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8 Jade Plant Benefits And Superstition

If you are searching for Crassula Ovata or Jade Plant Benefits and before that let me tell you Jade Plant is known by the name money tree, It is popular for its positive chi in feng shui and there are luck and fortune connected with jade plant alone. In this blog we will discuss about the Benefits of jade plant, superstition, disadvantages and tell you about things such as gifting jade plant, why it is called a wealth activator & Lucky plant.

Jade Plant Benefits

  • CO2 Absorption Phenomenon.
  • Removes Bad Indoor Air.
  • Symbol of good fortune.
  • Good for Humidity.
  • Low Maintenance and Perfect Growing.
  • They add a more attractive Look.

1. CO2 Absorption Phenomenon

Jade Plant (Crassula Ovata) and many other such types of succulent evolve themselves with nature as there was a time succulent didn’t get enough water and these drought conditions they manage to adopt a way to protect water lost. The method is called CAM, crassulacean acid metabolism in which small pores inside the jade leaves are open up to flow gases at night and this is the time when C02 gets absorbed by the plant. 

These same pores are closed in morning or when sunlight is up, so water shouldn’t be lost and jade preserve this for long run and that’s how they will still grow in excess sunlight without water because all the water they will store for days to survive.

jade plant benefits

2. Removes Bad Indoor Air

Benefits of Indoor plants are best known to remove the bad air pollutants exist inside the house and you never know, One recent research from CNBC says that indoor air is more harmful than the actual outdoor air we inhale in our day to day life. Also If you don’t we spend at least 60-90% of our time indoors whether it is our office or home. According to EPA, Indoor have 2-5 times higher bad quality of air than outdoors. Some areas where it can also reach the next level means over 99 times higher pollutants stay indoors.

And as you know your lungs need fresh, pollutant free natural to function and if it gets bad air then it will surely make it difficult to breathe in that space.

Forbes has quotes NASA’s 1989 study where they pick the commonly used houseplant for the purpose to help the ventilator to lessen the burden of removing bad air pollutants like Benzene, acetone, o-Xylene, p-Xylene, Trichloromethane, Toluene etc.

They included the Jade Plant (Crassula Ovata) with Other plants Spider plants, Dracaena,  Caribbean Tree cactus, and Bromeliad. And the scientist conclude that  these plants can be used to reduce the bad air quality and it should be recommend but I know 1 things no know quote that you need over 100+ plants to tackle the venomous air.

& only one plant can’t do that. Have you ever visited the nursery or big plant garden? You may notice there are over 300-400 plants growing in a small garden field but the air gives us calming and relaxed minds there. It is because there’s plenty of oxygen those plants are generating that they are also removing certain bad air pollutants.


3. Symbol of good fortune

You may have already heard the value from somewhere or if you didn’t then let me tell you Jade Plant (Crassula Ovata) are also called lucky plants as ancient people believed to provide good fortune, give sufficient assets or wealth. This evergreen jade plant benefits  according to Chinese feng shui can provide positive energy and remove the bad chi(energy). With Positive energy your mind can always work and is able to conquer success and that’s how plants can provide wealth for people who have little to no. 

Jade Plant (Crassula Ovata) are the best gift to people who just move to a new house as this gives them new energy to work and be positive in life. These plants are placed in offices, workplaces and company buildings and small offices to the luckiness it holds.

Putting them nearby a cash counter may invite wealth, also next to the entrance door which basically means anyone with a good heart comes to work and may help the company to achieve targets.

In Houses it can be a symbol of happiness, friendship and enjoyment of the people who live there. 

According to Feng Shui, You should not put Crassula Ovata in darker places like the bathroom, washroom or bedroom where mostly dark light exists. I wrote a whole article on jade plant meaning in different places.




Jade Plant Superstition

I don’t find any source of Jade Plant superstition/myths so I can assume jade plant is only surrounding by good energy so a good fortune it hold and no negative image. Also Plants came to this world just like we human and no plant is bad until and unless it hurts you like thorns on many plants & it do hurt people that’s way they are bad for some but those who handles it properly and doesn’t get harm, its lucky for them and who know that plant holds beneficial uses for mankind.

Noted: Updated the blog at the bottom about myths.

jade plant superstition

4. Good for Humidity

Do you know that indoor plants can increase the humidity indoors that way it can reduce the boiling hot heat trapped inside the house in summers. Low humidity means invitation to certain bacteria and virus growth , it may also make your skin dry and other face related problems.

Relative humidity has positive signs as this can Benefit for the human body as it reduces the chance of respiratory infections.

But the same way if you have high humidity indoors which causes growth of mildew and other pests can affect your plant. 

5. Low Maintenance and Perfect Growing

Jade Plant (Crassula Ovata) have one such benefit is that they don’t need regular fertilizing, pruning and other stuff that a normal plant requires. These plants are slow growers and it takes years to reach a specific height.

