Top 12 Best Fertilizer for Succulents

Caring of Succulent of Any variety is Easy but sometimes if you want to see the real growth you have to use the best fertilizer for succulents that can encourage the normal growth to a higher level. As a beginner you must be looking for a way to strengthen your succulent growth and want to make sure your succulent grows healthy for longer, Then You should try Our top 12 Best Fertilizer for succulent. Read on.

Best Fertilizer for Succulents

Do Succulents Need Fertilizer

Succulent are just like many other plants we grow in the garden or pots , But the difference they make is they literally grow without water , in drought climate , Harsh conditions , that makes them best and minimal care plants.

Do Succulents Need Fertilizer? Simple Answer would be NO, They don’t. But If you want to see brighter foliage , Flower Bloom and healthy growth rooting then definitely You should use it. Even to better adapt the Different climatic conditions, You Need to Select best fertilizer for your precious succulent. Why I Said No, because Some succulents Such as Cactus don’t need fertilizer. They grow in hot deserts for decades and are very adapted to those environments, they live there without water for months, those harsh conditions make them grow and survive there. They have tendency to capture as much as moisture from air and fulfill its water needs.

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Fertilizer makes their shoots and rhizomes strong and provides them nutrients they need to grow perfectly. Now Let’s move to the List.

Top 12 Best Fertilizer for Succulents

There are so many brands you can choose from and I have Provided the best fertilizer available in the market today and they work in Any type of succulent plant you have , even If you are growing them indoor or outdoor. Here is The list of top 12 fertilizers for succulents:

Miracle Gro Fertilizer for Succulent Miracle Gro Fertilizer for Succulent Check Price in
Grow More 3130 Cactus Juice Grow More 3130 Cactus Juice Check Price in
EarthPods Premium Cactus EarthPods Premium Cactus Plant Food for Succulent Check Price in
Espoma Organic Cactus Plant Food Espoma Organic Cactus Plant Food Check Price in
Perfect Plants Liquid Indoor Plant Perfect Plants Succulent Plant Food Check Price in
Succulent Fertilizer, Liquid Succulents Food Spray Hello Succulent Fertilizer Check Price in
Succulent fertilizer Aquatic Arts Succulent Fertilizer Check Price in
Schultz Cactus Plus Schultz Cactus Plus Liquid Plant Food Check Price in
Cute Farms Succulent, Cacti, Aloe Fertilizer Cute Farms Succulent, Cacti, Aloe Fertilizer Check Price in
GrowBetter GrowBetter Organic Cactus & Succulent Fertilizer Check Price in
Easy Peasy Succulent Plant Food Easy Peasy Succulent Plant Food Check Price in
Joyful Dirt Organic Plant Food Joyful Dirt Organic Plant Food Check Price in


1 . Miracle Gro Fertilizer for Succulent

If You Gardening For a year long , You probably Heard of Miracle Gro as They Sell many Items for Plants like perlite, Pumice, Soil mix ,etc. Miracle Grow is a very Old and Known Company which basically Sells Plant & gardening Products. Mixtures like Cactus , Aloe are famous and Their fertilizer is also No. 1 with Good Reputation. The Plant Food Reaches to Root Instantly and Result can be seen in Upcoming weeks.

They have given options to choose from and the easy one is just directly put liquid fertilizer in soil , Also Read Instructions first before using it. Succulents need once in 14 days plant food so read the succulent care instructions also.

It comes with Bottle which has a Pump that can be used to measure on how much plant food needs to be applied. They Recommend 2 Pumps for small size containers and for 6 inch containers you can use 5 pumps.

Bottle comes with 8 ounces of liquid So if you have more than 1-2 succulent Then I Suggest you to buy Miracle gro in bulk, even You can check Combo offers on fertilizer.

Miracle Gro Fertilizer for Succulent

Check Price in

2 . Grow More 3130 Cactus Juice

Yes You heard it right, Its Cactus Juice for Cactus Plants but it is used for succulent as well. This fertilizer is High in Calcium with Other Nutrients , These Nutrients are needed in soil so that plant gets the sufficient amount

Of every nutrient for its growth.

Use of this product is easy, take 1 Gallon of water and Mix with One teaspoon of this plant food , pour that on the soil where the base of the stem is present. This Company advises gardeners to only use once in every 12 days in the growing stage of succulent. Also Don’t Stop watering You should pour water whenever it feels dry.

There are combo or multipack available you can choose from, With Single bottle which is of 16 ounce can last for some small succulents and if you have many plants then I suggest to buy from Multipack. 2-5 packs are available and all have shell life of over 12 months period so make sure use it before in your every plant.

