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Spider Plant Benefits – Feng Shui, Spiritual Meaning(Night)

If you are searching for spider plants (Chlorophytum comosum) benefits before that let me tell you these plants are popular by its look and how they are help to remove harmful pollutant from the air. I have spider plant with other indoor plant like snake plant, peace lily,  English ivy and areca palm are some of the best perform plants for indoors. Lets move to our question explaining the advantages of spider plant.

Spider plant benefits includes Best for décor, pet safe, for lowering stress, enhance creativity and much more. Additionally, Spider Plants are good in bedrooms for us humans as they clear bad toxic air, also spider plants benefits can bring more humidity and less dust indoors. Spider plants are great looking ornamental plants. Easy to grow and care for, they can bring charm to the house as they have a very unique structure and provide many different benefits which we will discuss today here in the article. Are spider plants good for humans?

Spider plant benefits:

1. Indoor Air Cleanser

Spider plants are capable of removing harmful air such as formaldehyde in the house that causes asthma type of diseases for us humans as this pollutant goes into the nose or throat causing various problems including cancer. Nasa study shows about the benefits of spider plant like it removed 90% of the dangerous air that is present in the house. So if one can keep these plants indoors or basically near the kitchen area it will benefit more.

These plants are used in office décor or providing natural air purifiers. Air pollutants like benzene, xylenes can be removed by our spider plants as it showed more than 90% effectiveness. Basically they absorb those chemical pollutants from the air and make the environment more clean and safe for everyone.

Sansevieria trifasciata(snake plant), English Ivy, Peace lily, weeping fig, Barberton daisy, Chinese evergreen and many more indoors houseplants are used to experiment about its benefits on volatile organic pollutant whether they can be removed naturally by these plants.

There is another study done in 2004 where micro-organisms which are present in soil have the ability to remove that benzene pollutant from the air and many plants are successful in removing that chemical. Those who don’t about benzene chemicals let me tell you it can be harmful as they can develop some disease like cancer and anemia in human beings.

2. Wow, Its Pet Safe Plant

When we first think about buying a houseplant, we definitely search whether it is safe for pets or children, then we buy it. According to ASPCA, one of the Spider plants’ benefits is that it is non toxic to pets which gives us relief as most of us are pet owners or have small kids playing in the house. But each parent should keep an eye on their kids and not let them eat the leaves of this plant as it might be risky and upset the stomach or create some minor problems.

Not just this plant but all the indoor toxic removing plants could be a little bit harmful at some point. So if your pet mistakenly eats the indoor plant leaves and shows symptoms including vomiting then contact the nearest pet care center for immediate help.

3. Indoor Humidity Accelerator

Yes, one of the spider plant benefits is it can increase the humidity of the house because of its high transpiration rate. As you know they are perennial plants that grow year after year with less maintenance that’s why they are one of the best growing indoor plants.

These plants absorb water from the roots and they supply water to all parts of the plants including leaves and stem. For leaves you may see by touching they become cold it means it has water in it. Slowly when this leafy water evaporates into the air it helps to increase the humidity level. Once humidity increases it reduces the dust and other particles present in the air which can cause problems like coughing, sneezing to normal human beings, these dust when collected to the lungs can create bigger problems. So by keeping these plants indoors we can protect ourselves from those future diseases that we don’t know exist.

If you are disease free and inhale in clear air then it sharpens your mind and energy, you may focus on your work clearly and this enhances the overall productivity of the work whether you do work in the office or at home.

Spider plants have many long leaves and they most importantly shade the soil which helps the roots to absorb water perfectly. All this helps the plant to get rid of moisture loss that happens with other plants on hot days when temperature is high.

spider plant benefits

It is a great addition to home and offices as it looks fresh and appealing to many.

4. Spider plant Benefits can restore health

Spider plants in one study showed that it can improve a person’s recovery rate much sooner and patients can have low stress because these plants are there to give them a more calm and relaxed mood. The study occurs in hospitals and spider plants are placed there to check whether patients have any improvement. What they found is that spider plants have benefits over tension, depression and people’s mood and anxiety. If these medical illnesses can be reduced in a person’s life then the recovery rate of healing can be enhanced.

In that study patients’ cortisol level gets reduced and these levels measure stress and tension of a particular person. It shows better results compared when the plants are nearby. We can also say that the plants are not only beautiful but create a healthy air environment by removing all the bad pollutants which helps the patients recover faster.

5. Best for Décor

One of the benefits of spider plants are related to its vibrant leaves and how it has been shaped by the nature. The spider-like appearance with the charming foliage keeps people interested in its looks. Spider plants become a great houseplant for many because of its beauty and health benefits. You can grow these plants in pots and hanging baskets where you prefer. They can be placed in the hall, bedroom, dining room or just in front of the door. 

It removes the harmful chemicals so many recommend it to be placed in bedrooms or kitchens. You can benefit from this plant as it also refreshes the mood of a person and can reduce stress.

What are they good for?

