Schefflera Propagation – How to Take Your FIRST Cuttings

If you are searching for Schefflera Propagation before that lets talk about this plant So Umbrella plant is a beautiful mini tree grown inside of your house and even offices. Taking cutting is easy and can be done by beginner gardener using my guide on propagation below. And so don’t worry about it much its easy I have done it so you can also. IF you take multiple cutting then it could be given to to neighbors or someone dear to you as What I did when i was propagating umbrella plant and it was overgrown so i had to cut it make it short & i gave some to my neighbor & it doesn’t waste the plant. Umbrella plants have same way of doing cutting and propagating it as you know every New cutting will produce a fresh younger version of that plant.  If you want you can easily divide it and make a whole bunch of young umbrella plants it just looks attractive indoors so multiplying it can also enhance the experience in cutting these plant successfully. Let’s find how to propagate umbrella plant. Read On.

Schefflera Propagation

Schefflera Propagation is easy task & doesn’t take much time as umbrella plant can be propagated using cuttings. Schefflera stem cutting requires a pair of shears or pruner that may help to cut the plant’s stem & before that cutting tool must be cleaned properly with rubbing alcohol to prevent any growth of bacterial infection on this healthy Schefflera cutting. As I happens with me when I didn’t clean it, anyone can get difficulty if they don’t clean it and plant will face the problem in upcoming days.

Cutting a stem that is connected to the main shoot is the one that can be used for propagating it. You need to cut it from the base or 1 inch may from the base can also work.

After Cutting find a tissue paper that can be used wrap the stem cutting , then you need to spray some water on the paper to make it moist, it is the first step to provide the humid environment which helps the rooting process inside the stem cutting and you will see fresh plant growth early on.

Also make perfect potting mix for the Schefflera plant , also add organic matter so it can get some basic nutrients for the plant overall growth. Put the blend of soil inside the pot and leave 2 inch space on the top layer of pot.

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Now take out your stem cuttings from the wrapped tissue paper and you need to put some rooting hormone on the cutting base where it will develop roots. The bottom part is the one where you need to the power of rooting.

It will boost the root developing process in your plant & don’t worry it won’t hurt the cuttings. Make a hole on the soil and put your plant cutting inside it. Fill the soil and pat it so it sits on the soil surface. Now pour plenty of water on the soil & so the stem can have some water.

Now time to place it in an area where a umbrella plant can get partial indirect or filtered sunlight.

Young plants like umbrella need spraying some water so it doesn’t lose the moisture and misting them can start rooting or it establish some roots early on. Stem will start to grow in a few weeks which means green stems and new branches will grow soon. Starting days when plant is a young it needs proper care & even you need to fulfill its fertilizer requirement that only be poured in its growth season.

when it was overgrown and become tall it needs Pruning to make it short or to remove any diseased growth. This is how you propagate an Schefflera plant and if you want to know its care for umbrella plant. check my other article.


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Schefflera Plant Propagation
Photo by David J. Stang, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Can you propagate umbrella plant in water?

You can do that as an umbrella plant can be propagated in water and even its cutting works in both ways like soil and water. Propagation can also be done using seeds on this plant and another technique could be air layering , but every technique has its own limitation and if you want to do propagation in your (Schefflera)umbrella plant cutting should be diseased free and providing them proper temperature, soil mix, light and humidity can work for its growth.

Can you propagate schefflera in water?

Cutting of umbrella plant(schefflera) shows success when done in soil, Propagation from seed long will take time to develop but once it starts rooting it will catch the growth. If propagation done in water glass it can form roots and then it can be eventually planted into the soil. For Soil rooted cuttings they can be easily transferred once they reach to 4-5cm and it will still grow properly.

Where do you cut an umbrella plant to propagate?

Umbrella plant stem needs to be clip off from the base and you need to provide it moisture so take a wet paper and wrap it around the cutting. You can also cut the leaf a few cm from base so the rooting can be done and we have a chance to see any stem didn’t root well then the 2nd one will be for backup. Once it starts to develop some roots you need to put fertile soil inside the pot and place this cutting and give it water. Now shift it to a bright partial light location without direct sunlight.

Can you divide a schefflera?

Dividing Schefflera Plant is easy task & doesn’t take much time as umbrella plant can be propagated using cuttings. Schefflera stem cutting requires a pair of shears or pruner that may help to cut the plant’s stem & before that cutting tool must be cleaned properly with rubbing alcohol to prevent any growth of bacterial infection on this healthy Schefflera cutting. As I happens with me when I didn’t clean it, anyone can get difficulty if they don’t clean it and plant will face the problem in upcoming days.

The main stem cannot be divided but you can cut off the schefflera or umbrella plant sub stems into two and propagate it into a new pot. Procedure would be the same and also if you  want you can try seeds propagation and an air layering method to propagate it. Rooting can happen in a stem if you separate one stem into 2 only applied to branches that have leaves.

Taking cutting from a schefflera & Check how it grows?

Take Any stem cutting from schefflera cutting and cut it from the base where it is connected to the main stem. After taking schefflera cuttings you can apply rooting hormone at the base of the umbrella plant stem to boost the process of root development. Now Prepare a fresh pot and use well fertile soil to prevent any nutrient deficiency. Put the cutting inside the soil and simply pat the soil to make it plane and intact. Now pour water in the schefflera plant and place it in an area full of indirect sunlight. This Stem Cutting will grow in some weeks and you can see the leaves coming.

You can also propagate schefflera cuttings in water. Just take a fresh healthy cutting and place it in a glass of water one the rooting starts and you may see the roots developing. This is an indication that now is the time to put this one back to soil and it will grow in a few weeks. Growing Schefflera in water can be possible but it will not grow that well so growing plants in soil is the best option in case of Schefflera.

Also it is your first time cutting schefflera, so I advise not to place the pot as well as glass of water( 2nd growing environment) in direct sun as rooting only begins in moist soil with shade and sunlight will only reduce its growth. Schefflera is grown in shade until it begins growing now once the rooting starts placing this plant in partial shade is the best or south facing window or near to the window of indirect light. Also You can try giving them morning sunlight that is healthy for our Schefflera plant.

Will a schefflera root in water?

Yes, umbrella plant(Schefflera) root in water will take a few weeks to see the rooting but after its established this umbrella plant will grow much faster. You can also root them outside of water mean in soil and which is a faster process If you have used rooting hormones that simply enhance the speed of rooting process in this plant. You can also repot if the plant becomes 5 cm in height.

Caution : Pets toxicity

Keeping Umbrella plants away from your pets is the best thing you will do as these plants are poisonous to Humans, cats, dogs so If you are mother of toddler or having multiple pets in the house then make sure it is placed somewhere where your pets don’t go often. 

Umbrella plants have medium level toxicity so swallowing can give irritation & burning sensation in the mouth, it might give hard time to the pets and they might vomit out some. Leaves are the ones that are poisonous so be careful and all n all you can enjoy this plant by growing it indoors and outdoors.

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Schefflera Arboricola Umbrella Plant Variegated

Wrap Up

I Hope you like this article and you get the answer on “Schefflera Plant Propagation”.  Taking cutting is easy task and caring for them is important step to follow by any gardener. you can also try its variegated version that is also beautiful and having same caring guide so it doesn’t need any other guide.

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