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26 Flowers That Start With A (Pink And White Perennials Plants)

Are you interested in Flowers that start with A? Before that let me tell you these flowers are charming and most grow in an outdoor environment. These plants start with the letter A. Below I have given the list of plants that are not only beautiful but relates to your name or your loved ones. Know lets find out about What flower starts with the letter A?

Flowers That Start With A

 1. Acacia Flower 

Flowers That Start With A Acacia Flower 

Acacia is one of the flower plants that can be found worldwide. It belongs to the Fabaceae family and originates from tropical and subtropical areas, particularly Africa and Australia.

This flower is known for its beauty and advantages. In Australia, Acacia is named wattle.  

The beautiful Acacia flower exists in five different genera- Acacia, Acaciella, Senegalia, Mariosousa, and Vachellia. 

  • Scientific Name: Acacia
  • Family: Fabaceae
  • Type: Perennial Plants
  • Flower Bloom: August and November

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2. African Lily

African Lily

African lily is another flower that begins with A. African Lily grows on rocky sandstone slopes and blooms from September to December every year in the region from Swellendam to Cape Peninsula.

This is an elegant flowering plant with eye-catching clusters of bright colors. African Lily is also known as the flower of love or Lily Of the Nile.

  • Scientific Name: Agapanthus
  • Family: Amaryllidaceae
  • Type: Perennial Plants
  • Flower Bloom: Late Fall to Winter

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3. Alstroemeria

Flowers That Start With A Alstroemeria

Alstroemeria is another pretty flower that begins with A. It is commonly known as Peruvian lily and is often planted commercially. Alstroemeria is a perennial, and the blooming flowers’ spikes are usually 12 to 24 inches high. This plant can be easily grown in pots.

Alstroemeria comes in various attractive colors, including red, orange, and cream. 

  • Scientific Name: Alstroemeria
  • Other Names: ily of the Incas, Peruvian lily
  • Family: Amaryllidaceae
  • Type: Perennial Plants
  • Flower Bloom: Summer season

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4. Aconite


The botanical name of Aconite is Aconitum. This flowery plant is commonly known as Wolf’s Bane and has more than 300 flower species.

Aconitum belongs to the Ranunculaceae family. This plant species originates from the cooler areas of the northern hemisphere. The blooming period of Aconitum usually starts in September and ends in November.

Aconite is a poisonous flower representing misanthropy, caution, and death. 

  • Scientific Name: Aconitum
  • Family: Ranunculaceae
  • Type: Perennial Plants
  • Flower Bloom: Spring


5. Ageratum


Ageratum is a flowery plant belonging to the family Asteraceae. This plant originates from Mexico, the United States, and Central America. The flowers form small hills or tussocks and boom up to 30 inches.

Ageratum is popularly known as the floss flower. The flowers produced by these plants are among the fluffiest and softest flowers, beginning with A.  These flowers usually come in pink and bicolor.

  • Scientific Name: Ageratum
  • Family: Asteraceae
  • Native: USA, Mexico
  • Type: Annual and Perennial Both
  • Flower Bloom: Late Spring to Fall

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6. Allium


Allium belongs to the family of plants, including garlic, onion, and chives. This plant belongs to the Amaryllidaceae family and has more than 800 species. Allium originates from the northern hemisphere, but now it can be found worldwide.

These flowers are found in various colors, shapes, and sizes. June and July are their blooming season if you want to plant Allium.

  • Scientific Name: Allium
  • Family: Amaryllidaceae
  • Type: Perennial Plants
  • Flower Bloom: Early Summer about 3-4 weeks

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7. Alchemilla


Alchemilla is a perennial flowery plant that belongs to the Rosaceae family. It is commonly named as Lady’s mantle. This herbaceous perennial plant is found throughout parts of Asia, Europe, and America. 

 The plant produces yellow-green flowers in color and blooms from early summer to fall.  

Alchemilla is used as a herb and is also used in foods. It is commonly used as a wound healer. 

