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Jade Plant Spiritual Meaning As Gifts, Symbolism, Feng Shui Benefits

So are you curious about the jade plant’s meaning, what does jade symbolize and want to know if it’s lucky for you, or whether this plant may provide any good luck if you add this to your collection of plants? These questions come up in everyone’s mind as it is known as a money tree and lucky plant. Lets know the symbolism and meaning of this beautiful looking jade plant. 

Jade Plant Meaning

Jade plant meaning & symbolism connected with increase in wealth, asset, superabundance and a good fortune. Its a good feng shui plant which enhance wealth of one and as Asian text believe it can turn poor into rich or someone with nothing to super rich. Jade promotes friendship, brotherhood, kindliness and prosperity. Jade plant keep water in its leaves means a wealth that is kept. Jade symbolizes to brings prosperity and a better meaning of this word is someone who has everything meaning a person is financially stable, his overall condition could be anything like he will be healthy(get in good conditions), respectful status, or his mind is in a positive state.

Jade Plant meaning

Jade plants are characteristic with wealth and people do believe that. In Chinese Feng Shui, This plant is described as a good luck plant and even its name denotes that and bringing them results in positive energy(CHI). If your surrounding are unarguable, friendly, positive, approving then all the work in your life occur smoothly which means you may end up getting some positive growth which can be wealth wise or healthy wise.

Placing Jade plant in different location can bring different meaningful prosperity. A restaurant owner, hotel manager, airport authority if put them in front of their door then it can bring a good future and you may feel lucky enough for having these on your side.

If you want your family to have great health and unity among everyone then placing this plant in the east will bring that.

If placed in northwest then it is lucky for guru’s which are teachers that teaches us about various subjects of books and life. Even this increases the creative mind of children.

South Side placing can bring two things together or one of them means you may get lucky or blessed with wealth. Every location has different meanings and each gives you a clear indication of where you want to place them.

Jade plants good luck

End of the Day, A plant is a plant, it does bring calm and positive energy. Did you know this plant should not get placed in the bathroom or washroom as water flows in those rooms and if you flush anything out then it will also flush your positive energy out.

Did you know many people even give jade plants to their friends and family? The white attractive flower bloom is a part of great care you have done to successfully grow this plant.

three words that I can say is jade plant symbolizes luck, brotherhood and thriving conditions of good fortune. 

These plants have enlarged oval shaped leaves which are dark in color. These plants’ ability to store water can save it from dry states. 

Jade Plant Spiritual Meaning

Spiritually, Jade plants symbolize luck, flowing positive energy, friendship, and financial boost to one’s owner. Jade plant also represents closeness, prosperity, good fortune. Green leaves with stored water means a stored wealth can be expected. Jade plant has white pinkish flowers that portray the beauty of good-fellowship, kindliness, friendship, benevolence. Many believe the jade plant also symbolizes provides good luck, in Asia it is believed to activate wealth. When this jade plant blooms it symbolizes close friendship, support, prosperity, bond between two souls. Even the happy, and sometimes energetic, affectionate bond of friendship shows by those green foliage. 

Jade is often called a money tree, lucky plant and that way people are curious why this is so. This curiosity leads to them knowing about jade plant symbolism and how it represents wealth, happiness, friendship and prosperity. Its leaves, blooms show great meaning. That is why this plant became a best plant which is sold on many platforms and created profits for many so it has provided them good luck or I can say now they have good luck as they generated wealth in a good way for themselves and the environment.

Jade as you know is a good succulent plant that thrives with minimum effort and it draws meaning in feng shui as well. A person who has feng shui plants is more connected with nature and they will become a better person as humans and also as it gives benefits to the owner as well.

Jade Plant Benefits

There are some benefits that placing an indoor plant like jade can give you in the long term. With Improving Air quality from poor to good, slow growing, Minimal maintenance, Good medicinal benefits, Symbol of wealth, Enhance the creativity indoors, Other use could be it will increase the humidity inside the house.

For more information on Jade plant benefits Check.

