Why Is It Called Mother In Law Tongue Plant? (Also Snake Plant)

Nowadays with a growing knowledge on plants and its benefits many have started planting them in their gardens. There is also one big research claim where it shows some indoor plants are very helpful in filtering bad air quality inside the house. Snake plant made in top 5 and top 10 list of air purifying plants. lets learn what is snake plant and why its named to be mother in law tongue is that something special about it. Read On.

What is Snake Plant?

From there it gained momentum and people started searching what is snake plant is a flowering plant which rarely grows flowers and a member of the Asparagaceae family. This plant is not a snake but its leaves have snake’s body like stripes with the unique pattern on them. What Snake plants proved to be one of the best indoor plants and why i am saying this is don’t give them water you will find they were still standing fresh and not complaining and not going to show any signs of hate towards you even a lazy person can grow them.

Why is it Called mother-in-law’s tongue Plant?

Many people who brought this plant asked a question that why is it called mother-in-law’s tongue is still unclear and there is no answer to this question but what i understand is this plant gives oxygen in days and night , even if it gets little light it will still make oxygen. Many have this in their bedroom and it really gives a boost to their sleep as it removes toxins present in the air. 

The care and maintenance of this plant is minimum and I even heard they are also used in cooling down the temperature. These plants store water in their leaves. If you touch them then you will find it. Those people who live in small houses can also purchase them, as they require very less space and these plants won’t disturb you.

While I was writing this article they were with me in my room and you won’t believe I have 8 of the pots in my room ,

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I don’t want bad toxins so I put them near me because most of my work is done at home. Growing a snake plant is as easy as cutting a cake at a birthday party. What is needed before you grow your first snake plant is choosing a good compost mix which drains water at a moderate level, not too fast and not too low.

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What is Snake Plant
What is Snake Plant

What is the Advantages of this snake plant is you can propagate them very easily and don’t require much expertise. Cutting a single leaf can do the job here and putting that in a well drained pot.

Here is the 3 things you need to to grow snake plant –

One tip I can give you is in the starting days if your snake plant is small and young,  put them outdoors for a period of 4-5 months and keep giving them water every 4th day if the sun is hot in your city otherwise after a week. After these months the snake plant can build its core roots and leaves stronger , what i mean by stronger is leaves are bigger and more green , well connected to rhizomes.

In those months it has become more powerful so now it is the time to take them back in the bedroom and enjoy fresh toxic free air. What toxins do snake plants remove? There are many toxins removed by snake plants but I would be naming one which is found inside houses and offices and the name is formaldehyde.

This toxicity is cleaned by snake plants day and night. Reports have mentioned that it is a source of fibre and was used in African and Asian region for medical purpose According to CABI international organization.

In some places, the scientific name is written as Dracaena trifasciata which is also its name but the actual name According to government source “U.S. National Library of Medicine” is Sansevieria trifasciata. It will grow at a height of 2 to 4 feet tall and spreads around 1 to 2 feet wide according to the University of florida.

The hardiness zone of snake plants is 10 to 12 and it is said they first found in Nigeria then it was traded in many parts of the world that’s how they reach us. They are partial shade loving plants but what i had told you put them in sunlight as they want full sunlight to grow

and it does grow faster that is the only way to make them reach to a height and after that take them inside home for better removing toxic air.  In Winters they will not grow much so watering can be done in 2 weeks or so & Lastly do care for them as they are proving you something in return.

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