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Golden Mop Cypress Size – How Big Does It Grow

Golden mop cypress size is 2-3 feet(61-91cm) in height but it can grow more than 5(151cm) feet after reaching 10 years of age. The mature size of golden mop is 5-6 feet(151-182 cm), this takes too much time that’s why I say they slow grower but it makes our life easy as you don’t need to do its care very often. Golden cypress have mop-like structure that looks like it’s hugging the ground. They need less care and have bright yellow foliage which stays good the whole year.

Let’s me give you some answers related to golden mop cypress size:

Golden mop cypress size
Photo by David J. Stang, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

How big does Golden mop grow?

Gold mop cypress size is 6 feet(182 cm) tall and width 4-5 feet(121-151 cm) after 10 years. Golden mop shrubs can grow 2-3 feet(60-90 cm) tall and the actual height is 5-6 feet(151-182 cm).USDA Hardiness of dwarf shrubs is zone 4 to 8 and it is a slow grower golden foliage plant.  These cypress trees don’t need much caring, but make sure to choose a better location for them as they need full sun. You can expect the growth rate to increase after putting them in direct sun, otherwise they can grow in shade areas as well. Slowly in few years it will reach to a height of 3 feet but it will surely take 8-10 years. 

You should also check my pruning guide on gold mop cypress as they need trimming in every 2-3 months and it is comfortable in any time of the year so you choose what day you can make it shorter. I suggest if your shrub is bigger, fuller and taller then cutting 2/4 part of it won’t hurt it. Also try to do it slowly and make a good shape so it looks good in appearance.

Some dwarf cypress shrubs are hardy to zone 5 to 7 and they can be seen colorful the whole year and with little bit care. I have seen many grow them in gardens, lawn, Even some office buildings have these in their gardening area. These look amazing and vibrant so I must say you should have one like a golden mop cypress.

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These shrubs have yellow foliage with lovely furry, hair-like structure but if you really want them to stay just like this it needs full sun and water once it gets dry soil. Some people may also be curious to know whether they are deer resistant so yes, Deer won’t eat them or leave them alone, I don’t know but they just pass by these shrubs so i don’t worry much about golden mop cypress.

Plant Specification:

Family Cupressaceae
Scientific Name Phoenix roebelenii
Native South-East-Asia
Other Names Miniature date palm, Robellini, Japanese falsecypress
USDA hardiness Zone 5-7
Height Above 6 feet(182.88 cm)
Foliage Color Yellow to Golden
Type Evergreen
Width 4-5 feet(122 – 152cm)
Light Full sun/partial light
Soil Well Fertile
Fertilizer Liquid Based
Toxicity Non Toxic to cat, dog

How far apart do you plant gold mop cypress?

Gold mop cypress needs to be planted 4-5 feet(90-151 cm) apart from your other plants as dwarf shrubs can take at least 5 feet(151cm) after 8-10 years before that it will only take the 3 feet space. If you are a gardener and have less space then I would suggest growing normal vegetables near the shrub because golden mop cypress are slow grower so you can easily grow your plants 3 feet apart till the cypress tree becomes mature.

Spacing is very important before planting any plant, shrub or tree. If you know the actual width it gets easy for the companion plants of golden mop cypress to fit in. If the leaves are growing more than 4 feet wide then you can simply prune the side of your shrub plant. It won’t hurt them and it will give space to your main plant. Otherwise our cypress shrub will take sunlight and give shade to your planted vegetables.

Growing golden mop cypress is easy and no big maintenance requirement makes it to the garden and lawns of many households. See what I know is you can prune cypress anytime of the year and it is a very flexible shrub. That’s why I loved growing them.

How tall does a false cypress golden mop get?

Golden mop false cypress can grow 5 feet(151cm and above) and can spread 5 feet wide, so before you plant any growing seeds, or outdoor plants check the length from the center of the false cypress shrub. NC extension mentions in their website that it will take time, which is that it might take over 9 years to reach a height of 2 feet only. But Many people have seen that it can grow 1 feet more( total 3 feet) . Maybe they have good sunlight because our golden mop requires full direct sun.

In the Shade area our shrubs take too long to grow and are not able to produce good healthy foliage. After 10 years of time you can see the real growth of the golden mop and it will cross 5 feet in size. These cypress trees can grow and shine for the whole year so it sure is a great shrub for every house front.

How big do Golden Mops get?

Golden mops can grow as big as 151cm(5 feet) or more depending on the location or preferred sunlight area, but it will still take more than 10 year to get to 5 feet in size both from width or height. Basically when they are purchased they are smaller and come from the pot, after you shift them into the garden they firstly adapt to the location. Then slowly create roots and start to grow if the area is good enough for golden mop to get sufficient light.

Our golden mop is as big as any shrub but it is basically from rock gardens, lawn and front area of the house as it beautifies the whole location where they are planted.

If you want to check what to pair see my article on other landscaping plants that can grow with golden mop.

How tall do golden cypress trees grow?

Golden cypress trees are slow grower but are able to grow 1 feet(30 cm) every year and in 10 years you can see a height of 10 feet in size. Golden cypress trees that are mature can grow more than 15 feet(457 cm) afterwards as they grow faster than the initial years.

The more nutrients they absorb, full light and everything can be absorbed from the long rooting. That’s why it would not take much time to reach 13-15 feet. Initial years are for growth of the tree and it is not established in those years so it takes time.

How big does a false cypress get?

It is a slow growing cypress tree but Sawara false cypress can grow 65-70 feet(over 2000 cm) tall in forest areas but as garden plants expect it to grow 25-30 feet(over 900 cm). Some people say they have only 7-8 feet of false cypress but it all depends on various factors including pruning, sunlight, water and location. 

Many people want the cypress to grow to a specific height, for example 7 feet and not more than that, so they will keep on trimming for years to limit its growth. That’s why I said those cypress which get space to spread all over and have full sunlight grown over 60-70 feet.

It is native to Japan and has a colorful attractive foliage just like most cypress which means threadlike structure leaves.

Final Words

For Every front office or its house you definitely need some amazing plants or shrubs which can make your front area look amazing and appealing and can adjust to climate conditions so that’s why I suggested this plant. I hope you get the answer on “golden mop cypress size” and if you like to read more check below.

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