When to Water Sansevieria(Snake Plant) – How Much, Often?

Snake plants are must to have plants for every gardener and non gardeners. As they have many uses and can clear the toxic air inside your house. Snake plants don’t need much care and can grow even if you ignore them. Watering can cause problem in this plant lets discuss how to fix it.

When to Water Sansevieria? Snake plant or Sansevieria is watered in no specific time or day , whenever you see Sansevieria pot topsoil gets dry you should give them water. Snake plant is given less water, still manage to survive as the snake plant stores water in its leaves that is why when you touch the leaves you may feel its cool and not warm.

Snake plants can tolerate too many conditions including heavy winds, hot sun , cold weather. In every situation they survive quite well but watering is the one that is needed advice as heavy watering can damage its roots and can cause more harm to overall plant health.

Snake plants are actually made for partial shade but as many people including me grow them in direct sunlight as we want them to grow much faster so that we can place them indoors because the purpose of the snake plant we purchase should be fulfilled and that is to remove some toxic air present inside our house.

When to Water Snake Plant

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Winter is the season when they go to sleep and the growth also gets a full stop but once winter ends it starts growing normally.

Water requirement in snake plants is much less in winters and I use to give them once every 2 weeks or in 15 days gap, as they store water very well in its leaves. 

Take a close look on the soil surface every 5th day so you may know how fast or slow water can dry. Using this soil mixture it may take 6-7 days for water to dry out in summers. 

Tips for hot season

In the summer season  if you keep them indoors water can be given in 6-7 days.

In partial shade watering is reduced to every 4-5 days 

And if you put them in full sun they want regular water in 2-3 days depending on how warm and hot your city temperature is and keep this consistency maintained as watering is an important factor.

How much water should we give? If they didn’t get water for like 15 days give them full water until it leaks out from the bottom of the pothole. Those who give them water on every week you guys can sprinkle water on the top and for them 50% water is enough. For people who put them in direct sunlight can give water full 100% as direct sunlight makes them dry out maximum water.

They do get affected by pests and diseases also so you should buy some pesticide and fungicide so they don’t get any pest near them. You may have heard leaf spots or brown or pale leaves are some of the symptoms.

If you see the snake plant tip of the leaves getting spoiled then that was the sign of overwatering so water also can damage this plant but that was not a big issue. You can control overwatering in the plants and weekly watering is enough for snake plants.

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