How to Prune Wandering Jew – Tradescantia Cutting Guide

Wandering Jew is a houseplant with 3 main varieties and it’s not one plant but three different plants collectively known by the binomial name Tradescantia. It grows fast and it can develop roots from each of the stem node. They are generally used to be in hanging pots and the stems hangs on the bottom. They look natural and fresh in their appearance. As You know they are fast growing plants so you need to trim them often . Lets understand how to prune Wandering Jew and how to take good care of this lovely plant.

How to Prune Wandering Jew? To Reduce wandering Jew size just Prune back all the longer stems and also if it has some dried , diseased leaves then trim those stems also. Start from the tips and cut back how much you want to shorten them. Before doing any heavy trimming you need to sterilize your cutting tool so it’s free from any bacterial infection so it doesn’t infect our wandering Jew. Mostly they are pruned in spring or summer as that is the best time to prune and these plants easily regrow and recover from the shock of trimming. Also One great thing about cutting is you can propagate this plant to make a new one just with the 3-5 inch stem.

If you have overgrown wandering Jew then share with neighbors and friends these amazing plants can help them for ground cover or can be used as hanging pots in the balcony, they look fantastic and eye-catching.

You can replace your old plant with new plant when doing propagation if one become unhealthy or woody. When you are propagating, cutting can also be put on water as it can root inside of water as well. wandering Jew survive harsh pruning because it revives quickly with care. Let’s talk about Caring for wandering Jew.

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How to Care Wandering Jew

When these plants are placed in full sun, they lose the foliage color, & then you need to do extra work to prune them. Wind is not a problem for them but you should do watering more often specially wandering Jew are propagated or at the time of rooting. They prefer bright light and no direct sun, keep them in shade with morning sun. 

When you grow bulk stems which are way too long , then some of them might lose their leaves as nutrients won’t reach them. Limiting stems can transfer  nutrients to other larger stems . Just prune 1-2 stems every 30 days so the other stem gets benefit or just completes your 8-10 hanging stem. Also Remove the older one and give a chance to a new one. You can do that, it promotes healthy stems to be shown and older to be pruned , and newer to get a chance to grow. Also Most of the time when you cut a stem , it creates 2 new branches and regrows. These cuttings you just take out can be propagated in water and soil both. 

Pruning wandering Jew keeps the plant healthy and encourages vigorous growth which is full of nutrients and energy.

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