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If you are searching for Umbrella Plant Pruning so before that let me tell you Umbrella plants or its Other Name Schefflera is an Houseplant that is very popular with the dark palmate leaves (meaning from one source point there are multiple leaves growing). Also it’s good for those people who generally love to place plants indoors as this plant can thrive beautifully in artificial or partial light. Outside they might see pest infestation but indoors they generally are safe. Umbrella plant pruning is done because of its leggy condition or unhealthy shapes , even sometimes it becomes too large that spoils its beauty so trimming them can get rid of not only the pests but also it revives plant growth to a healthy growth.

(Scheffleras) Umbrella Plant
Mokkie, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Info Umbrella Plant

Umbrella plant(Schefflera) grow larger outside in the garden if there they adapt to the climate. Indoor they are trimmed to make it small as these can fast in growth. Mostly they are placed in locations where it can be best fit for a ornamental purpose or miniature plant. Pruning is quite easy and can prevent future problems on the plant including pest infestation & disease development.

One best thing about this plant is that it can be grown by anyone, even a beginner, as umbrella plants are easy to grow and mostly live in ideal climates. USDA hardiness belongs to 9b to 11. There is one more reason to prune it as these are fast grower and require pruning. Lets Read.

With Bright Light outdoors they can reach to 35-40 feet in height while indoors they are limited to 7-8 feet tall. If They are grown too much you can easily trim them down and manage its height and even give it shape. Pruning is not that required if it is growing perfectly and has a manageable size. Only do pruning when they are out of limit and out grown from a specific length.

Umbrella plant(Schefflera) grown on one shoot from there multiple branches pop out and that is where we see bundles of leaves and these make the plant bigger and taller. With smaller pots your plant may get a leggy condition and overgrown rooting which results in leaves dropping.

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Requirement :

  • pair of pruning shears.
  • rubbing alcohol to sterilize or clean it.
  • Gloves (optional , can be used if you don’t want your hands to get dirty).

Lets Ready Our Cutting Tool

Use Rubbing alcohol and clean your pruning shears by dropping some alcohol there as this works as a disinfectant and is able to kill any bacterial infection on your pruner. Now let’s read on the method for Schefflera pruning:

Umbrella Plant Pruning
Mokkie, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Umbrella Plant Pruning

When you buy a fresh umbrella plant it would be around 2-4 feet in height and when it started growing, this plant requires pruning to manage its size and also its shape. If you want to place it indoors then it should be cut down to a manageable size and not to become too large. Inside your house you can prune anytime of the year. You need Sharp pruners or cutting tools to make cuts on the leaves growing just at the top.

Umbrella plants need to be pruned when you have planned how it will look from the outside, also cut like that so that it looks bushy , not only this gives the plant a good shape but also encourages its growth. Trimming Umbrella plant(Schefflera) can be done from the top portion where you see tall stalks about 2 cm and which are again connected to below leaf stalks so you need to just cut from the above portion. If plant still seems big , do more pruning and also focus on other sides as well until it is fully pruned. Once it’s done make sure to clean the soil and give water to your precious plant. Also Learn about How to Care Umbrella plant.

(Schefflera) How to Prune Umbrella Plant
Mokkie, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

(Schefflera) Cutting Overgrown Umbrella plant

If the Umbrella plant is overgrown and becomes very tall it’s time for pruning. First priority is to make it look like a shape, don’t just cut it into anything that’s uneven. secondly If it is bushy then thin it from the middle and top , cut some of the branches to make sure sunlight passing onto the inner stem and branches Result are better growth on Stem and branches of the plant it will help the plant stand for longer years. If your plant is facing a leggy issue then make sure prune the leggy stem to 4-5 inches, Check if the stem still feels leggy then again 1 inch and stop it once the inner stem seems less leggy. For these kinds of issues we need to trim them down so it can again regrow that part without any problems and thrive perfectly.

If your Scheffleras Plant doesn’t receive enough sunlight then it may again suffer from this issue , to solve it you need to find a spot and place it there to get minimum daily bright light. Even Rotating it will make sure all sides of plant gets minimal sunlight. Also Check the How to take cutting from Scheffleras.

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Wrap Up

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