Grow More 3130 Cactus Juice

Check Price in

3 . EarthPods Premium Cactus Plant Food for Succulent

This one is pure organic fertilizer and it is from well known company called Earthpods. They Have a Cylindrical Container where it has 100 pods that’s small capsules type plant food. Each One of the pods has a strong mixture of nutrients , Soil microbes , minerals that helps the plant grow much better. 1 EarthPod is Sufficient for a Big Succulent plant or many small succulent can be feeded using this plant food for years. This Fertilizer uses slow release techniques which automatically release the nutrient into the soil , They have designed them in such a way that make a formula that will slow release in weeks and months.

To use this fertilizer , it is easy and what you need to do is just drop the earth pods into the soil or for a faster process we can also open the capsule thing and spread the ingredients on the soil surface. For Small plant use 2 and for medium succulent use 2-4 and if the size of succulent is bigger then I advise you to use 7-8 Capsules.

Once you drop the capsule or its power , Just pour some water on the soil surface to make it moist. Again do this for 12-15 days but always check for dryness. This Plant food has good containers that can’t be spoilt easily and can be stored and sustained for months.

EarthPods Premium Cactus

Check Price in

4 . Espoma Organic Cactus Plant Food

Espoma is one of the popular company in the plant care market and makes it easy for gardeners to actually measure how much they need to pour the fertilizer. Let me explain: they have been using a formula to calculate how much a fertilizer wants for its overall growth so everything is specified and fixed on which nutrient & how much it values in it. Good microbes for soil have been added to make sure plant roots get strong.

This is originally made for cactus plants but It has been popularly used for succulents as you know both plants don’t require much water, So it’s safe to use this on succulents. It has a dosing Cap which is used to measure the amount of fertilizer.

Please read the whole instructions as you might get confused about using this. This is mixed with water and then poured on soil. It can be used every 2-3 weeks and not overuse the plant food. Don’t forget to water them.

This fertilizer bottle can last for a single season and it is 8 ounce so if you have multiple succulent then go with the combo or buy in quantity.

Espoma Organic Cactus Plant Food

Check Price in

5 . Perfect Plants Succulent Plant Food

This one is again a slow release fertilizer which can fulfill the plant need for 5-6 months, It comes in pellet form and it is sold by Perfect plants. It is useful in every type of succulent plant and even more reliable in changing climates , it helps encourage plants for every environmental need.

It has a small bag weighing around 5 ounce that can be used for 4-5 years for one plant needs , this is also a highlight of this fertilizer. Also Packet can be resealed so that the pellets can be fresh for months and years.

Use of this fertilizer is simple and easy, You can use pellets either put some pellets when repotting or you can just drop it on the soil surface , and pour some water on it. It will automatically start dissolving and it is a slow process so it will take months to actually see if it has any effect. You can use this in every quarter means in every 3 months.

For small pots about 2 inch size , use only 1/4 of the teaspoon filled with pellets & put them in the base of the stem and don’t drop on the petal or stem. It should be on the soil.

Perfect Plants Succulent Plant Food

Check Price in

6 . Hello Succulent Fertilizer

This Fertilizer is purely liquid based and it has an equal amount of microbes & natural worm tea that can make your soil more fertile & improve its quality. It is used in succulents, cactus type of plants.

This comes in 4 ounce of aluminum bottle which have its own atomizer that helps it keep the liquid pure and it doesn’t get spoil with outside air. This is a natural products and it has no artificial ingredients in it. Opener is leak proof , So let’s move to the next Talk on how to use it.

So it really depends on what size of pot you are using and how big your plant is. Basically if you have a 3-5 inch pot then 2-3 sprays can do the job. If you have a bigger pot like 10-12 then I suggest 8-9 sprays.

You can use this in every 2 weeks or in a 13-15 days period, Also We Recommend to always read instruction on the shown on the side of the bottle.

It also Comes with Total Guarantee on Money Back , If you are proficient with the product you can just return them and get your money back , They say at least use it for a try.

Check Price in

7 . Aquatic Arts Succulent Fertilizer

This one has many different ingredients & it is from Aquatic Arts. The formula behind this fertilizer is to provide every nutrient for every part of the plant like stem, root and leaves , or to grow fresh cutting it is useful. It has a mixture of aloe , echeveria, cacti and haworthia that can enhance the growth of any succulent plant.