  • Scientific Name: Alchemilla
  • Family: Rosaceae
  • Type: Perennial Plants
  • Flower Bloom: Late spring to early summer

 8. Anthurium


The botanical name of Anthurium is Anthuriumandraeanum. It is a unique flower starting with the letter A. These flowers are very popular among flower lovers due to their unique shape and color.

Anthurium is a perennial type of plant that blooms throughout the year. These red, tiny, heart-shaped flowers add to the beauty of your garden.

  • Scientific Name: Anthuriumandraeanum
  • Family:  Araceae
  • Type: Perennial Plants
  • Flower Bloom: All year bloom and if the flower comes it stays for 2-3 months.

9. Amaryllis


Amaryllis is also known as belladonna lily and is commonly known as the naked lily plant. This plant originates from South Africa and is a subtribe of Amaryllidinae. It is one of the most beautiful flowers that start with A.

These beautiful flowers are funnel-shaped and found in red or white colors. The blooming period for Amaryllis is from March to October.

  • Scientific Name: Amaryllis belladonna
  • Family: Amaryllidaceae
  • Type: Perennial Plants
  • Flower Bloom: Late winters till  June.

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10. Alyssum


Alyssum or Sweet Alyssum is one of the most beautiful flowers that start with A. The plant type is Herbaceous perennial and native to Asia, Europe, Northern Africa, and the Mediterranean region.

These cute small flowers come in pink, white, and purple colors. It makes a colorful carpet of small flowers that can be used as a blanket to cover your garden or landscape.

  • Scientific Name: Brassicaceae
  • Family: Alyssum montanum
  • Type: Perennial Plants
  • Flower Bloom: June to Oct

11. Aster


Aster is one of the most colorful flowers that begin with A. Asteraceae is the botanical name of Aster. These pretty flowers combine tiny tubular blooms and a yellow disk at the center and are surrounded by soft purple petals. They look similar to daisies. 

Aster is a perennial type of plant and blooms from March to September.

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12. Agapanthus


Agapanthus is one of the prettiest flowers, starting with the letter A. This beautiful flower is commonly known as the Lily of the Nile. It belongs to the flowering plant family Amaryllidaceae.

These flowers are found in a variety of heights and colors. Usually, these flowers come in purple and blue colors. Agapanthus could be a beautiful addition to your garden.

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13. Anemone


Anemone is another beautiful flower that begins with A. It belongs to the buttercup family Ranunculaceae. These flowers are commonly known as windflowers. Anemone has more than 120 species from Europe, Japan, and North America.

The blooming period of an Anemone is from March to May. Anemone comes in a variety of beautiful colors, from white to purple.  

14. African Daisy

African Daisy

The botanical name of the African daisy is Osteospermum. African daisy belongs to the daisy family Asteraceae. It is a perennial type of plant that blooms from May to September.

African daisies are also known as daisy bushes. These flowers come in vibrant colors, including pink, white, purple, orange, yellow, and bicolor. Africa daisy is one of the decorative flowers that start with A.

15. Angelonia


Angelonia is also known as the Summer Snapdragon, and it originates from Mexico and Argentina. Flowers bloom in these plants from September to December.

This is an herbaceous flowering plant that is planted in arid or semi-arid habitats. It is one of the purple flowers that start with A.

16. Amaranthus


Amaranthus is commonly known as Love Lies Bleeding because of its exotic-looking tassels and blood-red foliage. These flowers are perfect to use in flower arrangements and can be used as amazing pot plants. Amaranthus belongs to the family Amaranthaceae and is one of the attractive flowers starting with the letter A. 

17. Astilbe


Astilbe is a perennial plant commonly known as false goat’s beard and false spirea. These plants belong to Saxifragaceae and are native to woodlands and mountain ravines in Asia and North America.

These flowers bloom from June to August. Astilbe is a very low-maintenance plant and makes perfect cut flower bouquets.

18. Arum Lily

Arum Lily

Arum Lily is also known as Calla Lily. This plant belongs to the family Araceae. These flowers are native to Malawi and Southern Africa. The blooming period for Arum lily starts in March and ends in May. Arum Lily is often planted as shrubs and is usually used in making bouquets. These flowers have a sweet and sometimes unpleasant smell. 

