String of Dolphins – How to Grow, Care, Propagate, Repotting

String of Dolphins(Senecio peregrinus) is a succulent plant that is known for its beautiful look. Its shape is like a dolphin and its vines move out of the pot when they grow long, so it seems like a lot of dolphins are juggling. The best location for this plant is in hanging basket which is near the window or you can grow it in a mixed container.

There is a curvy pattern in the leaves of this plant and it looks like the dolphins are jumping up here. These plants are such that if you see them then you will fall in love with them, they are so beautiful trailing succulent that everyone wants to take them home.

Background :

According to UTTC, String of Dolphin Succulent is a Hybrid of 2 other plants – Candle Plant( Senecio articulatus) and String of Pearls(Senecio rowleyanus). This plant has many names including Senecio hippogriff, dolphin necklace, dolphin plant and Curio x peregrinus. The succulent is a member of the Asteraceae Family.

Quick Facts :

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Scientific Name  Senecio peregrinus
Family  Asteraceae
Type  Succulent
Common Names  Dolphin plant, Dolphin Necklace, Flying Dolphins, Senecio hippogriff
Native  Southwest Africa
Leaf Shape Dolphin-Like
Light Requirement Partial Sun
Soil  Well Draining and Moist
Growing Season  Spring to Autumn
Blooming Season  Spring
Flower White(Rare)
Size  Over 6 inches(15.24 cm)
Depth  2-3 inches(1-7 cm)
Hardiness  Zone 9 to 11
Propagation  Stem Cutting(MOSTLY)
Pruning  Once a year Or Depends on The Goals
Yes, Poisonous to Pets like cats and dogs.

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String of Dolphins (Senecio peregrinus)
Meganesia, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons


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String of Dolphins Care

The most favorable temperature for String of Dolphins is 21-22°C (70-72 °F) , and it is the average temperature plants need to grow and expand their branches very well. Its Growth might get stopped during the winter season but don’t worry it will be back once winter ends.

String of dolphin care is very similar to its hybrid parents and requires filtered light or indirect light to grow better. Many people are consistent in watering this plant but you need to keep in mind that the soil needs to dry first before the next watering session. Its care is quite easy but always it gets issue with pests like spider mites which start to make their webs on plant stems and even leaves. The Other pest is mealybugs that are a tiny army of white guys but don’t worry as the common solution to get rid of these are a steady stream of water and also the most used solution is to use pesticide to permanently remove them.

It also gets affected by fungal infection , this disease can be solved using Fungicide and how this happens is when you didn’t take care of proper watering or maybe soil was not draining water properly. Here are tips on how to care string of dolphins :


You should use a well drained potting Mixture that is easy to make. What you need is sand , peat moss or compost mix it well (quantity of sand should be more than peat moss).

The 2nd mixture i have suggest and that works well also please find the soil section below i have given proper links for soil mix, percent amount, type of soil to mix explained.


You need to make sure the soil dries first then after you water it.


They were used to grow in indirect sunlight and even growing in partial shade can be helpful to its growth . Morning sun rays are best for not only plants but also for us.


A hanging basket is the best place which should be near a window or shade area. In that Basket they the leaves of the Dolphin plant can cascade downwards.


String of Dolphins plants can grow about 50cm( 19 inches approx ) long and that vine is very bright green and very strong and they can spread more if given more space.


It may bloom in May till June and it has tiny white flowers that look amazing.


Fertilizer can be given in an 11-12 month period of time to encourage plant growth as this way the plant gets nutrients and strength to survive in winters also. Make sure to keep in mind one thing: don’t overuse the fertilizer as it can cause unstable growth.


Dolphin succulent may freeze in winters so you need to keep more care during winters and winter is the time when they are in dormant(sleep mode) stage.


It can be easily propagated by taking a cutting from the main stem. Propagation may confuse you so I will explain this more in the below step by step process.

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(Senecio peregrinus)How to Grow String of Dolphins

Talking about succulent plants, it is easy to withstand the dry conditions here, and you have to keep them moist as well. You have to keep a pot slightly larger than its size for a succulent plant so that it looks good because the plants are small here.

Also to answer question on how to grow String of dolphins is by using good potting mix so that the drying can be done properly and keep in mind that you should check holes in the pot when buying from the market. Dolphin plants have good branching structure and spreads like vine plants. Also you might see small pink color flowers appearing on the stem ,this happens when the owner does proper care for the plant or maybe some gets lucky enough to see the flower bloom.

