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What Does Ivy Symbolize – Flower Mean, Spiritual Meaning

If you are searching for What does Ivy symbolize before that let me tell you this plant is a robust and dynamic green house plant that is not only used to cover ground but also walls, fence, railing and even grown in a hanging basket. It looks very attractive and was grown indoors as well as outdoors.

What does Ivy symbolize?

Ivy symbolizes foreverness, eternity,  faith, commitment, loyalty, dedication, devoted attachment, affection towards love, partner or friends. With its robust inner core ivy can grow in different environmental landscapes. And ivy is associated with forever living, immortality, everlasting, continuing as this is a perennial plant and appeared to be evergreen most of the time.

It also represents attachment or feeling of being attached, reliance on someone you know just like ivy tries to climb using stems, branches, vines of a growing tree, it keeps building vines until it reaches to the sunlight. 

What does Ivy symbolize


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What does Ivy mean in the language of flowers?

According to the Language of flower, Ivy signifies bond, friendship, benevolence, brotherhood, affection, devotion, fondness. It also means loyalty, bond between the married couples or those who are going to get married because of trustiness, reliability, affection. The ivy vine keeps growing that tells us that lifelong connection between two individuals. English ivy plant is evergreen plant and it symbolizes eternal, everlasting relationship going on smoothly.

Ivy flower meaning

Ivy white flower variety represents purity and freshness, simplicity. with that it also denotes goodness, faith and belief. 

Ivy yellowish flowers represent happiness, young and positive life. Being the color of sun, it also denotes power, aggressiveness and self-confidence.

Where does the name Ivy originate from?

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Ivy is a english name originating from the ivy plant & this name itself derives from the old English word “ifig”. ivy means vine and “ifig” wreath given to people who got married as this shows a symbol of fidelity which means loyalty or faithfulness or attachment to something/someone bound by the trust and duty.

Is ivy plant good luck?

Yes in Asian Countries, devil’s ivy or pothos(money plant) is called a luck plant as it brings money or how good this plant grows it tells you about your financial condition. People also believe devils ivy are good luck plants which bring good fortune and many more things to the house or even offices. Just take good care of this plant, you may see it growing very beautifully & may provide your financial status more pure and good.

Is it unlucky to bring Ivy into the house?

Some people believe ivy bring into the house can provide protection against misfortune, tragedy, misadventure but if this plant dies then it would be a loss in terms of money or financial condition. Also Let me add one thing No plant is Unlucky, If we care for our own thing then we should also care for plants that we choose to bring inside the house. Blaming plant to be bad luck is not good, many people believe you should not gift this plant at the year end when Christmas festival is there but if you are a garden you may know that plants grown in winters doesn’t grow properly, either it needs extra care or they needs a better environment to survive. Most indoor plant stop growing in winters and then started to grow whenever spring hits. 

My point of view is only based on gardening and its aspects and i don’t consider plants as unlucky or dangerous until and less it really hurts you or poison the loved ones.

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See My other post about wandering Jew plant spiritual meaning, I used same words for this plant as well. Plants don’t be a reason for bad lucky. Plants or Trees are the natures gift to us and we should care for them.

What does Ivy mean in the Bible?

According to Intouchweekly, Ivy once mentioned in the bible to quote the ivy plant itself, there is no link between biblical figure and this one plant. ivy denotes eternity, long life, or something that you are bound by a duty, it also shows dependability as these ivy plant vines need trees to climb upward. ivy is a English word with multiple meanings but a married couple can give this name to a baby girl.


ivy plant is a hedera genus plant which has 13-15 more evergreen species that are very similar to this plant. These plant are woody climb upward and move downward as per its need, if they get any tree or fence they just move vine all over and keep growing. These plants are discovered in parts of Asian region, North-west of Africa and South of Europe and Macaronesia. They can up to 15-19 cm height on ground level but if you give them near wooden structure, trees, natural rocks then it can climb 20-30 m above the ground level that is what they are capable of and indoors you can’t expect that. If they are trained to climb on wooden wall then it will definitely do that.

Wrap Up

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