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Epsom Salt for Pest Control

If you are curious about whether Epsom salt for pest control can be used? Before that let me tell you epsom salt is made from magnesium , sulfur and water so the most important component in epsom salt is magnesium and it reduces the yellowing for some plants and can heal the plant health. But those who brought the epsom salt just like me are curious about the use of Epsom salt. This Magnesium sulfate helps plant take mineral easily. That’s why I would be giving all the answers below.

Epsom salt for pest control can be used and it can repel slugs, snails, beetles and many other gardening bugs and even then sometimes the normal white salt can kill these you won’t be using epsom salt in that case. Epsom yeast is used for plants so that it doesn’t harm plants and also provides all nutrients and improves bloom and foliage colors.

It was also used to get rid of ants and cutworms below  have given a full answer check out.

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Epsom salt for pest control

Epsom salt for pest control

Epsom salt for slugs

Yes Epsom Salt for slugs can be efficient in controlling and keeping them out. It’s a fence or barricade for them that they can’t enter. Apply Epsom salt on the edges or corners of your plants or in garden beds. It contains sulfur and magnesium that is useful in better foliage color and more blooms. You can easily get rid of slugs and your plants will also love these ingredients & it will just fulfill the nutrients.

Epsom salt for slugs

Does epsom salt kill ants

Yes, epsom salt can work on ants but not particularly get rid of them if the infestation is large. Mostly ants came for sugar type, even tea, bread with jam etc. The solution that works is using white vinegar and not epsom salt and if you really think they came because of sugar then wipe the area with detergent or mopping liquid. 

Ants make their way easily when they see sugar or any kind of food how they smell it it still a big theory but get rid of them is using epsom salt is not a effective way and if you don’t have anything just spray water I did it and and if your their line they will just disassemble or sometimes I use sanitizer and even add normal edible salt to make it effective for many pests. This is my personal trick, it works for me. Btw Here Sanitizer is Cheap So Lucky me.

Does epsom salt kill ants

Why does salt kill slugs

Salt kills slugs easily as this insect has water in its body and salt just reduces the amount of water from its body and the moist body of the slug can’t stay longer without water that results in instant kill and the reason behind it is dehydration. It’s very heartless, inhuman and vicious but sometimes you just have to do it for your plant so they can live longer and always stay healthy and produce diseased free foliage.

Epsom salt as pesticide

Epsom salt as a pesticide can work for particular insects like slugs, beetles, snails and it acts as a detergent for them. Names like Pest & Slug control are used and it is also useful for protecting vegetables without harming the growth. Sprinkling it on tomatoes as its own benefits. Use Single Cup of 230-240ml of epsom salt and 4-5 gallon water and that’s it you made the pesticide for plants and gardening pests both.

Magnesium can help the plant to grow much healthier. And Basically plant sucking pests will be out permanently for some time.

Epsom salt insect control

yes epsom salt can control insects like beetles , slugs and snails, can also work as ants but not that great. Same time it is useful for plant nutrition and its soil health. Insects are controlled from epsom salt solution and they won’t disturb the plants.

Epsom salt garden pests

garden pests like snails, slugs and beetles and many more can be controlled using epsom salt and liquid is effective in plant growth and repelling pests both. For slugs they are moist so the salt just sucks the water from its body and then slugs die. It’s unusual but it works.

Epsom salt for cutworms

Epsom salt used for cutworms to repel them from reaching the main plant, Making a circle of epsom salt on the topsoil layer of the plant will make sure the cutworm won’t foot on salt and this way it cannot walk further on shoots.


Will epsom salt kill maggots

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There are no specific details on maggots but you can use boiled water to kill maggots and even salt in higher quantity works for these kinds of pests. Even using boric acid which was used for rats and cayenne pepper can help to get rid of maggots.

Does epsom salt kill millipedes

I can’t comment whether epsom salt can kill millipedes but using apple cider vinegar which is detox for the body can be used. 

All and all if you really want to get rid of millipedes then buy hydrogen peroxide and take 1 cup and 4 cups of water and mix it and pour it on the soil. that’s it.

Does epsom salt kill fungus gnats

I can’t comment on epsom salt kill fungus gnats but yes a very popular solution for killing fungus gnats is using Neem oil, it will further deter these for a long time.

Does epsom salts kill grass

Epsom salt won’t kill grass as it can provide nutrients for plants to grow more health yes if you put epsom salt in large quantities then it can spoil the prosperous ratio which will be a problem but that’s why you have to read instructions.

Is epsom salt good for hostas


Yes, epsom salt is good for hostas and it fulfills the magnesium deficiency if your plant soil is not having enough nutrition. Epsom salt basic components like sulfur and magnesium are healthy for plants and will only boost its foliage and flowering growth, it will act as fertilizer same time as pesticide for some gardening bugs.

Wrap Up 

I hope you get the answer on “Epsom salt for pest control” and if you like to read more articles check below.



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