These plants can grow with other plants and they grow very well with them too. You can also grow them with other succulent plants if you have multiple tiny succulents. Some Companion plants grown with it are Desert Rose, Kalanchoe and Cactus etc.

How to propagate string of dolphins

It is easy and what you need to do is to take a stem cutting before that you need a cutting tool that is to be sharp, what many didn’t tell is they need more watering because this will need to grow roots again from stem. Sting of dolphins is propagation is easy & I have explained the full instructions in 5 simple steps from cleaning the pruner to taking a cutting and placing it in a new pot. What to do after propagation and how to care for them is important in succulent plants although they are very strong and drought free plants but you still need to care for them to make sure they grow long life. Below I have given the method to apply all steps so your succulent propagation could be successful.

Steps propagating string of dolphins :

1. Use Sterilize Cutting Tool

Before propagation, you need to first sterilize(clean using special liquid) your cutting tool( scissor or anything you have) so that stem doesn’t get any bacteria. Cleaning can also be done after propagation.

2. Cutting from the main Stem.

Cut a single stem from the main stem and don’t worry about your string of dolphins as they can grow back.

3. Wait for Some days

After taking Cutting you need to wait for some days until the stem becomes hard. Once the Stem becomes stiff now it’s ready for growing.

4. Dig in a Potting Mixture.

Now time to place dolphin succulent stem in a new pot and make sure it is well drained and has proper holes so water can go out.

5. Water.

Water it and be consistent on giving it water.  In the next watering session if you moisture on the soil surface then don’t water until it becomes dry.

6. Enjoy.

Succulent(Senecio peregrinus) can grow with minimum care also so don’t worry if you think you cut them wrongly it will grow.

You can check this article directly to get the steps for String of Dolphins Propagation.

Propagating String of Dolphins in Water

How to root string of dolphins or propagating string of dolphins in water is easy, First Take a Jar and Fill some lukewarm water , or any water but it should not be too hot or cold for our plant. Even purified water can be used but I don’t recommend it as normal water has nutrients that squeeze out when you take RO purified water. Also Any tool which is being used in propagation , first dip it in rubbing alcohol to sterilize it.

Steps on propagating string of dolphins in water –

  1. When Propagating string of dolphins always use pruning shears and cut a healthy stem of your Senecio peregrinus, that stem should be diseased free. make sure about 1 inch their is no dolphins leaves, if you find them prune it. 
  2. Put your Stem cutting in the jar with 1.5-2 inch filled water.
  3. Make sure to change water every 3 days so your string of dolphins is free from bacterial infections.
  4. After like 18-25 days, you will notice some changes like roots starting growing.
  5. In a month there will be more roots formed , Now is the time you should place this succulent in a pot with good drainage soil. Using Cactus and succulent pot mix is the best option with 15% perlite.
  6. Now Dolphin Succulent plant needs some humidity for some days, so water it and keep them moist for about 7 days. When you think the plant is growing well and established , reduce the watering once a week. Move this in Partial shade. 
  7. Now if you notice the plant is thriving perfectly , it means you have successfully propagated it in water.
  8. Make sure not to put them in direct sunlight , avoid sun rays.

How do I take a cutting from a dolphin plant?

String of dolphins cutting is easy task and anyone beginner can do that what you need to a pair of shears to cut them , Gloves for safety. You also need rubbing alcohol to clean the pruning tool. Also when doing pruning in dolphin plant you should keep in mind that try to cut the diseased and damaged stems first so once that’s done you can move to next part.

If you want to make a particular stem to become long then cut the newer one that is growing. When you do remove those then the plant will provide more nutrients to the longer stem. And If have already have a overgrown string of dolphin then its time to cut the 2/3 of the plant because some people likes them short and it can be easily managed if they are not long.

Also make sure they to give water, light and care to your string of dolphins. Always do check everything and for any problem you can visit this article we will keep updating it.

If your succulent gets too much pruning then don’t worry dolphins plant are very flexible and can tolerate heavy cutting, but make sure not to cut too much. Only those stems that are dying, shivering, droughted can be pinched off so the plant can again looks beautiful and disease free. Otherwise what happens is drought condition may attracts pests which cold be another problem for your dolphin plant.

Also I have talked about the propagation method and what is the requirement for taking cutting. If you would like to check that out here is the article link on string of dolphins propagation.

How fast do string of dolphins grow?