19. Armeria Maritima

Armeria Maritima

Armeria Maritima is commonly known as sea thrift the thrift or sea pink. This flowery plant belongs to the family Plumbaginaceae and is one of the flowers that start with A.

This is an evergreen perennial plant found in Europe and the Mediterranean. Armeria Maritima is rounded in shape and comes in various colors, including red, white, and pink.  

20.  Anthericum

H. Zell, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Anthericum is a rhizomatous perennial plant belonging to Asparagaceae that blooms from August to April. It looks adorable due to its beautiful white-colored lily-like flowers and attractive grass-like leaves.   

There are more than 50 species of Anthericum. This is one of the most beautiful flowers that start with A.

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21. Aster(New England)

New England Aster 'Purple Dome'
Drew Avery, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Aster is a flowering plant belonging to the family Asteraceae. It consists of around 170 species. This plant is found in a range of sizes and is easy to grow.

Aster comes in a variety of colors, such as white, pink, blue, and violet. These flowers usually bloom from March to September. Aster is also known as Michaelmas Daisy.

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22. Adriatic Bellflower

Adriatic Bellflower
Meneerke bloem, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The botanical name for Adriatic Bellflower is Campanula Garganega. This is an annual type flowery plant that blooms from June to September. These beautiful purple flowers start with A.

Adriatic Bellflower is an amazing plant that can grow well in any soil, even in alkaline soil. This flowery plant is well known for its self-fertile nature. 

 23. Azalea

そらみみ, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

This is another flower beginning with A. Azalea, a flowering shrub that belongs to the family Ericaceae. These flowers bloom in Southern Hemisphere in October and November and Northern Hemisphere in April and May.

Azaleas attract pollinators like hummingbirds. These flowers come in nature in a wide range of colors and heights. 

24. Anise Hyssop

Anise Hyssop

Anise Hyssop is another flower that starts with A. The botanical name for these flowers is Agastachefoeniculum. This flowery plant belongs to the mint family.

This flowery plant is also known as giant blue hyssop, fragrant giant hyssop, and giant lavender hyssop.

25. Abutilon


Abutilon is basically a shrub that blooms in the summers. The flower produced by this plant varies in color. Abutilon flowers can be found in white, blue, orange, or purple color.

These flowers are saucer-shaped and have hairy leaves. Abutilon may grow up to 15 feet.

26. Ajuga


  • Scientific Name: Ajuga
  • Family:  Lamiaceae
  • Type: Perennial Plants
  • Flower Bloom: may to June
  • Use: Ground Cover

Pink flowers that start with a

Pink flower that start with A is Azalea. It symbolize beauty, joy and feminine. It is shurb belongs to genus Rhododendron, that comes in different colors and shapes. Some azliea varitey are short bloomers while there are double shot azaleas that reblooms because it beaitifies to make it evergreen with lots of different shape and colors bloom. They mostly bloom near the spring and summer anmd some of its vaireties are capable in producing flower as early as the start of the new year.

White flowers that start with a

There are few white flwoers that start with a includes Alyssum, Anemone, African Daisy, Anthericum. They generally has white flowers, some are small and some have different flowoers of white and yellow colors producing from the same plant.
These plants can tolreate diffeerent climate condiitons and easy to grow if you are a beginner.

Perennial flowers that start with A

Perennial flowers that start with A are Asparagus fern, Amaryllis, African Lily, Achillea millefolium,Acaena inermis ‘Purpurea’, Acanthus (Acanthus mollis, Acorus calamus, Aconite, Angelonia , Acaena microphylla ; (Bronze New Zealand Burr), Acanthocalycium glaucum (Acanthocalycium glaucoma), Alstroemeria and so on. These flwoers are easy to grow and can be placed indoor as well as outdoors. Flowers need Sunlight and water requiremnt you just have to fill that to make sure they grow healthy.

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