It comes with an 8 ounce bottle that can be used for 6-12 months. The Application is used with 1 teaspoon of this fertilizer with 2 cups of water in it. Mix it well and As you know we use only 1 teaspoon so it is used in very limited manner. The can use this in every 3 -5 days or whenever you water the plants. I Am Guessing that succulents require water every 3-5 days so give them fertilizer when you pour water. Make sure not to give them fertilizer on regular basis.

This is a very effective solution to naturally provide nutrients to the plants. It doesn’t burn the roots because we are using only 1 teaspoon that doesn’t harm the plant. It has Phosphorus that works for new growth and helps to recover any damage to the roots of the plant.

Check Price in

8 . Schultz Cactus Plus Liquid Plant Food

As Name Suggest it is for cactus plant and it is used in cactus only but it is also a perfect choice for succulent  as Cactus and succulent are very similar in terms of tolerance to environmental change. Jade plant and aloe Vera are 2 of them it is used and their are lots of more succulent it is tested and show positive growth. IT basically gives roots everything they need to fulfill the growth of succulent & also to make it strong enough to tackle other climate change.

It has a measuring dropper so that you can calculate by the formula on how much you need this fertilizer. Then It was Added to water and mixed it well. The company has an instruction note on the packet so always check it first before you use it. They have mentioned 7 drops per quart water can be used in every 16-17 days period. Also if you are pouring less water on the succulent then use 13-14 drops of Schultz fertilizer.

For Plants that are outside of the house or growing in a garden , then use 4 drops per gallon , All the information outdoor feeding is written in instruction please follow that to get a clear idea on how to use it.

Check Price in

9 . Cute Farms Succulent, Cacti, Aloe Fertilizer

As Name suggests it is specially made for Succulent and Cactus plants by Cute Farms. The bottle looks amazing and quite authentic & it has 8 ounce of liquid that can be used by a single succulent for over 12 months.

It is easy to use and has a pump like applicator that can be used to pour the liquid in the root of the plant. Even your hands don’t get dirt. This fertilizer can be used once in every 29 days , make sure you apply it before watering to get the solution mixed with the soil clearly & reached to the roots also.

You can pour 2 pumps of fertilizer onto the base of the stem. It has some other combination items so please check direct to product information.

Check Price in

10 . GrowBetter Organic Cactus & Succulent Fertilizer

It is used in both indoor and outdoor plants , It has organic ingredients and as the name suggests it is used in all types of succulent and cactus plants. Growbetter makes it for only Hardy plants. 

You can use it by dropping some pellets on the surface of soil or when you are repotting the plant you can use that time also. Water it so it sits on the soil perfectly. Please read instructions by growbetter so you shouldn’t get confused. It is a Certified organic product and very reliable. Aloe Vera, saguaros , yucca, and dragon fruit are some of the plants it has been used. Both Edible and non Edible plants are safe to use. It doesn’t have a bad smell so if you are allergic to fragrance that it’s good for you.

It is used like taking a teaspoon of growbetter fertilizer for every 2 inch pot or small pots. This will work for like2 months long. These same products can be used in any pot size. Now you know already, guessing that it is also a slow release fertilizer, yes it is. Read Steps on Its back of the packet.

Check Price in

11 . Easy Peasy Succulent Plant Food

This one is New and I would be giving it No. 2 Position But because it is new and I haven’t tried it so I can’t Answer. It has 4.5 star reviews and Those who have used it have had an awesome experience.

This one is safe to use and doesn’t burn your succulent foliage. All the instructions given at the is easy to follow and watering is normal. This is designed for both cactus and succulent plants , it also works for a longer period.

Check Price in

12 . Joyful Dirt Organic Plant Food

This one is Pure organic Plant food and it can be used in Outdoor garden plants and indoor succulent plants. You can use this when you water your plant. It is also safe for children and animals like cat, dogs.

Application is easy to follow , You need to shake it and put it on the soul then use water so that it mixes in Soil clearly.

It has mycorrhizae & other good nutrients that are important for plant growth and also to tolerate disease issues.

This is best for plants that have diseased or losing color, So it will result in increased foliage that is fresh and more green.

Check Price in

When to Fertilize Succulents?

It is very important to know when your plant needs fertilizer. There are so many varieties of succulent available in today’s World but still most have the same growing stage and when they are in dormant(sleep) period.

You are going fertilize succulents in either spring or fall, that is when they need it most , at the same time they are thriving to become more mature. Succulent don’t need fertilizer in winter as they become semi dormant , it was given in growing season only their is warmness & light available.

