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String of Dolphins Propagation

Are you searching for String of Dolphins Propagation? If yes let me tell you String of dolphin plant or Senecio peregrinus is succulent plant also known by the name dolphin plant as the name suggests it is very much similar to a real dolphin shape and it looks pretty good in a hanging basket. It is a hybrid of String of pearls and candle plant. This plant is considered as trailing plant because its stem grows to the downwards and it hangs beautifully if you hang your pot on the wall. These are perennial plant species but String of dolphin needs pruning to convert them into a manageable size else they will reach to the bottom flour and your pet might eat it and spoil your plant. lets know the process of how to propagate string of dolphins:

String of Dolphins Propagation First you need this plant to do propagation, if you already have then its good. Else many people having a hard time finding String of dolphins plant on nurseries or offline markets. The Best Thing about the string of dolphin is that stem cutting is a very easy process and anyone can do that. Even if you are a beginner or experienced as this plant is very versatile , even mistakes can be ignored but still do proper care after propagation.

The best time to do String of Dolphin Propagation is in String or summer and do you know Many neighbor share the stem cutting and if you have you can do the same it just make you more of good person in the eyes of other or also as a human being.

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String of Dolphins Propagation
Meganesia, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Let’s read on How to prune String of dolphin plants. Below is the instruction of trimming Senecio Peregrinus.

Things Need for Propagation:

  • Sharp Knife or pair of pruners.
  • Rubbing al-chol
  • Gloves

1. Sterilize the cutting tool for string dolphin propagation.

It is important to clean the knife or pruners to make sure they don’t have any kind of bacteria to infect our plant while giving cuts. Before doing that also wear gloves as your safe is also important. Putting Rubbing alcohol on a knife or pruner can get rid of any infection of the sharp part of the pruner.

2. Take Out a Cutting from the Plant.

Now you need to find a good stem which is about 4-6 inch long(12-17 cm) and make sure it looks healthy without any diseased part in it. Also the more leaf on stem, the more active and healthy it is for propagation. Remove the bottom 2 inch leaves or according to how much deep you are going to put the stem inside of the soil. I am telling you the rough idea on the bottom part of the stem must not have leaf as this is wear it will start growing roots.

3. Wait for 2 Days to make it dry.

After taking a cutting of Senecio Peregrinus, store it in a shade place for 48 hours so that it gets dry completely.

4. Time to Prepare Soil for string of dolphin(Senecio peregrinus).

Use a well draining soil, check holes in the container or pot .. use a small pot for a small stem , once it becomes big , repot it on the larger sized pot. Basically this plant is best and beautifully grown in a hanging basket and this way its trails go downward which looks amazing to see.

5. Water it and take Good Care.

Now give plenty of water to our Senecio peregrinus and don’t make them wait for water. When a stem is in the root developing cycle it needs consistent soil to get every source of nutrients. In a few weeks you may see root growth and the plant will start growing. But when you are in 2 or 3 week make sure to give proper care and partial sun is good for them , place it on the south facing window after 4 week will boost its growth and at the same time water is also necessary. Don’t give plenty water this time, always first check the soil for dryness.

I have written a full article on how to care string of dolphin plant , you may find a pruning method also. If you want to read you can do it.

Are dolphin strings rare?

Yes it is a rare variety also known as dolphin necklace and dolphin plant. When we talk about hanging succulent, same as this one there are many other plants but a dolphin like shape on leaves itself is not a common thing. It is actually made from 2 plants that are already popular in terms of beauty , they are Senecio articulatus and S. rowleyanus.

How do you revive a dolphin string?

Same as many succulent this dolphin plant also hates over watering and that can cause problems like root rot which can kill the plant. But don’t worry the solution is simple just give it plenty of water and make sure drainage holes are correctly taking out water. The next time you want to water it when its soil has no water in it or gets dried out almost 95%. This can be done by using your finger and check the top soil for its dryness.

Why are my string of dolphin flat?

If you dolphins are flatting and getting too close to each other then probably it is over watered as this happens when they feel over moist and hydrated. String of pearl does the same to tell that it has enough water , let me thrive for some days without water. Solution could be cut the water one time and these are succulents so it may survive without the need of water.

Where can I buy dolphin plant strings?

This rare dolphin plant string can be brought from any online website and we have also given 2 links so you can go and buy it from there. They are not available many times in offline stores as its unique shape very less cultivators are there for this plant. In the future they will get the same popularity as string of pearls

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Is string of dolphin toxic to dogs?

According to the University of Wisconsin Gardener, Master gardener program It has written that String of pearls that is the parent plant of string of dolphin is toxic and it may give diarrhea if the plant sap is ingested. Dog may see problem like vomiting or skin irritation but these issues are not clear on the website weather it is for human or pets so we at lotusmagus.com advices you to be safe and make sure no pet eats its stem part or leaves as this may give stomach problems.

Wrap up

I Hope you like this article and you get your answer on “String of Dolphins Propagation“. thank you.