Mother Of Thousands Plant – Spiritual Meaning, Benefits, Care

Mother of Thousands is a Succulent plant and it is known for the baby plantlets it produces in a single leaf, and the whole plant Looks attractive with these tiny baby plants. It is Extremely easy to grow this plant and caring is also a beginner thing that anyone can do.

There are some Articles which mention that don’t Buy mother of thousands because they are very easy to propagate also, If the Owner is good & consistent about caring for them it will thrive beautifully.

Not to get Confused with the names as this has 4 common names it is called including Devil’s backbone, Mexican hat plant and alligator plant and lastly mother of thousands plant. The Scientific name is Kalanchoe daigremontiana and it belongs to Crassulaceae Family and it is previously known by the name Bryophyllum daigremontianum in educational books.

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Family Crassulaceae
Scientific Name Kalanchoe Daigremontiana
Other Names Mexican hat, Devil’s backbone and alligator plant
Native Madagascar
USDA Hardy Zone 9 -11
Light Morning Full sun / Partial Light
Height 3-4 feet
Width 9-12 inch
Fertilizer Liquid based
Soil Well Drained
Toxicity Leaves According to FDA

Mother of Thousands Care

Indoor and Outdoor caring is easy but approach to both is different outside the garden. Let’s talk about different caring aspects of mother of thousands Succulent plant:


Use Perlite(30%) and Succulent-Cactus Soil(70%) to mix them properly, This will make you a well drained soil. Perlite will increase the drainage and air circulation inside soil for roots. Succulent soil mixture is to make sure water retain in soil for a certain time so plant gets enough water to thrive and grow perfect

Mother Of Thousands Watering

Basically Watering only works if you have well drained soil , and sufficient holes in the pot for drainage. Mother of thousands gets angry if you make them stay on the water so avoid overwatering and every time you give water to them make sure to check the soil if its 1-2 inch Moist then don’t give water, wait till next day for it to dry. Overwatering is a serious problem in this succulent and plants may die because of it.

In winter they are in dormant periods where they rest and sleep, so water very less or just spray them and only make them moist and not wet. They like warmness in winter.


Cold temperatures are highly disliked by mother of thousands of plants and You Shouldn’t Place them where temperature is below 3-40° F. Best temperature for this succulent is above 61 F and it can tolerate 75 F easily.

The USDA hardiness zone for this plant is 9 to 11. These zones are preferred by people who grow them outdoors.


This plant can grow without any extra plant food but if you have one or want to provide better nutrients to your succulent then use it every 2-3 month , Here I am using Cacti, Aloe Fertilizer.

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Partial Or bright light is fine with this succulent and you should avoid afternoon sun as that may burn the leaves in placed in hot summer. Location wise it is best to grow in a container or pots in the shade or corner of the house where light only comes for 2-3 hours a day. Also Don’t Shift them Deep Dark Area , It might lose green vegetation.

Although it is true that it can tolerate some sort of full sun , it again doesn’t harm the mother of thousands of leaves.

In winter if you can place them in some warm area that can help them to be healthy , it would be great.


Growing them in normal room temperature is fine with them and it can adjust to low to moderate humidity easily.

Growth Rate

When you plant baby plantlets , it takes 2 weeks to grow 2-3 inch and 2 months to become enough of a plant and 6 months to actually call it a mature plant.


Mother of thousands can grow about a height of 2-3 feet tall and its leaves are 4-10 inches long. The average plant height most people see early is 1 feet.

mother of thousands

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Mother of Thousands Plant Spiritual Meaning

Mother of Thousands plant spiritual meaning is believed to bring good luck and prosperity to those who cultivate it. It symbolizes abundance and growth, representing wealth and prosperity. In Chinese tradition, it is referred to as “thousands and millions of crimson and purple,” emphasizing its association with affluence.

Additionally, the Mother of Thousands plant symbolizes endurance and perseverance due to its ability to thrive in harsh conditions. Its resilience serves as an inspiration for individuals to persevere through challenges.

Spiritually, the plant is believed to have protective qualities, warding off negative energies and creating a positive and harmonious environment in homes and offices.

Apart from its spiritual significance, the Mother of Thousands plant is also known for its medicinal properties. It is believed to possess anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties, aid in preventing premature labor, and promote healthy skin.

Cultivating the Mother of Thousands plant is relatively easy, making it suitable for indoor and outdoor gardening. Its ability to propagate through plantlets growing on its leaves adds to its appeal for plant enthusiasts.

Mother of Thousands Propagation

Mother of thousands propagation is easy and beginner friendly. How Propagation is using a the baby mother of thousands plantlet its easy yes it looks like something big but these baby plants are propagated further to make a new plant. So why we needed mother of thousands plant propagation? To give thousands succulent a new life and many people find out that these mother of thousands plant lose their ability to grow seeds & that makes them fully dependent on plantlets or baby plants. These are generally tiny plants, sometimes look like flowers growing on the leaves. It’s Good Step if you do propagate because These succulents sometimes start to fade or wilt because of the problems like overwatering and heavy sunlight & owners’ fault for not caring about this plant. Even you can get this plant for free, by going to your neighbor or friend’s house and taking out the plantlets from there and planting in your garden.

