My String of Nickels Dying? Know the Reason and Solution

If you are searching for String of Nickels Dying before answering the question let me tell you Dischidia nummularia is round and looks like a coin. This plant has dark green leaves and it is similar to strong vine based trailing plants. 

It is very popular and thrives in minimal care but still you face problems like it leaves dropping , becoming dry or turning yellow or brown then below are the reasons it would be one of them.

String of Nickels Dying because you are watering too much on the soil or using the wrong potting mix, or maybe it was watering very less in a few weeks. Other reasons are it is root bound and the pot becomes smaller for new growth. One problem also related to pot is sometimes people buy too big pots that make the water flow and leak out without giving root enough water. Infestation of pests is the last reason but I don’t think so.  

Sometimes String of Nickels get too much sunlight or maybe it is not getting enough light which causes the various leaves related issues. Let’s Read it One by one.

Below is the picture of Myrmecodia beccarii with Nickels plant and did you know it is very easy to propagate this succulent.

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String of Nickels Dying
Dave Kimble, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons


It is the primary reason for our Dischidia nummularia to turn yellow, so eventually its string of nickels started dying. You can solve this issue by reducing how many times you put water on the soil.

Sometimes soil is culprit as it doesn’t drain water perfectly which creates more water then roots start to rot and result in the plant dying.

Wrong Potting Mixture

With String of nickels , you should know this plant doesn’t want a regular soil mix and it highly dislikes the heavy , less air circulate hard soil. Best soil for this plant will be an orchid mix or coconut husk mix which is well draining and keeps the moisture intact in the roots section of the plant.

This will solve the Potting mix problem and your plant will again grow properly.

Under watering

One common sign if your plant coin leaves are getting shriveled or water has been dried out from the leaves.

To Overcome this problem, give this plant water regularly or in 5-7 days whenever it needs it. Don’t overdo watering and remember you just want to make soil moist not wet or soggy.

Once your plant gets some water it will start to revive itself , and it will look healthy again.

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Pest infestation

This problem with pests doesn’t happen often in these types of plants but if this happens then use any pesticide according to the pest.

Root bound

For root bound, change the pot to a larger size.

Too Big Pot 

Choosing a correct size of pot for a string of nickels will give it space to cover up and the root will drink water and grow perfectly. This will make the whole plant in good condition.

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Wrap Up

I have written a article on String of nickels Care , Read it you will get more information this plant. I hope you get your answer on “String of Nickels Dying” and if you want to read more similar plants issues like this one check below.

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