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China Doll Plant Feng Shui – Meaning

So if you are searching for china doll plant feng shui meaning and whether it is connected to the basic principles that needed to balance the nature and its surrounding but before that this plant is quite popular in United states because of its structure and grown just like a tree and has green appearance which is a environmental color that represents freshness, growth and harmony. It is also known by the emerald tree and has a scientific name called Radermachera sinica. Let’s Move to know the meaning.

China Doll Plant Feng Shui believes that Chi(Energy) forces can blend, agree and accommodate between the individual and the surrounding, Jade, Golden Pothos, Sage, Areca Palm air purifying plants that thrive best. Plants with round leaves have enriched, healthful and restorative energy that works best. China doll plant is amazing foliage indoor growing plant.

whether it is in good feng shui plant list or not I didn’t find anywhere on the internet but the basic principle says something denotes nature and creates a balance between environment and an individual life force. The green color in it says it all , because china doll plant leaves only have green color which shows color of life and prosperity. In some cases it was also used to represent peace and the beginning of new life.

Feng Shui Represents different principles that reflect nature or nature works.  It has bagua , 5 elements and commanding position.

how do you care for a china doll plant?
Photo by David J. Stang, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

In Commanding position where how your room should be setup in order to make sure your life’s aspects are clear and aligned like you shouldn’t place bed in front of door in a straight line , it should always be in diagonals so that you can see the door as well as everything from the bed where you use your sit or rest most of the time. Actually the position of your bed , desk and stove everything tells something about you and how your life would be. like desh denotes about your career likewise stove will tell about how your wealth can be.

Here Bagua is a floor plan which has eight areas which basically means what happens in your life and what are things connected to it. Like your family, fame, knowledge, children, career , wealth everything is different but still they are connected to you.

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The last is 5 elements which you may have heard if you ever watch anime series or any chinese Show and Yes they are precious earth elements. They are earth, fire, water , metal , wood.

If we go by general phenomenon you know earth has all these other 4 elements fire will come from lighting , water is earth 70% surface made from water. metals are food on earth, even wood can be found in the forest.

Same way how these 5 are connected, in feng shui these elements play a big role in life areas.

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