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How to Care For String of Hearts – Soil, propagation,Tuber,Problems

String of Hearts  : An Apocynaceae Family plant having heart shaped leaves.It is Quite new to know there is a plant which looks like cluster of hearts. As you know Roses are gifted on valentine’s day but what if you give your loved one this amazing plant ,first she might get shocked but in the end it is so much beautiful that everyone accept it.

String of hearts (Ceropegia woodii)

String of hearts has a very long , thin stem that can take quite a space so it would be best if you place them in a hanging basket. I have even seen People stick them in walls for decorative purposes as this one looks fantastic.

Let me tell you it has dark green color in the leaves but on the lower side it gets some gray -green combination or sometimes purple.

String of hearts is a succulent plant means they can grow easily and tolerate many conditions as succulent are quite strong plants when we compare it with others , and yes they are also small so they take less space.

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It was first found in Southern Asia, Australia and Africa. It has many names including rosary vine, snake creeper , necklace vine, parasol flower, wine glass vine,lantern flower , bushman’s pipe.

The scientific name of this plant is Ceropegia woodii and the name Ceropegia comes from 2 word ‘keros’ which means wax and ‘pege’ means fountain and it is described as fountain of wax this was given by Carl Linnaeus who is a Swedish botanist. 

(Ceropegia woodii) How to Care String of hearts

Here are the tips on how to care for string of hearts :

String of hearts soil

This plant doesn’t like being moist so water it when you see its soil gets dried out. This Plant wants well draining soil to thrive and for that you need some soil mixture for your heart plant.

String of hearts soil is as you know it is a succulent plant so it needs good soil mixture for better drainage. So you can use cactus and succulent soil mix with some Organic Garden Coir then you need to mix it very well. This is used to make sure water doesn’t drain too fast and may be too slow without hurting the tuber of string of hearts plant.

Soil Mix : 1/3 Organic garden Coir, 1/3 succulent and cactus soil mix and 1/3 charcoal(this can be optional). Also I suggest you sprinkle some worm compost. It is important to have perfect air circulation in soil so roots don’t rot.

Succulent plants are strong that doesn’t mean they can be grown in any soil mix. You need good soil and compost for them.

And one thing let me tell you this compost and soil mix can be used in many plants not just succulent plants so this is the best mix for your plants.

Growth of succulent plants can also depend on its soil health. If the soil is poor it can harm the succulent in the long run.

String of hearts tuber

String of hearts tuber is bigger and also we have seen it small in size. If you ever see them tuber is the one where shoots starts to come out and it was vines you see on the plant where heart type leaves form. Even The tuber develop on the stem as well.

Its propagation is simple and potting mixture can be used to regrow this plant using this tuber.

Tuber in succulent are different and there sizes are tiny and some sizes are large.

String of hearts flower

The String of hearts flower is a small tubular shaped flower with bulbous bottom and 5 petals attached on the top. It can appear in any season of the year but mostly 2 seasons when it blooms either in summer or fall. It has a small inverted pyramidal base with long pink canopy.

The succulent flower has hairs which seem as going downward that traps the flies until it takes the pollen grains so that these can be transferred to another flower for pollination.

This Plant is from South Africa so many flies are attracted to this flower.

String of hearts plant propagation

There are actually 3 ways you can propagate this plant; the last one has nothing to do with cutting. Let’s first talk about those 2 methods first.

Below is the method using Soil to make a new string of hearts plant and this one is the best and most perfect method to propagate.

When it comes to the water method it also works but what you need to do to actually grow it is cutting in water as explained by me after this method.

Here is how to propagate a string of hearts :

1 . Sterilize your Cutting Tool 

This step is important as cleaning your tool before cutting is the best habit so that your plant doesn’t get any microbes or bacteria that may harm the plant.

2 . Take out a cutting of tuber or rhizome

You need to cut the stem and take 3-6 inches of stem with tubers/rhizomes.

If you don’t know tubers, they are small potatoes like rhizomes which are present in the middle of any stem you see. they are large in size and without that stem can grow longer.

