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Wandering Jew Plant Propagation in Water and Soil(Full Guide)

If you are searching for Wandering Jew Plant Propagation so before that let me tell you Tradescantia zebrina or Wandering Jew plant is an evergreen ground cover and hanging plant. It is popular because its foliage seems like zebra stripes where one color is white and another is purplish. But as you know this plant also grows faster and becomes invasive if not pruned. By doing pruning you can also take out 2 set stems for wandering jew plant propagation, This inch plant likes warm climate and they are very easily grown , even if you are a beginner you can take out the cutting and propagate it. USDA zone 9 to 11 preferred for these plants Read on.

Wandering Jew Plant Propagation

Tradescantia zebrina propagation can be grown in water and soil both, Cuttings are easy to grow  and don’t require any additional rooting hormones for faster rooting. Here are the steps for wandering jew plant propagation:

Step 1: Firstly Sterilize the Pruner or blade so it cleans the bacteria. Now Take a cutting of a long stem about 5-6 inch , It can even grow in a 3 inch stem. While cutting make sure to cut just below a wandering jew node of the leaf and do a 45 degree angle cut for faster root development. Even If you did not cut on this angle still it will do the job No worries if you don’t wanna go into technical.

Step 2: Prepare Potting Mix and use any soil , wandering jew cuttings works with any soil. But Make sure to Mix 20% of perlite or peat moss into the soil so it increases drainage. Remove bottom 2 inch leaves from the cutting. Take Your Cutting and Put inside the pot. Fill pot with potting mix till 1-2 inch below the top. You can also put 2 more stem cuttings by doing holes in the topsoil if you have a larger pot. Now Gently pat the soil with your hand so it flatten the soil surface. 

Step 3: Now pour water until it leaks out of the drainage hole that is the indication it reaches to the bottom and drainage is good enough for the plant. Keep giving it water and don’t make them soggy by overwatering. They need moist soil when rooting. In 30-40 days you will see its growth. New leaves will develop and it starting growing again , becoming a new plant.

wandering jew cuttings also Propagate in water , Here are the things you need.

  • A glass a water
  • Pruner/ Sharp Blaze

Below is the inch plant propagation Guide check. I am Written Steps for everyone can simple understand.

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How to Propagate wandering jew plant
T.Voekler, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

How to Propagate Wandering Jew in Water

Step 1: Take out 3-5 inch cutting from wandering Jew plant and make sure it’s healthy free from any external damage. Remove 2 inch leaves from the bottom of the 5 inch stem of the Spiderwort/Inch plant. 

Step 2: Now Cutting should be placed inside the water and make sure only the bottom 2 inch stem is in water and not the whole stem. It takes 7-10 days for rooting to appear so wait for it , new roots will develop soon.

Step 3: Change water in glass every 2-3 days because the stem will absorb all the nutrients from the water so it needs fresh water. Also water gets dirty after a few days so changing will help the plant from any external bacterial or fungal infection.

Step 4: When your wandering jew cuttings has successfully developed roots, and it is already 2 weeks. Now you can change the medium to soil and grow in soil. make sure to use a well draining potting mix.

Now You have learned both the tradescantia zebrina propagation techniques, feel free to share it with the needy. Lotusmagus.com has written detailed information because it confuses many people so we tried our best to explain this in words.

Wandering Jew Plant Propagation
Bastenbas, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Spiderwort Propagation tools:

  • Pair of Pruners/ Sharp blade – to cut the stems.
  • Rubbing alcohol – to sterilize the pruner and make it clean for cuttings. 

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After Wandering Jew Plant Care

These plants thrive in warm climates and love indirect light. wandering jew plant grow in any soil type but you need to put perlite to avoid any draining issues. They generally like moist soil so keeping them moist will make them grow for a long time. don’t make them completely dry or completely wet. You should always check dryness in soil before watering, check 2 inch soil if it is dry then only pour some water. You can feed slow release fertilizer in wandering jew for its overall growth. Feeding them every 1.5 month in the growing season can help them shine better. Use only 50% of the fertilizer and not the full. These plants are fast growing so pruning is also important and you should often do that to make it in manageable size and to avoid any leggy stem.

Wrap Up

I Hope you get the solution by reading all the problems I provided on “Wandering Jew Plant Propagation “, If you want to see other posts please check below.

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