Wandering Jew Plant Spiritual Meaning

Wandering Jew Plant is a well known popular and very common houseplant that are connected to many other species. It has over 75 herbaceous species including outdoor grown as weeds and houseplants. Wandering jew name is given to many other species of similar plants and all are inside the genus Tradescantia. Wandering Jew Plant Spiritual Meaning has a story behind it and here I will explain it to you today.

Wandering Jew Plant Spiritual Meaning? Also known as The Inch plant, The Story behind Wandering Jew is A Man Who Is Jewish taunted Jesus when he was going to a place called Golgotha for crucifixion. Jesus asked him to rest but the Man didn’t listen because of the fear of Roman Establishment So he Said “move <m!” and that made Jesus angry and cursed him that he would wander on earth until his return to Earth[1]. They are quite popular in the past and also profitable money wise as they generate good income. Many gardeners who have experience growing them always share the cutting for propagation to nearby neighborhoods so they can also grow the beautiful plant, and even sell it. This way it was spread all over the places and reached countries.

According to a historical transcript from July 29, 1922, found on the Maryland State Archives website (maryland.gov), the Wandering Jew is described as a legendary figure who was condemned to wander the earth until the second coming of Christ as punishment for reviling the Savior.

This Wandering Jew is also termed as invasive in many different parts of the world, But still with this beauty it is perfect for growing indoors and seeing those vines flourish. This plant has many varieties and the most common blooms have purple , pink , white color. Three similar species of Tradescantia have the same names are also known by

Wandering Jew and they are scientifically known as T. zebrina, T. fluminensis, and T. pallida (Setcreasea purpurea). These are grown both indoors and outdoors. You can see a flower growing with the 3 petals, this looks amazing. IT are easy to grow , and don’t require much light. They like bright light and not afternoon sun.

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According to a scholarly article from Eastern Illinois University (eiu.edu), the Wandering Jew holds great significance in Shelley’s work. In Shelley’s writings, the Wandering Jew symbolizes humanity’s ability to surpass the reliance on God, Christianity, or the need for divine forgiveness that God expects.

According to a webpage from the University of Pittsburgh (pitt.edu), during the biblical account of Jesus’ crucifixion, the shouts of the Jewish crowd led to the release of Barabbas, while Jesus was handed over to be crucified. This event is significant in understanding the narrative of the Wandering Jew.

According to the Ohr Somayach International website (ohr.edu), the concept of the Wandering Jew holds significance in Jewish tradition. The wandering is understood by sages as a means of atonement for the sins committed while in the Holy Land. Additionally, it is believed that the Jewish presence during their wanderings also had an impact on the lands they traversed.

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Wandering Jew Plant Benefits

Wandering Jew Plant Benefits
Wandering Jew Plant Benefits

These plants are used as a decorative purpose because of its gorgeous looking purple leaves. Wandering Jew plant was used in treating many diseases like gastrointestinal problems, mucosal infections, wounds , venereal diseases and even cancer because of its 2 natural properties. As this works as an antioxidant and  antibacterial for resolving such issues[2]. Still This plant is a rare mystery.

Species known as Tradescantia pallida is also termed as parasites and insect resistant. This wandering jew plant benefits is able to remove some pollutants from air , it can also be used in ancient times as anti toxic and anti inflammatory medicine , also it is able to recover the blood flow in the body[3].

Did you know having an indoor houseplant not only cleans the inside air and removes most of the pollutants but having one of the plants in your room can promote happiness around you eventually you may feel less stress. If you don’t get much stress in your life your blood pressure will not increase and it also makes you healthy just by smiling and with low stress. Some plants even give oxygen at night and can be kept in the bedroom.

According to research conducted at Berry College (berry.edu), It has been found to be the most effective plant species among twenty-eight different species in removing Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).

Indoor plants also need less care but with low light your plant will see some upcoming issues so to solve that you can always prevent it from happening by caring for them I mean provide sufficient light and water is the basic need of every plant.

Wandering Jew is best for beginner as it can be easily grown by any person, having benefits like gives healthy air in the surrounding. Even wandering Jew advantage could be it is grown in any landscape, used as fence cover, wall shield. But I highly recommend you make sure about the pruning as this can be invasive to grab other plants area if grown in outdoor soil. This also looks charming and engaging in the garden.

Please Note: Before doing any experiment on this plant, Lotusmagus.com advises you to ask a Plant expert and anyone from a Biology background to recheck the claims, although we don’t advise you to make anything from these plant species.

Wandering Jew magical properties

Wandering Jew magical properties
Wandering Jew magical properties

one such wandering jew magical property can be used as a remedy in heartburn or problems like acidity or acid reflux. Here I am Talking about the Tradescantia zebrina species which is known as a wandering Jew plant. Some People Even had the leaves chewed to get relief.

Please note: We don’t have any government source for this claim so lotusmagus.com advice you – Not to do anything that shouldn’t have any authoritative source or first take a advice from a plant expert , here I will only advice thing which have good backed up educational/institution source.

Wandering Jew Plant Superstition

Wandering Jew Plant Superstition
Wandering Jew Plant Superstition

Some People superstition about the term wandering jew plant and made it look like a bad luck plant, I don’t understand those people. If you grow this plant outdoors and it gets a perfect climate to become invasive then yes it is bad luck but once it is grown indoors it always has beautiful growing flowers and lovely thrice leaves. If any gardener asks them No plant is a bad luck , unless they are creating an issue for you. It’s all people who make things complicated.

Wandering Jew uses

We are not responsible for anything, We do not want anyone to try and become their own doctor. so do not try wandering jew uses mentioned below. Wandering jew plant is a unique and attractive trailing perennial plant, and can be able to grow in many different climates.

Wandering Jew Uses

  • It is used as ground cover, taking care of it is easy.
  • Similar to above it can be used as houseplant for its charming delightful leaves.
  • A variety called Tradescantia virginiana has leaves that are edible and even stems can be added to your salads menu. Its leaves can be cooked or eaten raw.
  • According to PFAF , roots can treat various problems in stomach like kidney but I highly recommend not to use anything before it can be published by an educational or medical institute. 
  • According to greenlife, C. benghalensis used to resolve issues with eyes, sore throat problems and all this was used in African region where various tribes exist.


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Wandering Jew Plant symbolism

This happens After a man refuses to listen to Jesus Christ & Then he gets cursed to wander on Earth for his lifelong , he walks and wanders on This planet until the second coming when Jesus returns. The man is actually a Jewish and Jesus only told him to rest but he taunted in return because of his fear about Romans. This Wandering Jew Name was made from a character which is in 1300 Christian folklore.

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