Jade plant flowers

What does it mean when someone gives you a jade plant?

The jade plant is often given as a gift to convey good luck and prosperity. It is believed to represent prosperity in business and good fortune in various cultures. The jade plant is also a well-liked present among friends and family since it is often connected with friendship and enduring connections. The plant is a perfect gift for someone going through a difficult time because of its adaptability and capacity to survive in a range of environments, which also represent strength and perseverance.

Is gifting a jade plant lucky?

Yes, gifting a jade plant is considered lucky in many cultures. When placed in certain regions of the home or workplace, the jade plant is believed to bring luck and prosperity in Feng Shui. It is believed that the plant’s large, round, thick leaves, which resemble coins, would draw prosperity and plenty. The jade plant is also connected to the wood element, which stands for vigor and growth.

Jade plant feng shui placement

In Feng Shui, the jade plant is often placed in the southeast corner of the home or office, as this area is associated with wealth and abundance. To promote development and prosperity, it may also be placed towards the east or south of the home. A jade plant should not be placed in an area with stagnant energy or clutter, and it should get enough of natural light when it is.

Jade plant significance

The jade plant is significant in many cultures for its association with good luck, prosperity, and longevity. The plant is prized for its air-purifying abilities and minimal care needs in addition to its symbolic connotations. The jade plant is a popular option for home and workplace décor because it is believed to bring good energy into a location.

What Does Jade bonsai tree mean?

The jade bonsai tree is a miniature version of the jade plant, grown and trained into a bonsai form. The jade bonsai tree has the same positive connotations of luck and prosperity as the full-sized jade plant. A common option for meditation rooms and other peaceful areas, the bonsai variety of the plant is also believed to encourage balance and tranquillity. Each tree in the bonsai art has a different tale and significance, and the practice of bonsai itself is rich in history and symbolism.

Which type of jade plant is lucky?

Crassula Ovata is known as a lucky plant, a money tree and this comes from South Africa and mozambique. Jade plant depicts good fortune, luck and it has become a tradition to wrap this plant as a housewarming gift which basically is you moved to a new house , with that you should get new energy to work and this plant is surely a lucky plant.

Why is the jade plant called a money tree?

The reason behind jade plant called as money tree because it bring  good fortune and luck and it was also named as a money tree or lucky plant. As per feng shui, Jade plant brings positive chi(energy) which is good for you and your family as this encourages you to achieve your goals with that you can expect great health and good partner relationships.

Where should you put a jade plant in your house?

Jade plant is a plant that is lucky for the house so why should you have one. It grows beautifully in a room with a south facing window. Moms are one put jade plant in Kitchens, Company employees place it near every corner with windows so they get enough sunlight. Jade thrives in 66 to 74 degree F in ideal room temperature, yes it needs care to properly grow this plant.

jade plant symbolism

Where should you place a jade plant in your house?

Chinese Feng Shui Tells about placement of Jade plants should be East Side or Location or Corner that comes in East as this brings good health for the family, Flowing of Wealth, Luck, Innovation, creativity in children, Encourages productive mind of the house people.

How do I care for my jade plant for good luck?

  • To care for jade plant always grow this plant in Indirect light coming & best would be the South Facing window.
  • Make sure to check water every time you pour it to avoid any overwatering issue. Check 1-2 inch top soil if it’s dry then give jade water.
  • Using Best Soil for your jade plant is the key , Here Suggesting My best pick Miracle gro potting mix of Palm, Cactus, Citrus. You can also get plant food which you can give it in the growing season. Most importantly read instructions for better use of formula and you can get beautiful green leaves and white flowers of jade.
  • Pruning is also one of the most important factors for caring for jade plants. Whenever you have free time, trim all the dead leaves and branches , diseased one as well.

Can I put a jade plant in the bathroom?

You should avoid putting jade plants in the bathroom or any closed area like bedrooms as this will not give them proper light which results in poor growth of jade plants. Placing jade in the Hall or near the South Facing window can be beneficial. If this plant grows best then it gives good fortune and positive vibes.






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