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Is Plant a Living Thing? Or Nonliving – (Know Why Its Called)

Are you studying about plants did you got question about it why leaves are green or may be why is plant a living thing just like human! These question have answer just below you can Read on.

Is Plant a Living Thing?

Plant is considered as living thing because going to the definition of living thing – One who can breath, eat ,reproduce & grow are considered living. Plants as living things make their own food using photosynthesis process on leaves. Plants gets everything from soil and sunlight. Its root used to spread water to every part of the plant and they grow just as living thing.

Nutrients are also it gets from soil. They reproduce through pollination and also self pollination. Same as human they feel cold , hot temperature , they gets disease and also medicine like pesticides to control the damage. They can’t move on their own but they reach to the sunlight using the roots or branches. This term called alive can also be used for animals and plant that are dead but still they counted as living things.

A ocean is a example where every fish , plant considered as living but stone, wood, metal, air, sunlight considered as non living. These things doesn’t react to anything that is why it is said to be in non living category. Even after plant not alive, it was used as Plant Food fertilizer for other plants and this same thing provide nutrients which are important for plants growth.

Is Plant a living thing
Is Plant a Living Thing

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As you know Animals Like Mammals, Amphibians, birds that are alive and even if they are dead still they counted as living being because they eat food, breath air, walk , fly , most importantly they move from one place to another.We have example of every genera of Plants like mosses, trees, palms, shrubs, vines, ferns they are alive and they do reproduce , they regrow, life for them is limited for like 1 year and some even lived for like 100-1000 years.

Things like Bacteria, Fungus which are naturally made are also alive.And when we talk about Non Living things , these are the things we may know – Sunlight, water, air, rocks they are not alive, they can eat food, they can’t reproduce.

You may also encounter a question like do plants are living things or living beings? So to give this answer let’s first try to think, do plants understand anything, do they say anything or do they have any thought process so the answer is no they don’t have anything like that. That is the simple answer why they are called living things. When we talk about living beings we generally refer to human beings as we have thought processes and understanding.

A living thing or being is made up of cells or groups of cells and that way a chemical process happens and which makes living beings or living things. Plants, animals, and humans all have cells. There is one more question do Plants are living organisms? so the answer is yes they are and let me explain. A living organism is something taken birth on earth , grows throughout life then starts to fade and die.

This process happens also they may reproduce  and a new baby plant born just like we humans produce children. These major things happen that denote a plant as a living organism.

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