If fertilize in Winters then don’t forget to care for the succulent like giving them water and light as well. Succulent shouldn’t sit in soggy soil and place them in warm places that may help for growth. I am Telling you this because Only fertilizer is not enough.

You have to care for them at the same time. Before you apply fertilizer on your beautiful plant , always check its natural cycle that way you get an idea on when to fertilize it as this is different based on the variety of succulents.

Most preferred was early spring and till summer, There are some types which work in fall and winters. In case you apply it just after the dormant period then always make sure you give them proper water and light ,Check pot or container holes for water drainage issues.

You can give them parietal sunlight in winters and avoid deep dark areas as they need some light to dry up the soil ,this way roots can be saved from self damage on wet water.

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How to Fertilize Succulents?

Before going on How to fertilize succulents, Let’s Talk about the type of fertilizer available in markets and you may be using one of them and every one is different and produced by various brands.

List on Type of fertilizer:


This is the easiest and most used method to fertilize succulents and any other plant. Why am I Saying this because it has a spray bottle or Container which can be used to spray on the plant. Now You have full control over where you want to spread the fertilizer liquid. 

You may be spraying to the top layer of soil or may be exactly on the roots or where the shoots are growing. Pump and spray nozzle works the same , and you will be putting fertilizer directly onto the soil surface. If You have bigger succulents then it’s not enough as this has less liquid which can only be used in a 1 or 2 months for 2-3 plants only.

Concentrated Solution/Liquid

Here you can measure the exact amount on how much fertilizer is needed for a particular plant. A formulated liquid , that is for a special type of succulent, by measuring the amount you will be controlling it in a more calculative way. Like How Much Indian Gooseberry Juice (15-20mil) in a Glass of water required. You have a measuring tool to calculate this number where high fertilizer or low fertilizer are used depending on the type of plant. There are many factors you will be checking on how much water much water is needed, liquid solution and how often once a week or twice a week it should be given.

Most of the time, People who choose this type are applying it on every week by following the instruction.It is not only for succulent, there are millions of varieties of plants grown in the Planet Earth.

It looks like a complicated solution but it is used in a very controlled manner and very less amount is used so don’t worry about your plants getting burns or root rot.


These are the type of fertilizer which is generally called slow release because the nutrient dissolves slowly and takes time to mix with soil. If you put the pellets fertilizer today, the effect will be seen in upcoming days or many months as this requires regular water and also it will slowly work and doesn’t give the plant full nutrients in one day but takes days. This is useful in cases where plant needs small amount of fertilizer in one day and needed more after a week.

This fertilizer is in pellet form which is a round shaped ball having a special coating , it is also called extended or slow release fertilizer as nutrients are released on a day to day basis.

Always read the packet for instruction, and follow them. Basically you will be putting pellets on the soil surface and water it. Also I have Tried to Mix it with soil itself that is also worked. You can add it to 1 -2 inch of soil & water on that portion , it will slowly dissolve and provide nutrients to your plant.


These are similar to pellets and the only difference is these capsules will dissolve in the same day or 2 and all the fertilizer will be blended in soil. Make sure to water it and put them near the root or may be around the root.

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How often to Fertilize Succulents

Now if you chose your best fertilizer , you may have similar questions on how often to fertilize succulents. With My experience you can fertilize succulents as often as once every 15-16 days, especially if used something called manure tea which acts as a fertilizer for many succulents.

This worked fine and can increase the nutrient value in soil. Even If you fertilize once every year in spring then it would be fine. Many Succulents have spring to be its growing season so this is the best time to fertilize them.

There are some succulents which are winter growers , They may have a tendency to grow in Cold Winters so I recommend fertilizing them once a year in early fall or at the end of summers.

If you don’t choose manure tea for your new succulent then I suggest don’t use other fertilizer like slow release , this can burn the leaves or may harm the plant life,  Or you can use it in very less ratio also.

I have given the best list to make sure all our users get good reputed fertilizer. Also When You buy fertilizer , always read the instructions provided on the packet or you can also check on the internet. Some fertilizer works great and delivers nutrients to succulents very fast , other fertilizers are slow to make that happen and it takes longer time for them to actually reach the entire soil.


Many People Describe succulents as a Well thriving and Strong plants. They can tolerate many harsh conditions and the propagation also plays a big here. Many people think that these succulents are just ok without any fertilizers, But We(Lotusmagus) have seen them growing and flourishing faster & becoming more robust. Also Fertilizer Adds More strength to succulent and You may have seen some of the plants getting more green than others.

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