is one of the indoor plants for feng shui and NASA research. It is a very straightforward and very simple house plant. Snake plants if infected with spider mites can have leaves getting discolored and some brown spots. So what’s the fix? Let’s discuss on How do you get rid of spider mites on snake plants?

Snake Plant Spider Mites – Snake plants with its snake-like leaf structure are more likely to get infested by spider mites and mealybugs. In indoor plants pests like spider mites are more disastrous and damaging they suck the leaf sap and make it discolored & shriveled. Spider mites in snakes can be fixed with liquid pesticide which works great for succulents.

Snake plant spider mites problem is common and can be solved using Bonide Mite-X, I used this in my Sansevieria, Peace lily and other plants to get rid of heavy infestation of pests and insects. Alternative fix could be thrust Shower of Snake plant leaves, stems and Neem oil could be another solution for spider mite.

Also another thing that my friend used is Grower ally Miticide Control he said it was effective. If you don’t have anything, take a clean cloth and start cleaning the sections of leaves and stems of sansevieria. Also clean the top soil of your plant. 

Snake Plant Spider Mites
Do snake plants get spider mites?

Spider mites attack plants when they are dry and if you are growing snake plants indoors, either use a humidifier or spray some water on the leaves so it gets moist.

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These bugs like dull, unclean, grungy, dusty leaves then they start feeding on the plants cells that result in decay, sag, wither, wilting, yellowing , browning spots on our snake plant.

One solution can be you just cut down the part which is affected. Pruning is one of the fixes that works on all those houseplants that get infestation of spider mites.

Snake Plant Leaves Bending – Folding, Dropping Down(All Fix)

Prevention for Spider Mites

Once you get to know your plant has been infected with spider mites, the first thing you should do is separate the plant from other house plants So it doesn’t attack other plants.

How do you get rid of spider mites on snake plants?

Secondly if the infected part is less then use rubbing alcohol on the stem or leaves whichever area has bugs.

Third, if you don’t have anything, Pointing Water thrust can make spiders go away easily. And don’t make your plant get dry again because these mites only come when your plant is being dried out.

Spraying water on leaves will prevent spiders in the long run.

Snake Plant Brown Tips – Colored Spots, Damaged Leaves(All Fix)

What Do Spider Mites Look Like?

It’s easy they have multiple legs and just looks like spider,

The most common way to find if your plant is infected is by checking if there’s any spider webs. The location would be stems or leaves. They are free so they come from anywhere and they move around quite often for the food.

How do you get rid of spider mites on snake plants?

Neem oil works to get rid of spider mites on snake plants, or you can also use 1/3 of rubbing alcohol and 2/3 of water to make a liquid solution for Sansevieria. Use a spray bottle and spray it on snake plants, this can also helpful in killing mealybugs, and various insects. Lastly for major infestation you can directly use miticide by Agromagen to shut off spider mites.

Snake Plant Care

You should always take care of your plant although the caring in a snake plant is minimal. They thrive in moist soil and are not soggy, give them partial sunlight or direct sun sometimes in every week  you will see they will grow bigger. Don’t forget to pour water. If you place them in sunlight it should be between 8 to 12am sun. In Winters reduce the watering like once in 15 days or more.

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Wrap up

I hope you get the answer on “Snake Plant Spider Mites” and read more related article below.

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