Only requirement you should fulfill is to protect them from colder  climates, excessive water (basically means water only when needed),  ideal temperature. 

Benefits such as has low maintenance requirements because no. of times watering is less per week. It is a succulent and nature of succulent is they grow many days without water and still able to maintain themselves for days.

Growing with indirect light, minimal care and blessing people with good luck all we human society wants in our life.

6. Jade add more Attractive Look

Indoor plants are best to known for providing clean air but also they enhances the look of your room or hall that you spend most of your time. Many people like me grow these plants as they fit in the background and we feel part of the nature with them. They perfectly combine with the interior of our house and we don’t even get bored with them, even our creativity increases while watching them grow and we constantly think about them and how to care for them so they keep on thriving. 

it means our mind will work and not get halt, it’s a good sign for a healthy brain to work. Even Working brains can sleep well, and people get good sleep without doing any extra activities like reading a book. I used to tell my kids what is stem and these are leaves. They will become big and just by watching for some months the jade plant (Crassula Ovata) gets bigger and my kid is amazed to see how it grows with water only(what he knows).

Keeping Jade or any other plant, gives satisfaction they we care for nature and our environment also.

Jade Plant Superstition

One superstition about jade plant is it is considered as a lucky stone in Chinese culture and is said to draw prosperity and fortune. Due of the belief that it may fend off bad spirits, the Chinese also utilize it as a kind of protection. Jade is a common material for home décor because it is said to promote balance, harmony, and tranquility in the house according to feng shui.

Jade (Crassula Ovata) is well-known for having fortunate qualities as well as spiritual and therapeutic ones. It is used to encourage relaxation and equilibrium since it is said to have a calming impact on the body and mind. It is a common option for spiritual and meditation activities since it is said to have the ability to fend off harmful spirits.

There are various superstitions around jade that one should be aware of. Purchasing jade for oneself is frowned upon since it is seen to sever the spiritual connection between the donor and the recipient. As a result, it is wise to accept jade as a gift. Jade is also said to lose its protective qualities if it is cracked or broken, thus it is crucial to take excellent care of it and maintain its health.

Jade Plants Uses

According to Save.ca, jade plant is used to rectify issues related to stomach and nose problem like nausea and diarrhea. Also jade plant is beneficial for positive brain health according to feng shui believers.

Why Jade Plant a Good Feng Shui Plant?

According to Chinese feng shui, jade plant is a good feng shui plant and the reason is that it holds the water in its leaves and it stores it for a long time, the same way jade plant gives wealth, and provides better fortune in a person’s life.

Jade Plant Disadvantages

One significant disadvantage of jade plants (Crassula Ovata) is their susceptibility to root rot. To avoid root rot, which may swiftly result in plant death, jade plants need a well-drained soil mixture. To prevent overwatering, it is crucial to make sure the soil drains adequately and that the pot has enough drainage holes. While watering, it’s important to avoid sprinkling water on the leaves since doing so might result in foliage spotting, leaf drop, and even death.

The vulnerability of jade plants to drought is another drawback. Due to their succulent leaves, they may seem to need little water, but dehydration may result in dwarfing, foliage spotting, leaf loss, and death. Jade plants need to be watered often but not excessively, letting the soil to somewhat dry out in between applications.

In order to develop and flourish, jade plants also need strong sunshine, and a lack of it may result in a lack of new growth, fading leaves, and even plant death. However, excessive exposure to direct sunshine may burn the leaves, resulting in brown patches and leaf loss. Jade plants should not be placed behind glass in direct sunlight; instead, they should be kept in a bright, sunny location with at least four hours of direct sunshine each day.

Jade plants are normally safe to keep near kids and animals, but if consumed in excessive amounts, they may be somewhat poisonous to people and induce vomiting and diarrhea. It is crucial to keep them away from young children and pets because of this.

Jade Plant meaning as a gift

Giving a jade plant as a gift may have many meanings based on cultural customs, symbols, and beliefs. The jade plant is a meaningful present for a variety of events since it is often considered to be a sign of luck, wealth, friendship, and success.

Jade (Crassula Ovata) benefit is valued as a precious stone in Chinese culture and is said to symbolise strength, riches, and good fortune. As a result, giving someone a jade plant is said to bring them luck and riches. The plant is also linked to friendship, making it a wonderful present for close friends or business associates.

The jade plant is a symbol of riches and success in Feng Shui. When positioned at the southeast corner of a house or business, it is said to draw good energy and encourage financial success. Giving a jade plant to someone establishing a new company or moving into a new house is therefore a kind deed.

Giving jade (pounamu) as a gift to someone else represents cementing a tie in Maori culture, whether it is for friendship, a partnership, peace, or to express appreciation and thanks. Giving a jade plant as a present may thus be a heartfelt act that deepens the relationship between two people.

Wrap up

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