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Stock flowers are beautiful but used in making bouquet in various celebrations across the world. These are popular with its different colors which makes any background and front carry in hand picture perfect. Lets find more about stock flower meaning:

What Does A Stock Flower Means?

A stock flower meaning & symbolism represents happiness, cheerfulness. It has a Cluster of Blooms in a single stem which looks Divine and Pure. Stock flower has sweet scent & it comes in Lilac, White, pink, red colors and they belongs to beautiful land of Greece and Mediterranean.

Do you ever get stopped by a sweet smell while walking in a garden? If yes, there are high chances you are near some stock flowers. Stock flowers are a popular flowering breed belonging to the Brassicaceae family. Other common names are ten-week stock, hoary stock, gilly-flower stock, brompton stock and common stock.

These flowers have got their botanical name: Pierandrea Matthiola from an Italian doctor of the same name as he was the first person to cultivate stock flowers.

Some stock flowers are annually grown and can reach a maximum height of 20 to 30 cm. They have a woody base with multiple foliar scars and branches with terminal leaf rosettes. These leaves are ash-colored and rounded in shape.

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Each flower obtained four petals, 25 to 30 mm, with a nail as long as the limb. The flower is native to Southern Europe and is naturalized in the western areas of the Mediterranean region in today’s world. In addition, Thomas Jefferson was the first American to recognize these flowers’ importance and imported them to America in 1771.

The best part about this flowering breed is that it is available in various colors and possesses a unique and refreshing smell. Even though these flowers are amazing to look at and sweet to smell, there are a bunch of other health benefits that are obtained by the stock flowers. For instance, they help treat skin scars and acne.

Stock Flower Meaning

What does the stock flower symbolize?

Apart from their importance in the commercial sector, stock flowers also have a unique position in the world of beliefs. These flowers are said to symbolize a stable and happy life. In addition, it also signifies the contented existence of human beings on earth.

The stock flowers gained immense importance in the Victorian era when the symbolic language of flowers was at its peak. Back then, people took these flowers with the meaning of everlasting beauty, deep bonds and promptness. Hence, men worldwide started to gift stock flowers as a symbol of their love to their loved ladies.

This drew the attention of all the English writers, inspiring them to include the elements of flowers within their writing pieces. One of the good examples of this can be seen in the writings of English Herbalist John Gerard. According to him, stock flowers represent enchanting beauty. These are color divers greatly esteemed for their flower beauty and pleasant sweet smell.

 In modern times, stock flowers are widely related to the span of life. Their symbolic meanings are the longevity of life, success, celebration, everlasting happiness, appreciation of the moments, spiritual purity, bliss, the experience of the state of Nirvana and dedication. Hence there are a wide variety of meanings attached to this flower. Yet some more profound level of these signs varies for every other color of the stock flower. Keep on reading to find out about them as well.

Where Can I Use Stock Flowers?

They are used in various purpose including:

  • Wedding Arrangements
  • Wedding Bouquets
  • Gifting Purposes
  • Planting To Keep the Sweet Smell Indoors

What is the cultural significance of stock flowers

Having been cultivated since the 1500s, stock flowers also belong to the mustard family. It is a bit spicy and flavored like reddish. Hence, these are edible plants.

The same is why, in some cultures, the flower petals are added to the curries and other dishes to extract that unique flavor. They are also eaten in raw form and added to the salads.

In addition, stock flowers are symbols of happiness and sustainable life; they are often used in preparing wedding dishes to add nature’s blessing to the bride and groom’s food.

What is the symbolism of a stock flower tattoo?

We all know that each tattoo represents a specific thing and belief. For instance, “Fox Tattoo” symbolizes power, dolphins mean freedom, dragons represent strength, and the list continues.

So what does the stock flower tattoo represent? Well! This is a trendy and exciting tattoo that signifies many things. It represents never-fading beauty and contentment with life at any specific moment and lets other people know that you are satisfied with your beautiful life.

There are many designs available for a stock flower tattoo in the market. So remember to choose a design that goes well with your personality if you plan to get a stock flower tattoo.

Stock flower color

Although we have discussed stock flower symbolism. Yet different colored flowers represent different things, for instance:

White stock flower meaning

White is a very complex color as it holds different types of meaning in different religions and cultures. In some cultures, white represents a clean and fresh future, whilst other cultures take this color to symbolize death and sadness.

Nevertheless, white stock flowers are always connected with happiness. They represent never-ending love and deep bonds in relations. The same is why Europeans widely use this flower for decorating wedding venues. People also use white-colored stock flowers to celebrate peacefulness and happiness.

Red stock flowers

Red is the color of love, romance and compassion. And when we talk about red stock flowers, they are used to represent passion and everlasting love.

 In the United States, people widely use this flower for proposing to their crushes on valentines day.

Purple stock flower meaning

Purple is a beautiful color, and so do purple stock flowers as they deliver the feeling of admiration and tradition. Yet they have different meanings in different cultures. In some cultures, they symbolize the success and royalty of the house.

The same is why people decorate their houses and other celebration venues with purple-colored stock flowers to represent their success after a hard struggle while throwing success parties. However, others take these flowers in the meaning of spiritual connectivity, wisdom, mysticism, remembrance and modesty. Also, people use this flower for remembering their loved ones.

Pink stock flower meaning

Pink stock flowers are one of the most popular and gifted flowers. They symbolize the purity of life. Hence people mostly use it for gifting purposes. Usually, people give pink-colored stock flowers to celebrate mothers day by gifting them to their mothers or guardians.


To sum up, stock flowers are available in many colors. The content above will reveal the true meaning of stock flowers and what they symbolize.

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