String of dolphins grow up to 40cm in first 9 months if you taken good care meaning provided nutrients rich fertilizer, watering is sufficient, no pest problem then it may grow fast as this is a succulent but also a vine based dolphin plant.

How to Repot String of Dolphins

Handling String of dolphins is easy and repotting it to another pot can enhance your experience as beginner because these plant can don’t get upset if you did mistake as they will surely grow again. When it comes to repotting string of dolphins you need a good pair of gloves so that your hand won’t get any dirt. Repot can help this plant in providing more space as we will be using larger pot and it also remove any infection if the roots of dolphins plant are damaged then you can cut those and it will grow back more healthy.

I have given the steps on below to follow and I have done this many times so if you are a beginner don’t worry these plants are supportive and repot is easy and doesn’t harm stem. Here are the instructions:

1 . Pick your pot in your hand.

Now hit the pot from its back and also from the sides as well to make sure the plant comes out. generally the whole plant will come out from the pot. and If it doesn’t hit it from the side it will lose some soil and come out. If it doesn’t work, dig some soil on the edges and then try this.

2 . Squeeze the bottom soil.

Now remove the soil from the roots by squeezing it or gently shaking it. This way we can separate some soil attached to roots.

3 . Either Remove the whole soil from the roots or just the bottom soil.

If you see your roots are brown from the bottom then you can remove the whole soil in the water. Else if some roots are brown then its ok you can just remove the bottom soil. Both ways plants will grow.

4 . Put the Plant in a new Pot or container.

Now time to Repot string of dolphins in new pot.

5 . Use Well drained Soil.

To make well drained soil you can use about 40% Coco coir , 20% Perlite, 15% Orchid bark, 10% Charcoal(optional) and 15% Pumice (Optional). Mix it well and plant your succulent in it.

For those who have a tight budget you can just use 50% perlite and 50% Soil Mix, This will work too.

6 . Water it and Care.

Now give it water until it’s full and remember in your next watering session always check whether it has dried out the soil or not. Lastly just care for the plant as this is a very lovely looking plant.

So you have learn Repotting now the question is when to repot string of dolphins? check whether the container is full of dolphin leaves and it doesn’t have space , then that is the time you need to repot your dolphin plant.

  • Take a cutting tool, Sterilize it and start cutting from tips to reduce the length of its stems.
  • Check for any infected stem , remove it whole if it has infections.
  • If you have a lot of stems and their is no space in the container, Just do hard pruning by cutting every single stem to 2/3.
  • For long stems cut 2/3 part and for short stems only cut 1/3 part.
  • After prune give them plenty of water.

After repotting, Take good care for your plant until it is stable from the stem although this plant is not a weak succulent, it can tolerate much more problems. make sure not to give too much water and excessive light as both will invite pest and leaf burn respectively.

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String of dolphins sun

Dolphin succulent plant(Senecio peregrinus) generally don’t want full sun just like its parent who is “String of pearls” if given full sun can burn the leaves of the plant. String of dolphins is not sun loving but sun hating plants and they want full shade or partial shade area to grow properly.

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String of Dolphins plant Toxic

To Answer this question about dolphin succulent I researched on some sites and for the most part I didn’t find the perfect answer as that answer was coming from non trusted sources but they do suggest one thing- If you don’t actually know the real answer , then you shouldn’t risk the life of a pet.

String of dolphins is toxic to cats as this plant is a succulent and the US health institute has termed them as a toxic plant. Many of the websites reported dolphin plants as poisonous but I can’t confirm the source of those websites. It was not the government or any educational institute. In Lotus Magus we advise people to not to believe anything that doesn’t have any trusted source. Mostly what happens if any pet eats a poisonous plant is he starts vomiting , may lose appetite and have nauseas. If It happens to your dog or cat you must go to a pet center and have a checkup there.

Are succulents poisonous to dogs? the answer is yes some are toxic(poisonous) to dogs and humans includes Euphorbia plant as the report mention in US National institute for health and yes most are also non toxic to dogs and human , some may get minor skin irritation only.

Also let me add one more thing to make it more effective claim that it can be harmful as the parent succulent of dolphins plants are toxic according to Agriculture Victoria ( Australian gov website) , they have mentioned that it can be harmful to cats if ingested can cause vomiting and serious issues.