Here is instruction on How to Propagate Mother of Thousands:

1 . Take out Plantlets from the Mature Plant.

Firstly You don’t need pruning shears here and your hand is enough to do the job. Take out the baby mother of thousands , it is called plantlets which look like tiny flowers growing on the edge of the border of the leaves.

2 . If you are propagating, Take two, three plantlets.

Although these succulent have 90% success rate of growing but if it doesn’t grow then we should take backup plantlets with us to make sure the chances of success are high.

3 . You can easily Find Where the baby plants are.

Without even a graphic or photograph , I can verbally tell you Where and how you can find out where those tiny plantlets are. It’s growing in leaves cover , looking like tiny flowers or plants.

4 . Now Prepare the Soil Mix and Ensure they get Maximum benefits from it.

Choosing the best soil mixture is important , And I am Using Succulent and Cactus mix with perlite. That should be mixed very well and use your hands or wear gloves to do it.

5 . Just Sow the Plantlets and Water it gently.

Time for Plantlets to put them in soil, Remember carefully give them water. And other days only spray the water , Don’t Spoil the placement of these plantlets.

6 . Enjoy and Next time you don’t have to buy it.

When you try for the first time to propagate mother of thousands and successfully create a new plant you learn. Now you can do it on your own and never buys a new thousands plant because they keep growing and One good thing about these plants is they make plantlets in high numbers so it’s easy for cultivator or gardener to propagate it.

7 . Don’t Forgot to Water them and Sunlight.

Give them water on a consistent basis whenever they want it. Always check soil before giving them plenty of water once they grow. Grow them outdoors where they only receive morning sunlight and indoors you can place them near the south facing window. Read my Caring Guide for Light Requirement. This is how you can propagate succulent plants.

How to Repot Mother of Thousands Plant

Once your Plant grow to certain size, Like if it is about 4-5 month old and you want to put them in bigger pot for further growth, Here is Instruction what you can do:

  • Take a Spoon or Screwdriver , and slowly remove soil near the stem.
  • Gently remove more soil until Take out plant with your hand. If it doesn’t get wet, keep digging soil until soil loses the root.
  • Prepare your Soil mix and Bigger container , Put your plant there.
  • Now Moist it and give it plenty of water for the first time , After days. reduce the watering and only give them water when required.
  • Place it in a corner or shade area where it only receives partial sunlight and no direct sun rays.
  • Always check soil before water if it’s dried or not. Don’t make your mother of thousands succulent stay on soggy soil.

Mother Of Thousands Pruning

Mother of thousands plants can grow as tall as 3 feet and doing pruning is the only way to control its over growth. Yes mother of thousands have uncontrolled growth that is why you need to trimming every 6-9 months & in the process of cutting you can take out baby offshoots & make new mother of thousands plant. If you avoid pruning they will become big with that most leaves might drop on ground and then you need time to do cleaning as more n more leaves fall. For Avoid any pest and fungal disease we pruning the dead foliage and any leaf that are diseased.

Here is the step by step instruction on how to prune Mother of thousands:

1 . Find Dried stem, leaves, overgrown long vine.

You need to find some of the stems that already lose their green stem color and become orange , some stems that are too long and curling can also be removed. Some Leaves that are dried , wilted or diseased can be removed.

2 . Use Pruning Shears For the Good Cutting.

You should have a pair of pruning shears so you can cut down every diseased , long ugly stem and leaves that are looking bad or overgrown.

3 . Multiple shoots/stems can be cut down.

If you find multiple stems in a single pot , and there’s no space left for the new root to come up , it’s time you prune some of the stems from baseline.

4 . After pruning, Clean the area.

Now it’s time you clean the whole area so it doesn’t look ugly.

5 . Water it so it can recover from pruning shock.

Keep it moist and place it in a partial warm area.

6 . Enjoy You can Successfully in Trimming overgrown Succulent.

Pruning of mother of thousands can be done in every 6-10 months when there is excessive growth. I recommend this plant to be short as it looks like and beautiful, that is why I prune them when I see overgrowth. Don’t Prune them in winters. You can wait for winters to go away and can do it on growing season.

Mother of Thousands Varieties

Mother of thousands plant have more than 29 varieties each of them is strong and don’t get pests infestation so no need for pesticide. Most of them discovered in African region and all belong to the same family which is the Crassulaceae, generally this type of species group is called by the name Bryophyllum. Here are the most popular once Listed below :

  • Bryophyllum gastonis-bonnieri (Kalanchoe gastonis-bonnieri)
  • Bryophyllum fedtschenkoi (Kalanchoe fedtschenkoi)

Bryophyllum fedtschenkoi is a cultivated variety and it has metallic greenish color on its leaves. When exposed to direct sun this variety will turn into red or pink because of the water loss. It produces flowers that have brown to reddish color having bell type shaped.

