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China Doll Plant Pruning : When & How to Trim China Doll Plant

Our China Doll (Radermachia sinica) is a perfectly thriving Plant which is very easy to care for and can tolerate many climatic conditions indoors in your house although it’s an outside grower but it was adapted to both environments. It is from Asia particularly Taiwan and China, and these are more tropical plants so they need lots of sunlight and well drained, fertile soil to grow, giving them fertilizer will ensure they get proper nutrients and result in more bright foliage. They were trimmed occasionally and sometimes just to remove diseased,dead, drought branches as they may look ugly so pruning is necessary. To Make sure the plant thrives and stays bushy they need proper direct sunlight and growing them outside will do the work and if you grow them indoors buy a fluorescent light that will provide sufficient light. In case of low light you may need often pruning so it doesn’t become leggy that is uneven growth which kills plant often if not solved.

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China Doll Plant Pruning
Forest & Kim Starr, CC BY 3.0 US, via Wikimedia Commons

When to Prune China Doll plant

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It’s not hard to learn pruning and anyone can do that with basic knowledge. China doll plants can be trimmed any time if you see undesirable growth and basically you are saving your plant by doing this so don’t think if you are harming them. To know the actual time of pruning, understand when they started looking ugly and needed good pruning to shape them , that way you can again make them beautiful looking houseplant. This not only encourages plant overall growth but removes many problems. 

China Doll plant Pruning

If you didn’t notice but when growing them in low light or Dark shade area they may form leggy growth. If you don’t know the leggy condition it is when these two – leaves and branches have a thin layer growing between them and the distance is too far which makes them float down and not stay straight. It makes the whole plant ugly and as this exposes the layer.

You can solve it by giving them proper sunlight and increasing the light can prevent any further leggy growth. Secondly you can also start pruning  once you find out which part becomes leggy. Every 28 days you can find one stem which looks longer and cut it down and don’t worry this will again grow with a fresh stem.

If a Stem is not growing and becomes fragile, even if they broke from some point the whole length won’t grow any leaves. Remove the fragile , dry, diseased stems often and I suggest removing those who are growing in some other direction like if any stem needs to thrive from the left side and it is doing the opposite thing taking other stems space , then it should be removed to make our plant look graceful.

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China Doll Plant Pruning in case they show legginess and you have not been active in checking them daily So what to do. Trim branches that are connected to the main stem, and also you can see what are the branches that are too long to cut them also. Use a good pruning tool and always clean them first before using it to avoid any bacterial growth.

Make sure not to cut healthy smaller branches, after trimming they will propagate new growth and it’s the sign you pruned perfectly. Now Place it where there is a good amount of light. When growing indoors, a south facing window is a good location as this ensures it will get sufficient light. Also water it so it can recover from the pruning shock.

Now you have read about how and when to prune china doll plants , do it and always make sure they look graceful and well shaped , shiny. 


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