3 . Lay the Tuber Stem into the soil

Now it’s time for the tuber stem to lay on the new potting mixture. this will automatically grow and keep watering in check.

4 . Water it and Wait for it to grow.

It is necessary to provide this plant water as this will need water until the roots develop.

When roots start coming out of the tuber then it means you have followed every step properly. 

5 . Enjoy your new String of Hearts plant.

After it gets roots, you can now enjoy a string of hearts plants.

This plant is easy to propagate, doesn’t take much time and can easily be grown. 

If you want to know about 6 different ways on how to propagate string of hearts Read.

Using Water to propagate this succulent :

1 . After taking cutting from the existing Succulent.

If you have this plant it is very much easy to grow it. Just take a cutting and this time you don’t even need a tuber with the stem.

Only 4-6 inch will do that work and grow perfectly.

2 . Place it in Water.

After taking its cutting you need to put that in opaque water glass or container.

This will grow in water as they are vine plants and it has a protective stem which doesn’t have much effect on water.

3 . Find a Place where it gets dark.

Now you have to put this in a dark room or a place where there is no light.

As this plant requires no light when growing in water. 

4 . Enjoy, Roots started to grow.

Once it grows in water , now you can place it in new pot soil.

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This is how you can successfully propagate this plant in water.

The 3rd method is the simplest and doesn’t require you to get your hands dirty. So what you need to do is grab its hanging vines and put in a new pot with well drained soil.

And daily give it water until it starts to grow.

After It Starts to grow new shoots you can Cut the part from the middle of the existing hanging plant & voila you have a new string of heart plant.

This is how you can successfully propagate this plant.   

If you want to read how I propagated string of hearts seed pods.

String of hearts Problems

As you know this succulent is a powerful plant but it doesn’t mean it can’t get any pests.

This succulent encounters 2 major issues in its life, if you care for your plants better than may be no problem can be seen in this plant.

String of hearts problem is connected with pests and watering. The first one is over-watering, when the owner doesn’t check whether its soil dries or not, Make sure you don’t make this mistake and only water it whenever necessary. what you can do is check its soil surface if its dry then water it else don’t.

The second problem is with bugs , it’s name is mealybug it is a small pinkish color pest that eats your plant and weakens its growing stems.

It can affect everything leaves, stems, rhizomes and leave a white cotton web that just makes the leaves go pale. What you need to do is wash it up with a clean cloths.

If this problem gets bigger use insecticidal spray, I am using Bonide insect soap spray that can kill the mealybugs pests easily.

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Variegated String of Hearts

Variegated String of Hearts is is unique variety which looks quite beautiful , and yes it will make you remember the Snowfall and winters as this looks like white cream , green, pink colored leaves which are again heart shaped.

The stem is of violet purple color with tiny tubers but yes sizes vary and it grows on the base of the plant. With its pink – purple appearance it was named as Rosary Vine. Even its name is quite cool.

This plant can grow in full sun as well as partial shade too, it can grow about 80-90 cm long. The USDA growing zone for this plant is 11 a.

The temperature should not go below 41° F and they don’t like winters the same as other succulent plants and go dormant. It is non toxic succulent which doesn’t harm animals and us (humans). 

This one also can propagate using seeds, tubers, stem cutting and all those methods are easy and basically this succulent is adaptable and grow-able. 

Where to Buy String of Hearts Plant

For those who are interested in buying this amazing beautiful plant & are searching for very long on where to buy string of hearts plant is to let me tell you can buy it from below links:

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String of Hearts Plant online

Many people who liked this plant were searching the whole web to find where to buy these and let me tell you it is available in both ways.

In Offline stores you can buy but it’s a headache to take your car to go there and pick , while the other option is to buy it from ecom websites. Many have brought String of hearts plant online and it is delivered very fast.

And yes we understand in the times of coronavirus there may be a delay because every item should be sanitized & then sent to customer but Yes you should also sanitize everything which comes at your door.



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In my suggestion this plant can be used in decorative purpose and with its ability to grow and propagate it was the best choice as a succulent plant.

It is small so this plant won’t take much space . One thing is that it is beautiful and you can’t ignore it.

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