Bryophyllum fedtschenkoi is also known by the name gray sedum, kalanchoe stonecrop, south american air plant, aurora-borealis. These names are based on the region specific.

  • Bryophyllum pinnatum (Kalanchoe pinnata)
  • Bryophyllum delagoense (Kalanchoe delagoensis)
  • Bryophyllum х houghtonii (Kalanchoe х houghtonii)

Bryophyllum х houghtonii is discovered in the south african region, particularly madagascar. Mostly it is cultivated in tropical climatic regions that have a V shaped foliage, these plants spread and grow in roadsides seen in many tropical countries.

Bryophyllum х houghtonii is known by the name Mexican hat plant, Devils backbone(quite impressive name), Good luck plant and also mother of millions hybrid.

spiritual meaning of kalanchoe flower

Most Searched Questions:

Mother of Thousands dying

There are many reasons and the same as in every plant owner’s less care can reduce plant life to some months. The most common and talked reason why your mother of thousands dying because of overwatering, underwatering or may be excess heat or warm days dried them and absorbed the water retention and it makes them plant wilt & no care after this led to the plant die. Only Owner can save this plant with consistent and proper care.

Mother of Thousands Plant Turning Yellow

If your Mother of Thousands Plant leaves turn yellow at the same time curling also then it may happen when too much water is poured into them which makes the roots getting rot, In that case place them in an area where it gets 3 hours sun straight. 

If Water is too much , the check pot has hole in it which shouldn’t be blocked by sand, else it’s a draining issue which causes water to stay on the soil. Make sure not to put them in full sun as this may cause the plant to limp.

Remember this plant can  recover with time , and it’s hard for plants to die , It has a higher success rate of survival. Don’t Use fertilizer also if it’s happening, Over Fertilizer can easily kill any plant.

Mother of Thousands Plant Flower

The flower blooms on this plant is not a popular thing as all creditably and fame goes to the baby plantlets and they gets all the attention being on the attractive foliage. Flowers are meaningless when there is no use and don’t have any eye-catching attractiveness on them, they do look fabulous but if they don’t blossom how can someone see them.

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Mother of Thousands Plant Benefits

Mother of thousands benefits come from its leaves that help them as a shortage of water. They used to store most of the water that you can feel when you touch them, it’s cold. Mother of thousands have medicinal uses including anti inflammatory, antimicrobial and anticancer properties. Million plants in Dry Climate or No rainy days would retained water in its leaves that can be used for its survival for months.

Housing.Com mentions that the Mother of Thousands plant is thought to assist pregnant women avoid premature hard work, possesses anti-most cancers traits, has anti-inflammatory houses, and is excellent for decorative makes use of.

Dinafem.Org highlights the enormous recuperation spectrum of this plant, that is considered powerful within the remedy of situations together with rheumatism, infection, and excessive blood strain.

According to Plants Craze, the Mother of Thousands plant gives blessings like supporting save you untimely hard work, anti-most cancers houses, skin care blessings, and anti-inflammatory results.

Concordia University Wisconsin News mentions that the Mother of Thousands plant has been concerned in diverse medicinal usages in many cultures, which include wound-restoration, anti-cancer, and anti inflammatory properties.

Zalicosmetics.Com lists blessings for the skin, including lowering wrinkles, treating sunburns, restoration warts, helping in the recuperation of painful wounds, and serving as a herbal muscle relaxant.

AZ Animals notes that the Mother of Thousands plant is considered lucky and symbolizes accurate fortune and goodwill, making it a significant and ever-changing plant.

In Some cultures mother of thousands are used to treat various medical problems including common coughs, healing of wounds, having some properties that can prevent cancer damage, and have benefits like anti-inflammatory properties. Its study is limited but the initial finding shows antimicrobial benefits of its extraction. It would still provide the support to heal certain problems.(SOURCE)

Lotusmagus don’t recommend using any plant extraction for treatment to various human issues so we only publish things that are written in Educational websites.

Mother of thousands have an advantage over other houseplants that use CAM technique to conserve water that could be lost in the hottest months of June and July in Summer.

This same mechanism is used to benefit the human world because at night most plants produce CO2 at night but in case of mother of thousands it absorbs CO2 at night which is a good thing and the next day it is able to release oxygen.

Knowledge FACT: A tree called Peepal Tree produce oxygen day and night using CAM mechanism where it does photosynthesis at night and release clear oxygen.

Kalanchoe delagoensis benefits

According to research gate, Kalanchoe is a perennial plant that is used to treat problems like rheumatoid arthritis, gastric ulcer, kidney stones and more. According to scialert, another plant called kalanchoe pinnata has anticancer properties, treating for antidepressant, bacterial infections and more.


Lotusmagus and many people have found this plant to be amazing as this is widely popular among cultivator because of its easy to grow aspect which is likable by every generation, very much recoverable plant, There are lots of baby plants it produce that that makes more than 30-60+ plants that is why it amaze us.

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