String of Buttons Propagation – How to Take Cuttings & Regrow it

String of Buttons Propagation is easy and any beginner gardener can do that before that let me tell you these plants have very unique appearance and grow very fast. They are succulents with button shaped leaves and for propagation it can be done with little knowledge. Now lets check steps about propagating string of buttons:

String of Buttons Propagation

Propagating string of button is easy and it can be propagated using scissors but before that make sure to sterilize(clean) it. Here are the steps to propagate string of buttons:

1 .  Take a Fresh Cutting.

Cutting can be taken under the first leaf or you can cut about 2-3 inch stem.

2 . Always Check if cutting is green or not.

Most people who make the mistake of cutting a brown or drought stem get a hard time in growing these string of buttons. Take a cutting which is fresh , soft and most important green , it means that it’s healthy.

3 . Now Prepare soil mix.

Use succulent and cactus mix 2/3 and 1/3 would be perlite for better drainage and mix it well and you are done and made well drained soil.

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4 . Choose a Pot.

Select any pot , if you take 3-4 cutting then use a large pot , otherwise a small pot can do the job.

5 . Moisture it.

Give water to soil properly so it gets moist. This will help to grow roots much faster.

Now you have successfully grown new plants and learned propagation.

String of Buttons Propagation
Magnus Manske, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

String of Buttons Care

To care for this plant make sure to properly get to know this plant more as this one is a winter grower and in summer it goes to dormancy period so that time you won’t see any growth.

Below I Have given Video you can get all such information there if you don’t want to read much.

Follow the string of buttons Care:


These succulents can grow in 60-70 °F  and are comfortable growing. But once the temperature drops to below 40°F, then it needs warmth otherwise it might freeze.


The string of buttons can grow in well drained soil with a good pot having proper holes in it. You can prepare its soil which is 2/3 of succulent and cactus soil mix and 1/3 would be perlite for perfect draining of water.


It is a winter season plant, Water once a week in summers and always check the dryness of water before the next watering session. They don’t like to sit in soggy soil so don’t put lots of water. In winters give them regular water.


String of buttons can grow in full sun and partial shade. Morning full sun can be good for these plants and time would be around 2-4 hours of light daily can be sufficient otherwise find a partial shade location where it gets some light.

When I said full sun it means they can grow but protect them from burning the leaves. It will tolerate some level of sunlight but not the summer sun which is very hot.


You can apply pruning in this plant which can help them grow more. To remove the old and pale leaves trimming is needed and can be applied so we get a nice looking healthy succulent plant. 


I have given the full method below and just want to tell you it is extremely easy to prune strings of buttons.


Although this plant doesn’t need much repotting until 1.5 years but if your pot soil is covered with a lot of stem and no space to grow another then you should repot it in a bigger sized pot. Otherwise you might see leaves getting pale afterwards.


This plant may find infiltration by mealybugs and rarely by aphids , but you can solve this issue by using home soap and cleaning its leaves . For organic solution which is available in market and online sites you can go with the pesticide , I am using Bonide NEEM oil pesticide which works for most pests, and it not only works for succulent but many other plants.

About String of Buttons

It has triangle shape leaves which are a more bright green cream combination. Most succulents are from South Africa and it is also native to African region. They were found on the sides of rocks and it blooms till fall. It is quite a rich looking plant, lovely to put them in a book shelf and for other decorative purposes. String of button size is 18″ long and it comes with a 3-4″ pot. The Growth rate is very fast on these succulent plants that is why many people love to grow them , so it was easy for Caring and propagating.


The string of buttons price is around approx $5 to 10$ varies in different Ecom websites.



Please Watch the video for easy to know caring Guide. 

If you want to buy Cactus and Succulent Soil Mix, Links are just above and also for the Pesticide as well.


It is faster growth and can be propagated easily , looks good , best on place this indoors for decoration when guests came by. Mostly I like the look of these plants and also they are faster compared to other succulents.

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