String of dolphins flower

As you know this senecio string of dolphins doesn’t have any flower wait what? no just kidding, I didn’t get any flower in my snake and either in string of dolphins but there are some people who did get the flower bloom , it was on February month and if you give them proper light then they might show up. The fragrance of string of dolphins flower is like cinnamon.

String of Dolphins drying up

The most common reason for string of dolphins drying up is they are overwatered and if not they might have been affected with bad soil which is not draining properly or sometimes the water not fully reaches to the bottom it happens because of poor soil that you can change and repot your plant. When you check its soil you might find the cause one of my friends found it to be aphids causing the problem. In that case you can use insecticidal soap or Neem oil to get rid of them. Horticultural oil can also work in string of dolphins which is recommended by educational institutions.

As you know these succulents don’t require much water but that doesn’t mean I will not give them water. You should pour water when the soil feels dry only. If you see any crisp brown stretches  it might seem dehydrated or underwatered. you can just remove those brown leaves by pruning them and it will again be happy.

String of dolphins dying

The reason for string of dolphins started dying is due to over watering or under watering, In case of excessive water you should try to check the soil before pouring any drop of water. Always touch the top soil with your finger and see if there is really water in about 1-2 inch of soil. If it exist then don’t water for 2 more days and check after two days to see if dolphin plant need now then pour it.

In case of under watering you definitely need to give them water at least once every week or in 8 days according to the season as you know in winters season they need very less water and you don’t have to often provide them. They can even survive with humidity air water molecules. In summer dolphin plant surely need good amount of water to get good growth as you know they likes moist soil.

Why is my string of dolphins dying?

Common reason for the string of dolphins suddenly dying is due to overwatering or it may be the pot you are using is quite big for this succulent and water is not reaching that portion of roots results in lack of water. Some problems like pest infestation may cause leaves to discolor, not enough light would make the foliage dull and unattractive if not given enough sunlight which is indirect.

How do you keep dolphin strings alive?

To Keep your dolphin strings alive is by taking care of this succulent ,first always give water and limit the water to avoid any overwatering. Check for drainage holes and using well drained soil would give them good health. Soil like cactus and succulent works best use it from the local market as it would be fresh. Providing them indirect light or filited light so they can grow well.

Overwatered String of dolphins

when string of dolphins are overwatered then it can cause many problems including fungal growth on roots and leaves started to curl and feel over wet.  Cause could be either you have given it water more than the limit which it can’t handle and that’s why its now dying.

Also Using bad soil can cause this issue & to solve this use good draining soil & I recommaned the best soil mix would be – cactus and succulent soil, and you need to check if drainage holes are properly functions and not blocked by soil.

How to Protect it from Overwatering is by checking the soil top part about 1 inch to be dry at least whenever you  pour water into it. Also make sure the it gets completely dry once every month so if it gets any root rotting that can be solved with less or no watering.

String of Dolphins shriveling

this happens because you might put them in space where it doesn’t get enough light , it is probably getting low light and its some sunlight , the 2nd reason would be overwatering that should be fixed check my answer above.

Lighting for String of dolphins

Senecio succulent species some of the most popular varieties which are String of tears , String of bananas ,Senecio jacobsenii, string of pearls , Senecio macroglossus , these all looks very attractive and unique and all are drought resistant & easy to care.

Lighting for String of dolphins

they loves after morning sun and before afternoon light , means partially they get light from some hours it will thrive much better and remember no direct sun after non as this might burn the plant leaves.

String of dolphins rotting

Most common reason for the string of dolphins rotting is when they are overwatered but if you don’t have well draining soil it can harm the plant more. This succulent requires less water and grows beautiful in moist soil which is not soggy. They hate direct sun so putting them in filtered light is the best option.

String of dolphins shriveling

If string of dolphins plant is shriveling is is definitely because of overwatering or having too much moisture , a high humid environment. If you have new dolphins then you need to provide them sufficient light and if it was happening with the mature dolphins plant then it was surely soil which is constantly in damp soil.

Change the location if it requires light and if it feels soggy then repot into a new soil. Mostly what happens in mature succulent the stem got damaged with heavy water not light. Check Full information on String of dolphins shriveling.

String of Dolphins Flat Leaves

Why this problem happen in dolphin plant and what is the solution to prevent it from happening , so I have written full article on this plant leaf flattening and how to solve it here check string of dolphins flat leaves.


Succulent plants are amazing takes less space and grows beautifully, doesn’t requires much care , perfect for indoor decoration and looks very unique. Succulents are best choice.

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