6. High Tolerance of the Plant

Spider plants are beautiful and gorgeous looking plants that adjust to most environments. They can even tolerate different climate changes and if not given water for many days they still survive. Spider plants like bright light not direct sun so I would recommend growing it in an indirect sunlight area where it can grow and thrive on its own. 

7. Cleans the Allergens

As you know We humans are surrounded by smaller particles of dust, pollen or even harmful chemicals toxins present in the air. But plants like spider plants which may help to reduce these unseen particles and then you may no longer feel nosy or cough because of these particles which traps in our Nasal or throat that lead to coughing. 

  • Bonus: Coughing is healthy, why? Because it may give us a chance to clear the allergen or irritants from the lungs. Sometimes we don’t know but our airways do get tiny particles that get trapped and coughing just takes them out form our body. It’s our body’s mechanism to take out all the unwanted things even the smaller ones as well.

8. Lower Particulate Matter and Absorbs Ozone

Ozone is actually a harmful gas that can be dangerous to humans but our spider plant is able to absorb this colorless gas using its leaves but then it cannot be harmful to human health anymore. This zone gas is made from reaction by 3 atoms which are oxides of nitrogen, water vapor and the sunlight. Ozone gas can damage the lungs and may create problems like shortness of breath, chest pain etc. It can create more diseases related to our respiratory system which is a very important part of human beings. The spider plants help to remove those gases and clean the environment so it means we can still reduce the impact of respiratory diseases by installing 1-2 spider plants.

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Spider Plant About & Care

Although spider plants need less care, they still want to have good sunlight and water to get healthy growth. For all the benefits to work you need to take care of your spider plant like choosing a location which has indirect light and no direct sunlight as our plants usually get hurt in hot sun and may result in browning of leaves. We want the leaves to stay healthy and keep growing. Water can be given everyday or you can give it whenever the soil is dry from 2 inches inside of the topsoil.

If you grow spider plants in a pot then check the bottom hole it should be draining water correctly. These plants can use any potting mix which has good draining. If your soil is fertile and natural compost then it will help the spider plant to grow bigger and better.

It supports pH from 5.5 to 7.5, these plants will not get droopy if pH is not perfect so don’t worry. Always try to give plants  everything they need and limit the watering which is one of the mistakes every gardener makes when they start to grow their first indoor plants.

Spider plants may get over watering issues if you pour too much water or give water daily thinking it will stay healthy. You shouldn’t flood soil with water but always check the soil before watering otherwise root rot can happen which is problem for plants life.

These plants can survive as they are perennial plants but they still dislike cold temperature as it freezes the leaves and other parts of the plant and limits the growth. This colder climate can be difficult for them. If you can move the spider plant back inside the house and provide an ideal warm temperature it would save the plant.

Once winter months go, it will again start to thrive and grow. Its spider-like leaves charming look in offices and workstations so it is best for the health as well as looks.

Spider plant benefits Feng Shui

Spider plant benefits according to feng shui in that it purifies the pollutant air present inside the house. It basically absorbs those gases and increases the oxygen level which results in lowering of stress on humans and you may find more focus while studying. This removal of toxic air bring positive energy indoors that is why these plants are good as feng shui plants.

Spider plant benefits at night

Spider plant benefits at night are that they increase the oxygen levels in the bedroom, also it absorbs harmful carbon monoxide, filter trichloroethylene and benzene which makes us relax at night. If oxygen is increased at night by spider plants it helps us to get better sleep. I can say more relaxing and stress free sleep.  Growing is easier in partial light but for indoors in bedroom it is hard to get a place so you can give morning sunlight in every 3 days to spider plants for overall growth of our spider like plants.

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Spider plant spiritual benefits

Spider plant spiritual benefits symbolizes fertility, lessen stress, keep mind calm, increase in oxygen for the bedroom. Spiritually spider plant are very effective in removing dark negative engineers & many people believe that it is a symbol of fertility which means if placed in the bedroom something good may happen.

It makes us inhale properly, removes harmful irritants, enhances humidity indoors which lowers the tiny dust particles. If you use a hanging basket so it floats in the air , that means you may get prosperity and positivity in bulk. Indoor plants are a symbol to get pure air and get healthy physically and mentally.

In indoors your plant can make the air clean while if you place in the balcony your spider plant can give attractive look from a top hanging pot.

It is a great gift to people who are not in good mood because It reliefs from the stress and can make your mind creative and happy. These plants were so beautiful when I gifted them to my sister-in-law. She is already a person who loves to grow plants. 

She gets so happy when she sees this plant I have given to her because we are actually going after a long time in their house so we can’t go without any gifts. Although when I go to someone’s ones which is our relative I always take some sweets and fruits. It is a great gesture when you take something to someone’s house who is your close relative.

Spider plant disadvantages

Spider plant disadvantages are not much as it is categories safe and non toxic plant. If ingested it might give symptoms like vomiting, stomach ache. Advantage are that it bring good lucky and prosperity, with that cleans formaldehyde that causes breathing problems.

Final Words

I hope you get the answer on “spider plant benefits” and if you like to read more such articles check below.

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