Best Potting Soil For Peace Lily (Make your Own or Choose One)

Peace lily (Spathiphyllum) is a beautiful indoor plant grown in USDA zone 10 and 11, they are popular & common houseplant all over the world because of its ability to purify air and definitely they are easy growing plants. This plant doesn’t like being crowded & its roots might feel that and give signs of repotting. They hate cold climates and love moist, humid places with bright light. They thrives in good fertile soil so here I will tell you about How to make best potting soil for peace lily :

Making: Peace lily (Spathiphyllum) plant grows well in moist soil which must have the ability to drain water correctly, this is needed support for many other succulents which are growing indoors. To Make Potting soil , you need 1/3 of peat moss(you can also use perlite), 1/3 of Sand and 1/3 of loam. Everything is available online so you can buy them although below I am also giving links if you want to direct go and buy them. This potting mix was recommended by University of Dakota Extension service and I directly give you information from a trusted source. Also you can use bark chips 10% to increase the flexibility of soil. Then you need to mix it and that’s how you make a homemade soil. If you buy a Commercial Potting mix then I again suggest adding perlite or peat moss for the drainage enhancement , because every plant problem has soil issues which can be solved by these additional mixes.

Although Nowadays many Potting Soil Comes which already have these mixes but they generally lag in some way because they generally change the formula to screw up things for people sometimes.

Also If you want to go with pre made potting mix Here is the 2 best potting mix I am Listing:

Best potting soil
Best potting soil
  1. Organic Succulents & Cactus Soil Mix By Kenzoplants

Professionally made with a special formula and having sphagnum peat and very low amount of fertilizer included so your plant will be getting nutrients in limit. It works in indoor and outdoor plant , Kenzoplants made it to make sure every plant gets fast draining and also to avoid any excess watering issues which generally made problems for people. It does have cactus mix and this can work in plants like snake plant , aloe vera , spider , flower and vegetables also , it’s basically all purpose plant soil.

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  1. Organic Succulents & Cactus Soil Mix By The Next Gardener Store

It was also professionally made and comes from Denmark Company , They can work in all succulent and cactus plant. It has a balance of soil pH 5.5 and it is light in weight and it drains water well so it’s perfect. It also solves an overwatered plant problem that you can use this soil for repotting. It does also have a perlite mix with a low percentage of fertilizer and all other substrates. It has positive reviews and it doesn’t hurt your plant roots.

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Why is Drainage Important in Peace Lily?

Any plant whether it is peace lily (Spathiphyllum) or any indoor plant they want best performing soil which fulfills the requirement to stay moist for longer time and same way it drains water so any root rotting doesn’t happen with plants. Also Make sure giving water is a necessary thing to do so your peace lily plant leaves get green and shiny. It also encourages it to grow tall and upright but remember don’t make the soil too soggy. They hate this.

When You pour water it creates tiny gaps inside the soil where air can pass and your plant roots can breathe. Watering excessive in daily routine can result in leaves turning brown or faded. always check if you’re the top soil about 1-2 inch for its dryness if its dry then only pour water else check next day. These plants can survive even if there is little bit of drought but don’t make them completely dry and if it happens then next day give it plenty of water and see if water is leaking out otherwise it’s a good habit to check drainage holes if any problem exists with draining. 

Best Potting Soil for Peace lily

Did Peace lily need fertilizer?

These plants rarely need fertilizer as most potting soil companies either add the sufficient nutrients or most of the time peace lily won’t need it. But If you want it to bloom properly then you need some plant food for your peace lily each month in its growing season. They generally need equal ratio NPR fertilizer like 20-20-20 or 10-10-10 and provide enough nutrients for the growth of the plant. You need to use liquid based feeding and spray or pour it to every corner of the soil. Use a low amount of fertilizer and read instructions for that, 25% is enough or you can reduce it more.

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So If you directly use My suggested pre made potting mix then you don’t need to add perlite as they already added it. In case of drainage issue then you can add it otherwise don’t. For fertilizer you can use it if you have homemade potting soil that doesn’t have enough nutrients for your peace lily (Spathiphyllum).

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