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String of Dolphins Shriveling, Dying (Solution for Succulent)

Many People have faced problems with the leaves of String of Dolphins shriveling whether its new leaf or mature leaf most leaves are getting wilted . Here will discuss what are the causes and how to solve this leaves dying issue Read  Lotusmagus.com Answer.

String of dolphins shriveling? The most common reason would be your plant is not getting enough light that results in leaves getting shrink, wilted. Another reason for dolphin leaves shrivel is due to overwatering and if the moisture is retaining on the leaf as well as in stem it could lead to rotting on that particular part and it may cause the infection to reach other parts of the plants. To Solve this simply change the location to a brighter area like a north facing window and For the second problem check soil if it is not damp often.

Now what to do with those leaves! Simply prune it so they won’t grow back , but if you trim all the damaged leaves of string of dolphins then it can thrive properly and regrow back new stems.

If only 2-3 stems are damage then remove it and make sure prevent this from happening again.

I have written a caring guide on dolphins plants for users who are growing this succulent plant for the first time.

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How to save string of dolphin from shriveling?

Shriveling leaves in string of dolphins are because of overwatering or underwatering and leaves dying, wither, dry up, dehydrate and pucker up in this condition. To revive this dolphin string, reduce the watering for some days and change the location to semi bright light. It will be saved once the soil is dry.

My string of dolphins is dying because I overwatered it and what works for me is not to water string of dolphins for some days and place it near the morning bright light so it rapidly dry up the damp soil which could save my plant.

Many people forgot to water dolphins plant which leads to shriveling as leaves gets more sun with no water it would continue to lose water and then die off so better to revive your plant by making a schedule for watering. Give string of dolphin more water when its too much dry.

How can we save the Overwatered string of dolphins?

Firstly take out all the wet potting soil and clear the roots and now use another soil mix or wait for this one to dry. Once it’s dry you can again place it and pour little water for roots only. If you use new soil mix and drop the soil and put your string of dolphin and water in it. Now place it in an indirect sun location which gets 5-6 hours of partial light.

How often do you water dolphin strings?

Generally I water dolphin strings in 5 days or in 7days depending on the top soil if it’s completely dry then pour water. In winters you can water in a month or in 25 days because dolphin string entered the dormant stage. These succulents have other problems including pest and fungal disease to avoid it by applying pesticide and controlling overwatering.

What is wrong with my Dolphins strings?

If you ever overwater your dolphin string then it will cause a disease called fungal infection or root rot. This can be solved using proper water schedule and making small hole in soil to make sure it roots gets air and water can be dried.


String of dolphins shriveling problem appears can be solved by changing the location and checking the soil and if you want to propagate it from stem Read my another article. I hope you like our answer. keep visiting lotusmagus.com