String of Hearts Grow Light – Requirements (How Much Does it Need)

If you are searching whether a string of hearts can grow in artificial grow lights then below I have covered all the questions so a person who doesn’t have a direct light source can grow them indoors.

Do string of hearts like grow lights?

String of hearts like grow lights and they can thrive very well with artificial light. Indoors plants generally need full spectrum lights that can provide the same exposure of sunlight that is why grow lights work in this case. String of hearts can grow in these artificial lights but it still needs natural sunlight whether you can give it from the window or by placing it outside in the morning for 3-4 hours at 8-11am in direct light. This all results in a string of hearts that produce new green foliage & spread more stem. 

Do string of hearts like grow lights?
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If you are a person who lives in an apartment where windows are shaded by trees or mostly sunlight that doesn’t reflect on the windows, in this case you can purchase grow lights and it will provide 70-80% of your string of heart plant needs. But you need to turn on the grow light for 12-14 hours and timely water the plant. You also need to check if the plant doesn’t get any burns so at least place it 1 to 2 meter away from the plant.

String of hearts plant thrives in partial indirect sunlight but if given some hours of natural light from sun it encourages the plants growth resulting in more green and increasing in stem development. String of hearts can perfectly grow in artificial lights with natural light and you may also have seen that some of the vegetables like spinach, lettuce, tomatoes, etc are grown in these grow lights using many of the new generation agricultural fields that have so many grow lights attached to the top away to 10-12 inches only. This helps all the light to drop on the plants which helps the plants to grow , this way we create same environment as the sun provides.

As you know, the string of hearts is succulent so they generally don’t need much light but if provided a good amount of grow light directly to them it will start to grow more and you can expect to see new stems grow.

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How often should you water string of hearts in grow lights?

It depends on how many hours you are going to turn on the light but for those who are providing 10-12 hours of grow light may expect to pour water in every 4-7days as it may dry in between those days assuming you have given 2-4 hours indirect light to string of hearts from windows.

Watering requirement of string of hearts is whenever the soil dries to 1-2 inches below from the soil top. Also these string of hearts like moist soil but not too soggy. In partial sunlight, that time also you need to give water in 4-7 days. the more sunlight it gets the more often this succulent needs water otherwise with shade or grow light it do take time to dry out water. Some grow lights may dry out the water more quickly but some take time to do that.

To check how much time your grow light may take to dry the soil, test it for 2 weeks you may know how capable your grow lights are.

How far, often give grow light?
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How far away should you put your string of heart from grow lights?

You should put a grow light about 1-1.5 foot away from the string of hearts. Just make sure light comes from above so hang your bulb or grow lights about 1 foot from the plant. Nowadays you may see grow light come with a stand so it eliminates all our hard work to make a hanging bulb that reflects the light directly to a plant called string of hearts. 

Putting a string of hearts to 1 foot has worked for many but I also see it is important to have our plant use sunlight for plant development, so giving them sunlight every 3-4 days would work. After that your plant will be happy and it will produce some  new leaves, spread more and this is the sign your plant is growing robust.

Do string of hearts needs natural sunlight if you have grow lights?

Yes they do need some natural life to grow properly but the artificial lights still work in many plants. I would suggest having full-spectrum bulbs can be a good source of light for indoor plants like string of hearts.

Every plant needs natural light as they need to make food using that sunlight, for those who don’t have an actual sunlight source can go with grow lights as they will work and make the environment both warm and cool as full spectrum lights do that and act as natural solar spectrum light sources.

How long you leave the grow lights on Each day for string of hearts?

I turn on the grow lights for 5-10hours for a string of hearts growth, including providing them with the nearby window’s natural light. If you don’t have a south facing window that gets 3-7 hour sunlight then you need to use grow light for 13-14 hours a day. It would really help for the string of hearts stem growth. You may find the heart shaped leaves are getting greener and have developed more vines.

Grow light can be used everyday but I suggest in every 3 days you should give them morning sunlight for 3-4 hours as they will surely do proper photosynthesis using natural sunlight. They will surely make a string of hearts succulent and happy.

How much light does a string of hearts need?

String of hearts needs 4-6 hours of morning light that can make the plant stay healthy. If you are giving partial light to the plant then it is okay but if given some hours of direct sun you may find more difference as the string of hearts may perform and grow better when taken light for a few hours in direct sun.

It doesn’t mean that they won’t grow in shade or partial light but they do grow there but providing an additional hour of light could definitely make a difference. Growing these succulents in grow light works fine and it is similar to sunlight when placing the grow light near to the plant.

Some other questions:

How expensive are grow lights?

Grow lights are not expensive and the price starts from $8 to $35 all depends on how many indoor plants you want to grow them with. If you have 1 plant then go with the single grow light bulb as it also provides a full spectrum. If you want more exposure to light then go with the expensive one like 360° Grow Light which is for multiple indoor plants.

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Where to purchase grow lights for plants?

I have given links on . It is available all over the world so you can purchase from there.

What are the benefits of growing lights?

It provides the same exposure as sunlight and it is useful in case you don’t get enough sunlight in your area.

Will Grow lights work in every indoor plant?

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Yes they do work for most plants, Here we are talking about succulent like string of hearts yes they work well.

Can you use grow lights as regular lights?

No, they both are different and it cannot be a substitute for normal lights we put in our house like LED lights.

Final words

I hope you get the answer on “Do strings of hearts like grow lights” and I am able to provide you the best answer possible for that. Check more articles below.

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